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    Found this out the hard way this week Also found out that if you take a pic of yourself thru the mirror the design look fine
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    $2 x 125 does equal $250. Let's take that $250 - Ebay Fees - Paypal Fees - Postage - Material Costs. I'd estimate that you'll clear $100. If that takes you 8 hours, then that is $12.50 per hour. $12.50 per hour x 40 hours per week = $500 per week $500 x 50 weeks a year = $25,000 per year $25,000 - 30% self-employment tax = $17,500 per year If you can do 125 in less than 8 hours, which you should, or you can scale the business, then it might get interesting. Hire some part-time helpers and grow the business. I personally don't see how anyone can have tens of thousand of decal designs without breaking all kinds of trademark and copyright laws.
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    I have taken the time to learn them actually.I was able to make the same thing in each program like i do in scalps. And in MY own opinion scalps was easier by a long shot for usability and learning and searching for what i needed. and combined with Ai.. I bought vm,dragoncuts,flexi etc. Lets just say i have money that allowed me to buy and test what i wanted Im not trashing any other program out there,But many people new to this want something easy,simple without having to struggle on getting from point to point b. Just like the cutters, I have my own opinion on that and offered it as well. But im not going to come here and say something negative to what someone else has an opinion on. Im offering advice whether someone likes it or not just because they run a different program or cutter.. Its about everyone offering advice,opinions etc and its up the person its offered to , to make that final choice...
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    I have seen very very few unhappy graphtec owners on either forum - coincidence? I don't think so - I have owned pcut, my, copam, rolands (several) graphtecs (several) and several private branded graphtecs and I still own a graphtec and haven't not had one around since my first one. now we should be hearing how it is overkill from those that never had one shortly . . .
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    We've all done it and we will all do it again - it is as certain as death and taxes
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    Yeah. The value of time and of money can change depending on several factors over one's lifetime. A $30,000+ a year job in your 20's isn't as appealing in your 30's, so on and so forth. Life is expensive. I want my next K-1 to have six figures, not five.
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    You just have to pop them. With practice you CAN install with no or less bubbles. They come from poor squeegee techniques. Do some research on how to squeegee vinyl (not necessarily on how to apply vinyl as a lot of those vids are hack jobs) Center out up and down as well as from center out each direction going up and then down from the center as you move your way across from the center toward one side or the other. You want to try and move your squeegee straight up and down and square to the world if possible. Some things can be done from one end if they are the size of your squeegee like a string of text. It's just a learning game that takes some hands on practice to figure it out. Some wet apply for a while to help with bubbles but there are tricks to that as well. In a year you'll look back and be amazed at how much you have improved. Wrap vinyl has air release so those guys can get away with doing it differently.
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    You can get full color transfers from http://www.fmexpressions.com/ I have been very happy with their Freedom Athletic line.....It would be $11.70 per transfer to get you a 12" circle at 24 transfers which is their minimum at that size range.....Plus Shipping
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    Not as much as your previous quote, but not cheap either. http://forms.howardsportswear.net/pricelist.pdf
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    Basic logo design rule: It should always work in Black and White.