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    Before & After Pics Of Van I Completed Over The Weekend
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    Not sure @Ed McCarronif you upgraded but @Primal Decals I found a way on SCAP 4 to make the letters follow the circle perfectly. Here's what I did: Make your circle to what ever size, then do your text in a straight line. Select the text and the circle at the same time Go to the "effects" tab on the top, then click "object on path" Bam it turned out awesome
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    Forget about your Cameo.. This is a professional machine, and you need to take the time to learn it first. Your disappointed ,because you have not learned how to operate it correctly. This is a skilled job after all. Take some time and learn your machine. Sounds like you don't have your blade set correctly. This is how. to set the blade correctly And the vinyl has to be past the blade when you start cutting. not right at the edge or the vinyl will get caught on the machine or cutting strip. . Run your speed the slowest you can until you learn how to run the vinyl cutter. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see or feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. Also if the blade is sticking too far out of the blade holder it will make the vinyl shift and not track right. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. If you have had big jams because you didn't have the pinch rollers over the grit rollers, or the vinyl past the cutting strip,and or blade out way too far, you may have already broken the blade tip off. Look at it very closely. Also look at your cutting strip, and make sure there are not any big scratches now, or gouges, which will cause you problems when cutting.
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    problem is when the customer supplies their own garments you do not know how that garment has been pre treated or not - some stores sell items that have a sizing (think like starch) that makes them present well and flat - that can interfere with our htv process - you usually can tell if they are pre laundered and that itself can add more chemical issues - so when some wants to provide their own garment I charge almost the same as if I supply the garment that i have control over - which usually changes their mind.
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    This is one of those times when having the pre-build conversation about the risks of doing business might have paid off. I generally tell anyone who wants to supply the garments that if there are problems I will not charge for my mistake but will not cover their garment replacement costs. When they act upset I calmly run them through the math of my investment in their shirt and the buck or two I will make if it all goes good. If they want to let me order the shirts and make another buck or two there then I assume the risk of a mistake and hope that the mark-up I make over the course of a month will cover the occasional problem. Once they look at it that way they usually understand. I have had some take a walk but the old adage is still true that the only job you don't risk losing money on is the one you don't take.
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    Told USCUTTER for at least 7 years they need to private label a flexi product like that - they could name it USexi pronounced "you sexi" great product and talk about a marketing buzz with a name like that
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    I think it needs another watermark
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    Thanks for the replies from everyone. Heres what we worked out: I gave them the option of the 20 transfers that they originally purchased from me to be used in any way they seen fit, (replace the lifted and peeling shirts or a different style shirt all together) as long as they provide the garment. They decided that they wanted to do 10 hoddies to replace the ones they had issues with and use the other 10 transfers along with another 10 transfers for T-shirts that I gave them a price break on. Again, all with them providing the shirts. I guess in the end it all worked out I believe they were happy and I about broke even in the deal so all is well.
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    Your welcome. If you stop in more often, you can learn more new stuff everyday on this great forum. I am always learning new stuff on here.
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    IMO when it's all said and done were I in your shoes I tend to make sure that the customer is happy with the resolution at least on a monetary basis. You may not be able to re-do a shirt and still hit a deadline but at least monetarily I like to be sure they are happy even if I take a hit into the red. All of my customers are people in my community and they talk. Most of them came from referrals in the first place and I don't like my name being associated with bad work. That being said I would probably then make a more firm agreement going forward. If they were to continue to supply the garments then in the future the risk (to the garment only) is 100% theirs and they can absorb the occasional glitch in the savings they see in garment purchase same as I would in-house. You sell 1000 shirts and have 1-3% issues you are talking 10 to 30 shirts possibly. My numbers run much less than that but I almost always bring in a couple extra shirts of the most used size on any order over 25 or 30.
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    maybe post what operating system and which vinyl cutter info, would help.
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    Crossgrade worked fine. New PSN number downloaded, installed and activated. Designed some new decals. Still need to test cutting but not seeing any issues at all.
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    Easy answer --- building a custom-shape lighted sign box from 'scratch' is not something for the average Joe. I order my "Cloud" signs from Rick in Georgia http://www.georgiasignbuilders.com He says that "We work ridiculous hours" ('til midnight 7 days) !!!
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    Skeeter is on point. Most of the free vectors you can download will have the user license along with it that will tell you how you may use their art. Most of the free stuff is for personal use only. A lot of fonts are similar. Even the ones you pay to use may have restrictions that will prevent their use in some ways. Many of the paid designs will allow use as a product but not as a design or part of a design that is a logo or going to a client. So you could buy a cool cat and make t-shirts and sell the shirts but not sell the cat design or use it as part of a business logo like "Hot Cat Tee's" Many will negotiate with you if you want to use it that way but it takes some extra effort and expense. I have a client that wanted a cool phoenix logo as part of his new business logo. He found one online and wanted me to use it. I tracked it down to a tattoo artist in Poland but the guy would never respond to any of the attempts I made to contact him. We scrapped the design and found a different one that was available to use. Worst thing you could do for a client is sell them something and then have them get their butts sued off by some graphic artist for copyright infringement. Guess who would then be the one dragged into the mess?
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    Good-ness... humming along today on a very large run and switched out my vinyl. Started another session and knew almost instantly something was up and hit the reset button. Took me 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong then another 20 to figure out my blade was affected (little chip). The new blade was slightly different so I had to go through the full blade depth/offset/overcut dance...and what a dance it was... but, thankfully it all went smooth from there. Always start Saturday with 2 cups of coffee!
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    save the image that is posted.. Import the image into Google reverse image search... If that image is posted on the internet, it is copyrighted. Anything that is already produced is copyrighted if you did not create it originally...It was obviously done by some one other than you...The design does not have to be a registered copyright, All it has to be is created by someone other than YOU. Some things that can be used are items in public domain. If in doubt, don't use them. you could get nailed for them. If you didn't create the design, it does not belong to you, and you will have to see who the owner is and get permission from them, to see if you can use their design. There are vector companies selling vectors, that you are buying a license to 'USE" their vectors, but you do not own the vectors and cannot resell their designs./vectors. This cat picture above is from an Adult paint by numbers being sold right now... Save the image and import it into google reverse image search and you will see that. I was telling him it was copyrighted before someone posted a vector file for that image, which is against UScutter forum rules...
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    Your software (built-in) HELP/Tutorial instructions may provide the answer. edited -- (dammit, Skeetz, stop copying my answers!!!)
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    Well, there is a sensor that detects when the lever is up or down, you would need to remove the plastic cover nearest the control panel side of the machine to get to it. This may or may not be the culprit. Make sure the white connector is plugged in to the sensor. I suppose the sensor could fail but I don't think it would be unlikely since there are no moving parts on the sensor itself. Also, I suppose you could try a factory reset by holding the arrow up button while turning on the cutter. Another thing, were you trying to cut too small of a piece of vinyl? The vinyl has to cover the rear sensor of the cutter or it won't allow the cutter to proceed. Something else you might try is turning off the sensors in the cutter setup menu.
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    MZ SKEETER thanks alot it works , after i upload it , i get svg file +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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    Try importing the file. not open. .EPs files should import into Illustrator.. Also could just be a bad file. Some people think just because you save a file as an .eps file that it is an .eps file. It must be a vector file.. The file may contain raster.also..
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    Good job....most of us can't do it that well fully awake! Sue2
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    from an old dude - my question is why - would drive me nuts to try to design and do everything from my tablet - heck I go bigger monitors every year until this year I finally wedged one in with no room to spare on the desk. 27" screen going back smaller would be torture for the old people like me when quality counts from all of your post so far I can see where you would want another challenge
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    find my font says Baskerville eText (Italic)
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    the majority of your price is not the shirt nor transfer - so hope you charged them accordingly and can at least break even -- - - if you charged based on material cost you shorted yourself bigly
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    customer provided shirts and assumes responsibility at that point. tell them you will redo the shirts they provide and also will give them the $2.69 that you would have paid for the shirts if you had done the job start to finish
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    Well, hate to say it but they don't call them a paper and acetate cutter. That being said you can usually cut some other materials if you get set right. I have never tried to cut acetate and have no idea how hard that is. Does it have a carrier sheet? Because anything you cut will need to have a carrier sheet behind it. The paper and yardstick usually just needs to be stuck onto a piece of clear app tape or buy a circuit cutting mat or something and usually you can cut it. Some materials are much hardier than vinyl and so the pressure needed will be a lot higher. Sometimes you might need to make two passes to get through and at that point you will suffer with the inaccuracy of the MH because it may not be able to follow the same path both times. Keep in mind that the cutter blades are extremely sharp but also very fragile and it doesn't take much to ruin a tip and then they won't cut anything well. I personally avoid those type of things mist of the time and when I do cut them I have a few older used blades that still were working when I changed them that I save to use in that environment.
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    I picked up a legal Flexisignpro 7.5 with dongle and the nice ringed user manual, with the original box and paper work. for $50.00 Buy It Now., the end of July. on Ebay. Seller claimed, needed upgraded. BS.... He didn't know a thing about it. Yeah, it could be, but works fine on Windows 7 32 bit. The design features are worth a heck of a lot more than $50,,
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    I brought it into Flexisign and came up with this.
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    Little bit of PhotoShop will get you on your way. mark-s
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    I just do this as a hobby, but for the most part I don't think in terms of cost per quantity of vinyl used. I think in terms of time. If something takes me an hour to do vs something that takes 15 min. I'm going to charge more for the hour one even though it maybe smaller than the one that takes 15min. I will admit though, customers don't think this way. They think the bigger something is, the more it will cost, when in reality, bigger items are often times cheaper to produce in terms of time, and time is the real cost of vinyl decals.
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    There's nothing wrong with being a newbie. I was once too. You will have some investment in time in the early stages but it's worth it. Many of the new cutter owners give up on the graphics side of it and eventually lose interest altogether. If you hang tough and really work at it you will one day realize you are pretty much past the learning stage and into another phase of cutter life. I kid you not you will look back and wonder what seemed so hard. (assuming you actually work through the learning stages)
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    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=TitlingGothicFB+Normal+ Bold+Oblique
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    I wash all clothing no mater where it comes from first off........This is a tough one for me to decide on what i would really do, I know that a customer supplied shirt is to be a gamble due to the technicality of how it was washed etc , But for me whether or not they supplied the shirt or not ,the main issue was with the transfer which in turn ruined the product not the clothing having an issue. I personally would have to replace the customers clothing .It was not the clothing that caused the issue in this matter. What if you did a decal on a vehicle and for some godly reason the adhesive ruined the clear coat due to a mix up in the chemical adhesive ( Not that this would really ever happen but just an example) .The material you supplied to put on the vehicle ruined the paint, Does that mean your not liable for fixing their paint job ? Or tell the customer since you supplied the vehicle i wont take care of you but i will give you a deal..lol Sorry but whatever product im supplying that ends up having a defect to cause an issue falls on myself or the manufacturer who supplied the item... I would have to eat the cost of the shirts and put it on the supplier if possible, otherwise eat it and move to another supplier,, But what do i know... lol..
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    Talked with a different UScutter Sales rep. He said to purchase the Letter crossgrade for $125. It's actually a full license. Purchased and should be here tomorrow. Hopefully this will work. Not as cheap as Vinylmaster themselves but close enough.
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    Just a heads-up, there is a new model of the SC machine. It features a higher memory, quieter operation, and a different control keypad. Also, the body is robin-egg blue. I have a feeling this will become the #1 most popular-selling unit for USCUTTER. SC2
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    while I have saved new stuff since getting it in each program and opened in the other - files I saved with ve-lxi prior do not open with this but that will not be a problem for 99 percent of the people - and I always save finished work as .eps so I can open in most programs - heck for new graphtec owners this is a steal of a deal. SW shows master plus for $1600 but in reality you can get it much cheaper (like $500 or so) or with a cutter - - - - but this with a graphtec makes that graphtec seem cheap. No with that said am I the only one seeing a killer deal on the ce6000-60 on the web site tonight??
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    That kind of sounds like a software problem to me. Before you give up on the machine I'd try a different cutting software and see what happens. Signblazer is free, I"d download it and give it a try to see what happens.
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    You might be able to try the FREE Signblazer that is on this forum and use the REDSAIL driver also.
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    phototex sells a product for pigment printers and pretty sure the epson I print on with the solvent is pigment ok too
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    This is what I get. mark-s SIX SHOOTER TATTOOS LOGO.ai
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    How did you set your blade depth? Too many incorrect instructions that say 1/2 a credit card thickness, or more.which is about 10 times too much blade exposed. This is the correct way to set blade depth, To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see or feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. You only cut with the blade tip.
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    could be that graphic has several layers on top of one another use lxi to make a square and cut it - see if it cuts one or many times
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    I swear this program is temperamental. I turn it on this morning and it is working. The one file I was working on last night is a loss. Nothing but a black area when you open it and it was only text. Had a hiccup earlier this afternoon. Shut it down. MORE Windows updates. Just plain silly. Knock on wood seems to be going ok now. Currently cutting. Windows 10 I do believe. I'm so not hip to PC anymore I've become a Mac snob. Can't handle the PC and all it's goofy updates.
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    I created a color swatch for AI.. Take it if you need it..These colors are based off of the Hex Values that were given to me by Siser. Siser EasyWeed.ai Siser EasyWeed.ase
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    I'd do it in two parts, type the top section (type on arch) on the outside path, and then type the bottom section on the inside path and then just put them together.
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    and that will be the end of the bickering - take it to private messaging please - we don't need the drama on the open forum
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    many many methods - the dartboard works well