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    WOW I read the title and saw the pictures. My mind went completely into the gutter and I thought "How the hell do you smoke through that?"
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    That will be held against you when you run for president.
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    Don't feel bad... I was thinking the same thing too!!! lol
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    I do ink pens also. This one I did for my wife. It is a red wood burl with about 8 coats of CA for a finish.
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    1013. Oracal 651. Precision tool and x-acto knife.
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    A simple sign I made for use around the shop. I put it on a 18x25 corplast (cheap!) and already used it today. SizeChart.EPS SizeChart.EPS
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    This has nothing to do with vinyl or sign making. But I wanted to show what I do in my spare time. These are a couple pot calls ( turkey calls ) that I poured and turned a while back. I love this type of work almost as much as sign making. Thanks for looking.
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    Might look ok during the day, but when the light is on behind it you'd still see the shadow. Probably not worth the time, but you might be able to sand it down to remove the shadows, would be a lot of work though.
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    That's what she said ^^ please forgive me, it's an illness
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    That was an interesting series. Reading about how the series was made revealed that HD was not involved too much (supposedly) in the making but it was obviously pretty biased toward them making Indian out to be the bad guys. Good entertainment with some factual elements but a lot of conjecture.
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    That is very cool. My son & I were into turning pens and such several years back. It was fun, but we only needed so many pens! Cal
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    Beautiful work, truly outstanding
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    1005. HTV. Exact-o knife. It must be a well used one. Nice and dull! I love the exact-o knife for the pointy tip. Also for the ease of cutting the vinyl along the edges when I need to without grabbing a different tool.
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    Here you go edit a few nodes and remove some of the detail you don't want. Stage Lighting.eps Stage Lights.eps