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    So true so true. They never learned how to share or play nice. Mommy and daddy didn't teach them proper Etiquette.
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    This was a drawing done by a customers son. I tried the old trace and scan, but it had rough edges all over. I spent 3 1/2 hours going over each line with the paint program. Let me tell you, it cut and weeded perfectly. Also some kids power wheel derby cars I did up.
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    Are you on FB or online? If so you're stuff is being recorded by bots all the time but all he/she is worried about are the people standing there. Either way it only takes 1 person to complain.
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    I like that skull a lot. Nice work.
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    Welcome!! Feel free to tell us a little about yourself.
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    I use texprint-r also but from bestblanks since they ship faster to me. That print on the back side saves any confusion about which side to use.
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    The transfers the big companies sell are licensed and legal for you to sell. Their business is wholesaling to shop owners like myself.
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    Yeah I am so glad I found US Cutter and the forum. Even though we may have our days most things are positive lol
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    Your SC cutter is made by Liyu the same brand that made the Laserpointer11 which didn't work in the previous thread.
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    Ok. Thanks a lot. I was halfway through downloading it when I realized it might not work and canceled it
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    Illustrator is a great program and far more powerful than SCALP. It DOES take some dedication to learn but once figured out is IMO one of the best programs out there. Well to be honest IMO it IS the best program out there but saying that out loud can stir up the natives. For technical know-how there are a lot of good threads in the Adobe Illustrator part of this forum. You will have to sift through them to find specific advice but there aren't that many and several have extensive step-by-step walkthroughs that will get you going. If you get stuck on a specific issue then don't hesitate to ask a question but most have been covered at one time or other. You may have created extra cuts within your design if you trace improperly or use the "merge" tab in the pathfinder menu. Merge does a good job of welding things together but leaves open objects in all the hole or open non filled spaces. That function in AI is better served using the "Unite" option and it won't do that (Assuming you are using a relatively new version of AI. I run CS5 but also have a copy of the older CS2 which is still functional but has a few quirks that the newer versions improved on. The other preventative measure is to be sure you have the "Ignore White" selected in your tracing options so that when auto tracing it doesn't create white areas. Again CS2 does not have this option so you get white areas that will then have to be removed or you will get a second cut unless you are careful when using cut-by-color when cutting.
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    This may help... You had some double lines and strokes not converted to curves. I also welded a few overlaps and punched out the axe head relief areas. Looking closely at your files in Outline View will expose some of the issues. With a little more work you could turn that Lighthouse into a hydrant. rayfire_2b.svg those are some loooong-handled axes.
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    why does your ip address point to southern california then? inquiring minds have many questions as you can see