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Found 4 results

  1. I have been lucky enough to not encounter any block colour related issued sublimating photographic images onto mugs. However, I have been given a job that has blocks of red in the vector image. I have gone through 10 plus mugs using different tweaks in the image, driver settings, etc, but constantly produce a variety of pinks :-( and I'm now run out of options as well as mugs. I've exhausted forums, manufacturer/vendor settings and guidance without success :-( My configuration: All drivers are the latest to the OS, Sawgrass & Ricoh. OS: WINDOWS 7 SCREEN CALIBRATED: YES SOFTWARE: PHOTOSHOP CS5INKS: SAWGRASS SUBLIJET-R (LESS THAN 3 MONTHS OLD) PAPER: SAWGRASS TRUEPIX MUG: LONGFORTE ULTRA WHITE PRINTER: GELSPRINTER GX e7700N COLOUR HANDLING: PRINTER MANAGES COLOUR RENDERING INTENT: PERCEPTUAL IMAGES: SRGB DRIVERS: POWERDRIVER R GXE7700N V3.7.1.2814 WITH UNDERLYING OEM RPCS V4.51 I am using the standard sawgrass procedure for image creation and powerdriver printing. I have also used the PHOTO & VECTOR ICC print process from sawgrass which gives the same results. All other colours appear fine, its just the reds. I have included an image of my mug, created using the Wikipedia RGB RED values ( with a variety of core reds that I wanted to reproduce alongside a colour calibration chart and a listawood mug from this years printwear & promotion 2017 show which has the red I desire.
  2. galaxygraphics

    Ricoh Printer

    If I am wrong, please forgive me, but I believe Chromablast, and Sublimation is about the same thing, or close, isn't it? Anyway, I have two Ricoh printers, one set up for Sub, the other set up for Chromablast. They were in an office, when I went away for a while (no NOT jail!). The air conditioning was turned off, as well as the electricity. My question is, is there ANY way to clean the ink tubes out, or even replace them, or are the printers destroyed? Any help, or advise any one could offer, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, in advance for your help, and info! BTW, the temp was generally in excess of 90 degrees, and this has lasted for more than 45 days. I would guess that probably matters!
  3. Renee S


    Hey all! I'm a newbie with a couple of quick questions and would appreciate your feedback. I have a Ricoh 3110 currently using the Sublijet inks. I've been reading the threads and see where the Sawgrass patent has expired, so I'm on the hunt for replacement/refillable inks that aren't so crazy expensive. I see Cobra Inks mentioned a lot, but they appear to only be for Epson printers. Is this true, and if so, has anyone found a supplier for refillable inks for the Ricoh that they'd recommend? The other thing I could use feedback on is for a 2nd printer. I'd like to be able to do transfers to cotton, canvas etc and understand that a 2nd dedicated printer is more cost efficient in the long run. Which printer would be a good starter for this? I'm talking low volume and light to dark colored items. TIA
  4. Okay i know they put a little description on the webpage answering this. But could someone maybe go more into detail or do a "What is the difference between Chromablast-R Inks and SubliJet-R Inks?" for dummies lol I'm purchasing the Ricoh SG 3110DN today and just wanted some more info on which ink to purchase I'm using a new 15x15 heat press RIght now i'm using it to make shirts with Sister easy weed. What i'll be using the Sublimation for -Custom Phone cases -Shirts with the designs i come up with. -Possibly custom lanyards (but I'm thinking about doing the sister weed for these) I'm sorry about asking so many questions i just don't wanna make a mistake. I've searched around on the forums and i see such great work from everyone. Thanks for all the info!