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    ORDERED! I chose to go through their eBay store. I was able to save on shipping and tax, plus the free heat press seemed too small for the jobs I would plan to use it for so I opt out on the heat press for now. Also ordered the 60* and 45*M CCB's. I've gotten a few requests for reflective signs. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped!
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    once you use it you will think it is better than christmas - it makes life so much easier after a value cutter
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    It's like Christmas!! Hahaha
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    Mine is working on 10, so that ain't it.
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    Set up your cutter first, driver and everything, before messing with the Controller. It will not work until the vinyl cutter is operating correctly..And sitting there ready to cut. Test cuts are from the cutter it's self.right on the cutter.where it says TEST.. I use Flexi software.. Works great and very user friendly. That is what the Graphtec Pro Studio is..
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    I'll pick up the same blade to play it safe thanks!
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    I think this is the first "free" decal I have ever received from a company. It was a very pleasant surprise to see a major company tossing in a cut decal. Win!
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    actually it opened fine for me in graphtec pro studio - file is huge. Did the simple file I posted cut ok or did it have problems with that? trying to figure out if we are tracking down a hardware issue with the carriage like some stated above with possible crack in carriage arm, memory overload because of the huge file , blade holder issue, if your blade holder retainer has two holes like most mh series is the holder in the back hole, we need to eliminate things to have a better idea as support is now closed till monday - a systematical troubleshooting is our best bet this weekend
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    here is the page for the graphtec blades http://cleancutblade.mybigcommerce.com/categories/Graphtec-Plotters/ this is the one I use in my ce6000 http://cleancutblade.mybigcommerce.com/graphtec-cb09u-60/
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    I sure appreciate the help. The worksheet is way better than cutting and pasting a bunch of images to a proof sheet.
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    Keep me informed, I`ve been looking at laser machines, but the one I want is 130 watt expensive. I`d like to know how that works for you and see samples. Good luck mark-s
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    You set up like you would with any cutter...It's just a more accurate cutter.. Hopefully you learned the basics with your old cutter. There are not any settings set in stone for any cutter. But with the Graphtec you don't have to tinker to get it to cut correctly every job. Pretty much set and forget.. The only thing I change is speed once in a while. You start with the correct blade depth. That is how you set force, just like you would on your old cutter. The Graphtec has more features, yes, but easy to learn, read your user manual. Starting now.
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    yes sb will export .eps - and you can use the ce3000 or ce5000 drivers from signblazer with the ce6000 but once you get used to the Studio pro being a little different it is far more powerful