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  1. MadHatterGraphix

    Looking for someone who can print

    Alright got this order coming up which somethings would just be better printed. I need some full color decals and a 6 to 8 foot banner printed up I don’t have 100% specifics just need to see if I can find someone who can do it. Thanks in advance.
  2. MadHatterGraphix

    blast from the past

    It was a while ago Dakota so understandable. 2015 4 yrs ago dang think next year I will have to attend again. MzSkeeter thank you and how are ya been awhile.
  3. MadHatterGraphix

    Oh Easyweed your my favorite.

    Well after being out of the business for awhile I forgot how easy easyweed was to use. had a family tree with lots of small leaves to weed out and it was like butter.
  4. MadHatterGraphix

    blast from the past

    Then who da heck did I meet oh no mind is going I’m getting old lol. Goose that’s what we are all here for to help one another and have a common bond. Glad I helped when I could.
  5. MadHatterGraphix

    blast from the past

    lol That’s funny, I remember when I went to NBM Show I think I met you and Goose I think it’s been awhile lol, however yeah that buyer / owner is an instant hey we got this product and this equipment buy buy buy . Ahh good times.
  6. MadHatterGraphix

    Banner Johns passing

    It is very sad news to hear the man helped me so much at the beginning when I started long ago. Very friendly person all around easy to talk to he will be missed. Thank you Dakota for letting us know.
  7. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back your warned!!

    thank you everyone its good to be back
  8. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back your warned!!

    Hey everyone it’s been awhile, I had to take some time off of the business and now coming back. Hope your all doing good those who know me and welcome to the ones that don’t.
  9. MadHatterGraphix

    Hello From WV

    Welcome to the forum and the beautiful world of decals and other stuff. I think half of not more people just jump into the world of vinyl without researching. We are here to help .
  10. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back your warned!!

    Dakota thank you it’s good to be back Lol arty. Goose is that good or bad lol.
  11. MadHatterGraphix

    "Forever Multi Trans" on Glass

    Honestly that’s something you might have to ask forever or a sale representative.
  12. MadHatterGraphix

    2 More T-shirt Designs

    Here are 2 more t-shirt designs, let me know what you guys and ladies think.
  13. MadHatterGraphix

    Ricoh with sawgrass gel ink for ricoh

    Scott I agree I use to do that just print a rainbow and then I forgot for a week R.I.P Epson lol
  14. MadHatterGraphix

    Who to contact for sales

    As more people get into the business and want to lease equipment people will go out and find othe lease companies than the one uscutter has. Like myself they might be curious who they add for contact information for sales are a uscutter.
  15. MadHatterGraphix

    Ricoh with sawgrass gel ink for ricoh

    I like those Scott, Yeah us use Epson for sublimation inks are idiots lol.
  16. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back but how long?

    Yup I came back missed you guys and ladies how is everyone doing? Business has been slow so I took up video game streaming and perler Bead making and doing ok. I’m still licensed to sell all the goodies I use to make just don’t know what’s up with the economy or my stuff. Oh well it’s good to be back.
  17. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back but how long?

    Yup your streaming gaming and people donate money and such to help support us. tooler82 the channel is Goose I’m doing ok health is ehh but keeping busy.
  18. MadHatterGraphix

    Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    Can’t complain stuck on a glass etching issue.
  19. MadHatterGraphix

    I’m back but how long?

    Primal don’t know how much new stuff I’m gonna be doing I make more streaming on twitch than I have in the business lol. I even put the two together I have merchandise for sale for my channel and I hire myself to make it. Photography that’s awesome I use to take good photos but not good enough for anything like newspapers or anything like that.
  20. MadHatterGraphix

    Graphtec ce6000 24 in

    I you has it for a month is I what everyone said it would be? I love mine however doing a lot of other things and no focused on the decals and such right now.
  21. MadHatterGraphix

    Christmas came a little early this year.

    Awesome find goose.
  22. I have been messing around with this idea for awhile in my head and finally came to the conclusion to ask the experts. I want to use fabric paint on a white or other color tshirt and then add an image using image clip or any other decent laser tshirt transfer on top of that. Would you think this might work or have issues with the glue bonding with the paint and fabric itself?
  23. MadHatterGraphix

    Image clip transfer and fabric spray paint

    Goose I thought about it more and on the white tshirts I could press the image clip transfer down and lightly spray around it the darker shirts I could bleach maybe where the image will go or still try the white fabric paint on the dark shirt and hope the best lol
  24. MadHatterGraphix

    something lurking in the future

    Scott nice Rig let me know what you think of Ryzen however you need a bigger graphics card, its only been 3 years huh I'm still on my system that was buil 5 years ago. It still has plenty of power for what I use it for. And for gaming I pretty much use my PS4, Xbox One S, or Wii U, along with past generations of consoles.
  25. MadHatterGraphix

    Did anyone miss me??

    Well just curious if anyone missed me seems no one did lol that's ok been busy with business, a 94 yr old grandmother, my father and small 3D printing along with my online streaming of video gaming. Other than that same as usual.