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    Just received this from Bill's wife after I sent her a message. Thought some would like to see this.
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    Remembering my good friend Bill Grey, (Mr300s) who passed away 06/06/2016...We sure miss you Bill. I think about you quite often, never to be forgotten. I bet your finding a lot of gold with your metal detectors, And I bet the fishing is great R.I.P. Bill
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    close enough for now - will do a final clean up closer to the event
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    Did this today. They make kebabs and grill meat
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    If you are worried about the blue confusing people have a decal installed on something sitting next to them.
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    1st off I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all that you contribute to all of us newbie's! I would have never gained the courage to attempt doing HTV without all of your knowledge. Also I can't believe how addicting this HTV is! So here's my 1st "real order" of 12 shirts for a business.
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    You're awesome @skarekrow Your vector work came out amazing. Thanks again. https://ledlightbases.com/
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    You know, on some days we all can find a good deal. I am always searching for printing / and plotter equipment, and yesterday was a good day for me. The story on this plotter - was purchased by a sandblasting company years ago. They tested and tested, and it didn't cut the rubber to their satisfaction. So it sat, and sat for years. They put it up for sale, and within a day I made the purchase. All tests are fine. This is the third FC series I have owned- always surprised by the height --48 inches tall Graphtec FC8000-75. $500.00
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    I'm certainly no Trademark Expert but, There is some pertinent info here and seems to indicate his TM of the term "I just want to" is pretty weak considering the other marks that include (and Pre-Date?) it . This could make his weak mark difficult and costly to try to police and protect as it simply does not have the same legal protections of a stronger and more distinctive mark. Not so sure I'd back down too quickly if I were in your shoes... Maybe wait on something more official than just his Bully Letter (?). Also, take into consideration how much your Phrase Shirts are bringing in as opposed to what Legal fees might be incurred. Perhaps try and Trademark one of your Phrases?
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    Millennial Anti-Theft Device Installed Millennial anti-theft device 4sp 2.ai Millennial anti-theft device 5sp 2.ai Millennial anti-theft device 6sp 2.ai
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    heck I would just check the temp with an ir thermometer -set it once and mark on the dial with a sharpie
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    Found this out by the dumpster at the supply house. Good day. mark-s
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    Bill helped so many on all the forums - He is dearly missed. RIP Marine.
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    I am not kysign, but start blade offset at 0.25MM. Then adjust at .05 + or minus until it looks good. Use the test feature on your vinyl cutter. Corners should be sharp. FIRST make sure your blade is set correctly, This is how. below. I know you said you did, but retry on the vinyl you are cutting at the time. Blade depth has to be set correctly first. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see or feel the blade tip out of the blade holder....
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    Here's two versions depending on the final size you want to make. A more complex one for larger applications, and a simplified one for smaller stuff. If you ever want to change out the title on the badge, the font in your pic of the real badge appears to be something in the helvetica family. I used helvetica inserat, which is a bit more bold than in the pic, but it's what I had in my font library. MCSO Badge.svg MCSO Badge Simple.svg
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    QUOTE> What i'm looking for is a way where I can cut the box without cutting the star shape out. Vm's Vector Module Defaults to an 'Inlaid' Layering Scheme and Traces the Path of the Star into the Box. There is a Check Box labled "Solid Contours Only" (red circle). Tick this and it will produce a 'Stacked' vector with your Red Box solid, beneath the Yellow star. Then you can just 'Cut by Color' to produce the bottom layer without the Star 'cutout'.
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    Go-c I would like to get back to etching glass and stone But with taking care of my 95 yr. old mother in law it maybe a little while. I would like another chance to do it a little bit better I have so much glass that I need to use or through away
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    It's taken alot of time and I finally have a system now. I've created and opened my 1st ever website store. https://ledlightbases.com/ Still a work in progress but check it out. I'm super excited.
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    Just wondering. I have one custom insists that I put my logo on his trucks (30) says he`s proud to have it on there. The are 3 X 5 with my info. Thanks mark-s
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    because I wanted a deep etch I used sandblast resist on the back reverse weeded, sandblasted , removed the mask and painted the black portion and then added the gold leaf and sealed the back. - so front is totally smooth and can be cleaned forever without effecting the gold leaf. after that I planed down some rough cherry boards and cut to width, running the edges thru the Joiner - in this case I wanted a particular look so I cut the sides up a little and joined instead of the old 45 degree cut that picture frames use. today stained and added 3 coats of helmsmen poly satin clear - will let it cure a bit before assembling
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    That actually is a MAIN thing. setting the blade depth correctly. You have to get that correct first, before you can set the force and blade offset correctly Your welcome, glad you got it..
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    WOW!!!! Just followed your instructions and the cut is completely different and a lot more accurate I cannot believe how a simple thing makes the biggest difference I cannot thank you all enough Thank you sooooo much everyone
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    I miss going over to Bill's and swapping ideas and tips for vinyl work and sublimation, not to mention all the BS'ing. We all lost a good friend a year ago. RIP Bill. Semper Fi
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    In InkScape, Ungroup (top red circle) the items, (twice, in this case) and you can select and separate the "T" into 2 parts. If they were not lined up perfectly, you can often see the double paths under close inspection.
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    This type of Graphic work requires a minimum of skills in a Raster Editing Software lke Adobe PhotoShop or Corel... Here's a leg up. Still needs a bit of Node Editing. HVC_02b.svg HVC_02b.eps
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    congrats! I like Clean Cut blades - http://www.cleancutblade.com/
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    Very nice. I also make edge lit with a DIY CNC router. I use a spring loaded diamond bit to etch the glass.
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    That was my take also, when you stated 4 MM . Now go back to larger sizes and try the blade offset again at 0.25mm. Blade offset is not set into those value cutters. EH721 is just another name for the Refine MH 721 here.
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    Not sure if any of you guys have ever followed Spoon Graphics. Chris Spooner has a blog or a webpage that I get regular emails from. Gives a lot of outstanding tutorials on both PS and AI. Really talented fellow and you will see his work all over the place once you start following him. Anyway I just got a notification that graphicstock is running a 7 day 20 items a day free download as a free trial of their site. Not 100% sure if this is for all comers or just something offered through Spoon Graphics emailing but someone might go check. I already signed up and can't tell if it's available for the general public. Great opportunity to grab some vector stocks for anyone who does this on a regular basis.
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    No, you'll be fine, I've left weeded stuff without app tape for several days before covering, it hasn't caused any transfer issues later.
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    Summa is based in Seattle which I believe is very close to the OP. I did a lot of research when I was upgrading and found Summa to be the hidden jewel out there that probably doesn't get nearly the exposure it could in large part because they don't sell through dealers within the US. On top of offering true tangential cutters (T-Series not the SummaCut drag knife like myself and the OP have) they actually developed the original optical eye and are purported to be the best at optical registration particularly with laminated prints. I don't have a print side to my business as you and many know so I have never been able to test out the actual ability compared to other cutters but the roller system they have to feed with is pretty amazing (and quite simple) and probably contributes to their awesome tracking abilities. About the only thing I have ever had an issue with is that the pinch rollers are very aggressive and on most products it will cause enough of an impression that you generally want to stay within the inside of the pinch rollers for working width. If you get a wider unit that has middle rollers they will run at less pressure and not effect the vinyl as much but the outer two are REALLY aggressive. This causes about 1/2" on each side to be unusable where many of the other cutters use less pressure and you can get away with cutting out past the rollers if you need to. Doing as much HTV work as I do it is not uncommon for me to load a 10 or sometimes 50 yard roll and let the cutter work all night on a big order while I go to sleep.
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    Did three of these in trade for some automotive work on my '63 Dart. I had to take his original color art and create a single color image. Two of them are approximately 12 x17 and the third is about 14 x 20. The weeding was kind of a pain for me. I'm not use to having to pull so much empty space vinyl (since most of what I do is just fairly simple stickers I sell on ebay), plus it is white vinyl (I have a tougher time seeing the cuts on white than any other color). I still need to apply the transfer tape (wish me luck with that) and he is gong to put them on the windows of his work van himself.
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    Looks Good. A little pointer i learned for when its hard to see weeding lines is i took a single T8 shop light ( mines a LED Style tho) with a A/C cord coming out of it so it plugs in the wall and place it up above my table and i am able to adjust the height and rotate it ,and what it does is makes the weeding lines appear easier to see. I
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    That was it thank you very much
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    Always wanted to try the glue chip word of caution though from an old guy at the cemetery i used to take prisoners to - one year he tried several different methods of fixing monuments that had been kicked over by vandals and broke - he said that same glue you use in glue chipping held up the best of all including beating epoxy - - - but he cooked it in the main building and drove everyone out for the day and the stench lingered for a couple of weeks even with all the air fresheners, cleanings etc - so cook it outside when you do it. I would have thought the hilti epoxy would have been the best but a couple of years later and even 10 years after the fact the animal based glue was holding strong
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    Nice work Scott. The gold leaf looks good. When ever I do gold leaf I always back it with yellow paint so if there is a pin hole the yellow paint will not show as much. This summer I want to try my hand again with some glue chipping glass.
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    found some at amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Moore-Plastic-Coroplast-Hanger-Pack/dp/B004DQUD4A
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    I do it all the time, usually my website or name and number
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    slow and steady - cherry from sawmill . . .
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    Yes, You only cut with the very tip of the blade. You have way too much blade out of the blade holder. It's less blade more force for good cuts.
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    Michigan State by Conrad mark-s
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    Thursday, Friday and Saturday - - Will be there Friday myself - always a great time seeing new equipment and getting reacquainted with ideas that may have been forgotten. Great time to network with your favorite vendors and have word that director of Sales from USCutter will be there from Redmond this year!
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    copyrighted material , not allowed on the forum. Do a reverse search. you will see it belongs to someone else.. Ist photo is a Tshirt design Sam & Dean Winchester Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole T-Shirt | Official Supernatural Tee 2nd photo http://shirtoid.com/
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    I think the only way it will ever be an issue is if you do in fact make a million bucks. Once you do then someone will probably come along and try to take some of it. Hopefully at that point you should have enough bank roll to put up a fight.
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    Everything in the US is bigger, including our egos. Nice job on the install. Looks nice and clean like Dakota said.
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    That chicken is as big as a cow! I sure hope you got them to prepare a nice meal for you, in addition to being paid cash. Whenever I do work for a restaurant, I'm in the habit of asking for something from their menu. Especially pizza joints, mmmmmmmmmm.
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    I always sandblast from the back
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    All Finished: let me know what u think..