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    Nevermind, someone from FMF emailed me back very quickly and I got it activated. Looks like it's A&S Xtreme Script.
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    Many people think that cutters install like printers but that isn't the case. Always verify that your cutting com port is set to 4 or below (hardware properties - Advanced Com ports)
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    Hey Tim, if you're still with us here --- That version of SignBlazer is 'abandonware' of sorts, with no activation required anymore. It's like a can-opener for getting up and running most any cutters with USB or serial DB9 cables , however it's uncirculated as an optimal software option anymore officially from USCUTTER. Rightfully so, but there it is. VinylMaster is the topic header, and I apologize for interjecting SignBlazer once more but I just had to, the fact remains Jerry Bonham exists for us all. What we are able to do in the world of sign making, and getting maximum use (and resulting $$$) from the products sold by USCUTTER, that knowledge for many of us out here all comes directly from Jerry's tireless efforts, prior to his death. Search "Jerry Bonham" for insight into that distant past of these Forums. It's out there.
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    Thanks...I'll take a look.
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    On Ebay there is some matte frosted glitter purple and green wrap vinyl that might work. cheap. 1ft x 5 ft $6.89 free ship.
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    Everything is on the Graphtec site https://www.graphtecamerica.com/cp-downloads https://www.graphtecamerica.com/cp-softwares I just purchase older Toshiba laptops with XP for my Graphtec. Can be found cheap.
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    Found this but the specifications sheet says"Plotting needs to be tested as this is a laminated product". They offer free 5"x7" samples. Might be worth a try. https://www.decorativefilm.com/plain-frosted-colors
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    everything except the top 3 appear to be BoomBox (Normal) and someone stretched the numbers in an unnatural way - shrunk down/stretched sideways