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    Couple of rear fender decals for customers dodge pick up. These will go between wheel well and tail light like the rumble bee decals you see on some of the yellow dodge trucks. Was a PITA to weed the scorpions....Thankfully the customer will be installing these himself.
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    I have only had a few idiots complain about the thickness. A couple were trying to peel the vinyl from the transfer tape and the others thought they were getting peel and stick stickers. Neither bothered to read apparently because my descriptions are detailed and my application instructions are written and illustrated.
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    Did my first store front the other day. Largest scale job so far. Learned fast it was a 2 man job. Luckily i was able to get help fast. Pictures dont do the Orange justice. Pops really well and clear from the road. Future image going in blank space under shop name. Whole thing was a dry install....PITA. This is the 3rd time Ive tried wet install on glass with rapidtac and it not work. Use it on metal and works fine, on glass the vinyl never sticks. Had to go back and recut the shop name because of it never adhering to the glass when tried wet at first. I did each line individually to make it easier to install. Curious if I shouldnt have went with more wasted vinyl inbetween lines of text instead of more measuring on site. Curious what some of you would have charged for this job installed. I offered them 2 prices, just cut and installed as I was hoping they would take the just cut as I was intimidated by the size. But wasnt AS bad as I thought lol. Windows are 66" x 82" and door is 30" wide to give scale.
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    LOL yeah I mentioned that as well. When I put it up I said "and now for the alphabet"
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    Looks good. On a side note that's one long domain name.
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    Me personally, I cut as much as I can on 1 piece. Vinyl is cheap and you tend to waste more time measuring each line then it's worth. I've learned that the more I try to save vinyl the more I end up messing up. Looks really good though!
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    @ Monkey : The install looks great. Good job! @ Buster, A standard laser level on a tripod that works just as well for the purpose. I have a cheap Craftsman laser trac model on top of a manfroto tripod with 3 leveling thumbscrews. It comes in handy when you have to align something across non-contiguous shapes like uneven doors etc.
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    I've always wondered if one of these would help with an install https://www.amazon.com/Rotary-Lasers/b?ie=UTF8&node=553276
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    Looks darn nice to me Monkey Cal
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    For a red truck I'd suggest white, silver, or grey. Black on red sounds good, but it's not easy to read from a distance unless you have pretty large letters, even then, a white outline would make it pop a lot more. Something else to keep in mind would be color blindness. Red/Green is a common one so you wouldn't want to use Green on your red truck, aside from that color combo being hard to read in general, there would be some people that wouldn't be able to see it at all.
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    Well got it blasted, since a bit over-sized had to blast in open air, will work on frame from raw stock wood and luminate as already tested it with LED back lighting and it is SIMPLY MARVELOUS....Finish this and it's on to next image of a LION that I used reference then painted it then vectored it so I can cut it....Looking at Ray and Ikonics products to lean away from vinyl and go with NONWASH templates..
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    Here's a video of side hinge, on glass, in the cold (according to www.accuweather.com it's 28 degrees when I made the video). Practice, practice, practice. That's the only way you'll get better. Cliff notes of the video: 1.) Side hinge 2.) There are times when you can't do things wet or just doing them wet would give you a headache. Mainly compound curves, recesses, reflective vinyl (trapped water can cause delamination), vehicle wraps, cold temps 3.) Practice isn't expensive. Use some scrap! For the cost of one bottle of a popular application solution, you can buy a whole 15"x10 yard roll of medium grade vinyl! 4.) It's all about squeegeeing technique. It's a swipe or "slicing" motion. Easy and smooth and you won't trap air. 5.) It's fast and effective. No cleaning up application solution. 6.) No worries about contaminating the adhesive with improper solutions (some degreasers, perfumes, dyes can hurt the PSA) and no worries about pH problems. 7.) Being able to use both dry and wet application makes an installer more versatile. Sorry the video cut out. I kept talking for about another minute. My camera has a 3 min limitation on video and I didn't hear the beep. You didn't miss much, just me peeling off the application tape. Came off in 3 pieces (it was high tack paper after all). Then I went to clean up and take that vinyl off the glass, it was stuck down so well it wouldn't come off! Since it was cold it was postage stamping (tearing off in small pieces). I had to get out the scraper. Enjoy the video!
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    I wouldn't go so far to say it takes lots of practice. Medium sized pieces like that will most likely be mastered rather quickly. I'd say by the time that proverbial 15"x10 yard roll is gone - top, side, and center hinging could be done with very high confidence with 15" material. That will translate well to 24" material and larger and larger once the basic skill set is in place. Here's how to fix mistakes during application: That doesn't work all of the time. I'd say you're good up until the substrate temperature hits 75F or 80F depending on humidity.