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  1. I have been lucky enough to not encounter any block colour related issued sublimating photographic images onto mugs. However, I have been given a job that has blocks of red in the vector image. I have gone through 10 plus mugs using different tweaks in the image, driver settings, etc, but constantly produce a variety of pinks :-( and I'm now run out of options as well as mugs. I've exhausted forums, manufacturer/vendor settings and guidance without success :-( My configuration: All drivers are the latest to the OS, Sawgrass & Ricoh. OS: WINDOWS 7 SCREEN CALIBRATED: YES SOFTWARE: PHOTOSHOP CS5INKS: SAWGRASS SUBLIJET-R (LESS THAN 3 MONTHS OLD) PAPER: SAWGRASS TRUEPIX MUG: LONGFORTE ULTRA WHITE PRINTER: GELSPRINTER GX e7700N COLOUR HANDLING: PRINTER MANAGES COLOUR RENDERING INTENT: PERCEPTUAL IMAGES: SRGB DRIVERS: POWERDRIVER R GXE7700N V3.7.1.2814 WITH UNDERLYING OEM RPCS V4.51 I am using the standard sawgrass procedure for image creation and powerdriver printing. I have also used the PHOTO & VECTOR ICC print process from sawgrass which gives the same results. All other colours appear fine, its just the reds. I have included an image of my mug, created using the Wikipedia RGB RED values (https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red) with a variety of core reds that I wanted to reproduce alongside a colour calibration chart and a listawood mug from this years printwear & promotion 2017 show which has the red I desire.