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    Find my font says Spicy Rice
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    Ancient Chinese Secret... SlmpdBadge_02b.svg SlmpdBadge_02b.eps
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    Seeing as how your using a subscription, best advise is to contact SAI...They have great support for their Flexi software. They can even remote your computer.
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    Is it a subscription Or where did you get your Flexisignpro?
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    The technical term in AI that you were probably thinking of is Tracking which is very similar to the term often used known as Kearning. Technically speaking Kearning is more complex and deals with specific space between certain letters as they interact with others where Tracking is an overall space adjustment between selected letters and only adds evenly to the already spaced lettering. I have often had to slide a letter here or there to get it visually balanced. In your case since you didn't want the letters to start touching the only option is to stretch or shrink the letter width or adjust overall text size.
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    In this circumstance I think I would just go in the text tools where you change fonts and adjust the width of the text. This will cause the letters to be skinnier than normal just like on regular text.
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    I actually use Inkscape to cut. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner as it is pretty basic and requires you to have a pretty good idea of how the system works. The main reason I use it rather than Signblazer is signblazer does not have an overcut option and the Inkscape feature does. As for your cutting issue with it cutting the entire design for each color, that's due to how you vectored it in Inkscape. When you vector using color in Inkscape, it layers scans of each color over, with the color on top the hiding the other colors. If you uncheck the "Stack scans" option it will separate out the colors. However this will also leave a gap between colors and generally results in a pretty crappy trace. The other option is once your trace is done to manually edit the image and subtract the layers in order to get only what you want shown in each color. This can be rather tedious and involves duplicating some layers then subtracting them from others. It is different for each image so the only advice is to play with Inkscape and get to understand the various tools under the Path menu.