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    put the app tape on your table sticky side up and then apply the vinyl to that - much easier
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    So I decided to start trying out going mobile with my hobby. I’m a semi driver and I got a cuter in the truck also. But when I start jobs at home n need to weed n tape. I can also continue my work when I’m stopped. Here’s basically my work space. Lol What I’m workin in is a sign for a business The sign is over 6 ft long
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    You said the blade holder goes up and down freely when powered off, but does it go up when you power on the machine?
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    with the above said why would you go with a unbranded vinyl you don't know the manufacturer or how old it is? even quality brands of vinyl are relatively cheap per decal so why skimp and ask for problems?
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    Slice&Dice is stating something important. This stuff is not push button easy. My experience on here, everybody wants to help. Even with a blunt statement like he made. Most of us have years working on these skills, but many show up wanting an answer in minutes. How do you give that? Short sentences in a forum don't cover things like bezier curves, spiro paths, Bspline paths, 3 point paths, tapered paths, smooth, curved, straight and symmetrical nodes, guidelines, snapping, clones, rotation, duplication with transforms applied, rounded rectangles and triangles, fillet and chamfer, contours, insets and outsets, open paths vs closed paths, manual tracing vs auto-tracing, and a truck load more, many specific to specific applications. It can't be absorbed quickly, unless your Jimmy Neutron or the like. But all of us I bet have been under a deadline and ready or not, something has to be done. Then, you have to just push through, learn just enough and get it done somehow. Before you get it done, your as cranky as toothless man in a rock candy eating contest. Afterwards your jubilant. But don't let cranky interfere with the message here. This stuff goes easier with more preparation and practice. I'm glad you found Inkscape. Its a great program. It and CorelDraw are my current favorites. There is an Inkscape specific chat room on irc you can learn about on their community page. As it's live chat it might work well for you if your stuck on a particular feature.
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    I know that is what was asked for, but to me, that looks like it might be a bit on the wide side and the names will be wrapping around to the sides when the shirt is worn. For your own personal experience, ask for a photo of the kids wearing them so you can get a feel for how something looks laying flat, vs how it looks while worn.
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    Just wanted to say hi to all. Was learning a lot from my uncle for the past 2 years before he got sick and passed away this year. He was into making stencils for selling painted wood craft signs and single layer decals he made using a pcut plotter i think with sure cuts 4 . But it was starting to have issues and then he passed .I guess you can call it a going away gift but he had bought me a new titan 2 sometime last year which was hidden away until my aunt found it with my name on it in the garage and i just opened it up last week and got it setup and did a few test cuts and so far its working great.I am only looking into making decals as he did but for my friends for now. Bobby
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    The UPS can save you a lot of headache and cost even when it's not storming. You'll be amazed at how often you'll hear one click on and not even notice a change in your office lights. They will smooth out a lot of the little hiccups and stray voltage that happen all the time on the power grid. At our last house we lost nearly everything that plugs in over a 5 month time span. Turns out the power company had a transformer nearly a mile away going bad and causing an unnoticeable brownout. Power strips didn't save anything because it was never severe enough, but everything on a UPS lived. Now imagine you're cutting a large graphic or using some high-dollar vinyl and the power flickers. If it's enough to reset the clock on the microwave, it will stop your cutter. You've just lost a lot of time and money.
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    Most people run when a big army with drummers sounding cadences come there way. There can be a lot said for going with the majority. Ah come on Wildgoose, give it the old college try again, like a virgin. Pony up some Draw tutorials. Draw some stuff. Align some stuff. Try the one handed mouse wheel zoom, (god bless the one handed mouse wheel zoom.) Both CD and Inkscape have a node editing, (shape tool,) that is more all in one than Illustrators. The one tool does the job of two, (maybe three,) in Illustrator. This might be the unnatural feeling you are getting. Try the C E T B and P keyboard shortcuts in Draw. Marvel at "Ungroup All." Behold the unslipery zooming. Use strokes that go in or out. Try the Contour tool, both the Interactive and the docker. Break Apart stuff in new ways.
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    Playing around and getting ready for mothers day. Dollar store vase.
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    Even though it's taking some serious amount of time to figure this project out for your friend, the knowledge that you're gaining will be priceless to you in the long run. Not going to lie - that's a big project you're undertaking, but it's also exciting. Your friend understands that you're just starting out, and that's the best kind of customer there is. You're getting paid to learn. I'll be honest, sometimes I base my prices on size, sometimes on difficulty, and sometimes on difficulty of the customer. There have been times when the artwork is cut-ready, and other times where I feel like I'm spending forever to node edit it to death. What I do know, is my hard cost - the cost of the vinyl and app tape, and what I perceive as the wear and tear on all the rest of the equipment and accessories. Sometimes, I only charge then for the roll of the new color (because I didn't have it in my inventory already), and I get to keep whatever is left on the roll - which is usually the majority of it.
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    That design is for air heads!
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    I'd rethink the wanting it to look like screen printed part. Vinyl doesn't have a great hand, but they are crisp solid colors. For instance white vinyl on a black shirt just looks great. If you got the right clients that want the metal or glitter/bling looking stuff, hard to do with screen printing. Glitter screen printing ink isn't cheap and doesn't jump out like vinyl. But if you got a crowd into that HTV is a good road to go, (think cheerleader squads.) So for me it isn't about the looks, HTV looks fine. It's about the production. You can't match screen printing production to HTV production. Two hundred shirts screen printed is a job, two hundred shirts done in vinyl is approaching a nightmare. One thing you can leverage with vinyl that you can with HTV is the customization. Much easier to do twenty shirts with twenty different names with HTV than screen printed, which would be twenty screens. Many screen printers won't take orders under twenty. So the small customized orders are something you should be able to compete with. It's practical to do orders of one with HTV, no how no way with screen printing. Easyweed is going to have a semigloss look peeled hot or cold. Sometimes you can hit it again with some parchment or kraft paper to get it more to a matte look. Easyweed stretch is a matte finish and has a better hand and feels about as soft as screen printed, close anyway. Though you may not want to, eventually if you do this often, you will have to try a range of them. Some will send samples. I general stick to Siser, just because I find their results predictably.
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    Perhaps make a call to their Sales Manager and respectfully request perhaps they can issue a credit for the difference (or part of it anyway)? I mean, you haven't had that machine over 2 weeks, right? You've been a fair guy since joining here, with contributions on the Forums and plenty of positive feedback, maybe that counts for something? I have gone to places that offer sales right after I purchased something, and sometimes they do provide a store credit. It couldn't hurt to ask.
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    If it is flat, put a 1" piece of tape or a ruler and take a pic of it, then scale the know size. Then vector it.
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    OOooo! Panini Press, oh yes! Wait, the George Foreman Grill guys don't make a heat press?
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    nope - betting a heat press manufacture makes them = = = maybe next we can see some panini presses too - at a reasonable price I might consider one
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    Well I did it, My first 2 shirts are complete.
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    Thanks @davidb, really did not think I even hit 10 - but it is working now. Thanks again for looking into it for me. This is an important resource for me. While I most of the time cannot offer any useful suggestions - I do like to provide thanks and encouragement to those who can and do share with us.
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    wildgoose does the most garments of any of the mods but other members should be along that use that particular product. I use easyweed 90 percent of the time and have not used the featherlite - first thing that sticks out to me is the directions are : Cut Mirror image using 45° or 60° blade. Weed material. Temp: 310° F/155° C. Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds. Press with Medium Pressure for 15 seconds. Peel cold. are you pre pressing the shirt for the 2-3 seconds before applying the graphic to eliminate any moisture in the garment (yes even sitting on a shelf they will have a certain amount of moisture) ? did you check your platen across all 4 quadrants to make sure the temp is consistent and up to temp? are you applying with enough pressure that after pressing you can see the fabric weave in the vinyl? Not sure where you are getting your shirts but with shirts from a wholesaler I never wash first as anything like fabric softener can contaminate the surface of the shirt and affect the adhesion (or even if you are like my wife and use 3 times more detergent than necessary leaves residue - washed a blanket after she complained and took 3 more washings without detergent to get it to not suds in the washer) I am sure someone will be around shortly to help that uses the feather lite
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    Please use this form: http://www.iifuture.com/shared/forms/en/fcl_forms/Ord_Retrieve_PSN_01_FC.htm
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    Okay, now I'm a little ashamed, but happu at the same time It was only the roller which was slightly unaligned with the grit, and then, as I wasn't seeing shit, it just stopped Thanks a lot, guys!!
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    Darn it, I was hoping to get the new LP3 unit when it became available for sale, but since I sold my MH last week, I'm sitting here without a cutter at all. Some jobs are drifting in (even though I moved out of my storefront location, some repeat clients want things done, and I'll be able to accomplish them in my garage in the meantime) and I bit the bullet and ordered the SC2. The one thing I am most concerned about is getting the wrong blade holder included with the machine, but my fingers are crossed that it won't happen (This actually occurred with someone who posted here last month). I also added the optional Media Basket with my order, since I do long jobs (for banners) and I like to keep the vinyl off the floor. With shipping and the 34" SC3 Sale Price with the catch-basket kit, my order came out to $420. (I have 3 jobs now pending for more than that!) Once again, USCUTTER comes through.
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    Here is an edge lit example of one I did for my day job boss.
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    New guy here from PA. My name is Jim and I have always wanted to get into sticker cutting, and finally I decided to join the band wagon. I have spent so much money over the years, it finally made sense to get my own cutter. I plan to do a lot on my race car for this season. Ended up getting a Titan which I love so far. Working with a mac so had to go with Sure Cuts a lot Pro, and trying to figure out Adobe Illustrator.
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    I have the APC 750 watt battery back up on the design computer and one on the printer computer - others in the house and the plotter have surge suppressors only and almost all still get unplugged during heavy lightning. 20 years ago while I was at work my wife called me and said the house got hit by lightning and the family room lit up blue - I got permission to come home for a quick check and turned the breakers back on for what I could but even protected equipment got fried - was a $8000 claim - the in the well pump went out within 2 days from the hit. now the back story - my dad had gotten me a really nice flag pole and it looked great on the corner of the house in the landscaping where I didn't have to mow around it. it was 4-5 ft from the electric meter - we have aluminum siding and the flag was at the base of a downspout. lesson learned and flag pole is still in the top of the pole barn :/ main lesson learned - if it is an indirect hit you may save some stuff with the protection but a direct hit nothing really was protected. - computer was unplugged but got fried thru the phone line that was still attached (any remember modems )
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    If I had to do all the leg work for that, it would be a very expensive decal. He has the truck and a tape measure. And I am sure 2 min. $50/hr to search and find a truck the same for a 2 min. job.
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    Welcome aboard Bobby, glad to have you here. Sorry for your uncle's passing. He must have seen the ability in you to have gotten the new cutter for you!
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    It's already in your blood.....you will do fine. Now you need a good heat press! T-shirts are REALLY fun! Sue2
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    Awesome thanks so much. I will try that software to see if that does anything. I went on the to the Seiki forums and seems this is a common problem with their plotter going back 8 years. I have a feeling I will have to replace it but first I will see if I can fix it. I wanted to get into vinyl cutting and found a package on ebay last year that had the plotter and a 5 in 1 heat press, not 8 in 1 like I previously said. It seemed like a good deal at the time. Live and learn. The cricut is great for my small projects like decals, mugs, shirts but I need the plotter for my big projects for sure like the signs, walls decals and vehicle signage I am getting into now. I am so thankful I found this forum. All of you have been fantastic, and i will be sure to ask for advice if I do buy a new one.
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    I will throw something else in here for you. Do you have a pen tool for this machine? If you do, use that and do your experiments with so that you are not wasting vinyl.
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    depending what you're looking at to see what the "letters" are on the font, copy and paste works too.
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    didn't find the font but found the graphic on brands of the world. maybe download that one and run it thru find my font to get a clearer version to search from
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    Once you get used to the notes being there, you will do it again.
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    and that is about 10 times too much blade exposure - here it the link to the instructions I keep trying to get you to follow:
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    Unlikely, given the customer's history of stiffing people
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    The fact that you have earned $100 is a positive thing, as you've gone from Zero to 100 in a few weeks' time only. For a hobby, that's not too shabby. Keep at it, get your name out there, knock on doors, hand out business cards, use social media more. It'll come together, you have the skills, you have the equipment, you have the desire to get 'er done. By the way, it might be useful for you to devote more emphasis into sign-making and banners and storefront lettering, since your HTV work is limited by the wonky functioning and small size of that older heat press.
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    It looks like you tried to put too many nodes. For this image, just put a node at the points. The green circles are where I would put my nodes to start with. Note, some of the points are actually off image. The wheel well for example. You can tell the intended design would have a point about where I marked. Once you do that you will end up with a shape like this. Then you node edit to adjust the nodes to be exactly where you want, and change the straight lines to curves. If you do this will a fill as I've shown, it's easiest if you set the fill to be slightly transparent so you can see the design below. Keep at it and you'll get the hang of if it. This quick ruff trace took about 3 minutes. Now you can go back and cut out the portions that you don't want around the wheel well and the bottom. However, if this is being installed on a truck, I'd leave them there, and then just trim the design to the truck after it's installed.
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    Hi Sue, Thank you, I ended up buying the Find My Font last night and that's what I came up as well. Kevin
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    I do sticky side up almost all the time, it's a rare occasion that I need to do it the other way around. I have much better control over the alignment and I get far less bubbles <- which probably means I need to improve my technique
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    way, way, way easier!
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    Ditch SB? Never!! I am getting more familiar with other software, but my proficiency is still with SB (even though I didn't know if could vectorize ). I admit that the buttons look a little cheesy, but dang, if I don't recognize them right off the bat, and I love the right-click quick menu. SB FOREVER!!
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    very nice slice - you are a good teacher.
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    Step-by-step * IMPORT (File menu) your image * Select All (from Edit menu or CTRL+ A keyboard combo) * Change Mode to Monochrome 1 bit (Image menu) * Perform Vectorise (Image menu again) * Separate original and delete (keeping just the blue object) * Clean it up (Node Editing -- double click on object OR use Edit menu = CTRL + H keyboard combo)
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    They have Studio for Mac and Studio Pro for the Windows side, so I have both! Win!! So many options now - plugin to cut directly out of AI (on Mac and Win), GS on Mac, GPS and SB (Win). So awesome!!
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    It finally came in! Woohoo! I picked it up a few days ago, but due to the husband unplugging the tv/internet cable booster (unbeknownst to me), lack of internet issues - I wasn't able to get everything situated as quickly I would have like to. I'm finally back online and am trying to hit the ground running. I am ridiculously impressed by the graphtec. It didn't take me very long to figure out how to cut using the Graphtec Studio on the Mac OS X, and then via Sign Blazer on the Win7 (Parallels) side. I'm totally stoked that I can now cut in both environments. I'm amazed at how much quicker it cuts than the LP, and how much quieter - although I will admit that the fan on the LP didn't really bother me a whole lot. This is awesome!! Mahalo to everyone who guided me to make the right decision!
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    As a rule, weeding letters is done from right to left and numbers from left to right. Also, if your weeding doesn't leave the letters on the backing, then it's possible that your blade is tearing the vinyl and not slicing/clean cutting. Make sure the blade is not jammed up with small shreds of vinyl and that it freely spins (a drop of sewing machine oil in the bearing is a good thing) I see no reason to slow down a cutter speed from the max setting. The faster the better, IMO.
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    if you read post on the forum from people that moved up to a graphtec there is one common theme - they love how quiet and accurate they are. think of it as going from a harbor freight circular saw to a delta table saw -