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    Darcshadow is out newest Moderator - (Haumana beat him by a very short time lol) Thank you sir for agreeing to help us keep the forum safe from spam and keep the community a nice place to hang around
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    I would like to be the first to welcome Haumana to the moderation team. This will give a a wide range of time zones for our mods and Haumana has been a member a long time.
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    I went thru old Seiki posts, where Slice brought this up on 2013. It was never answered. Others never answered either about it working with Master/Liyu. But It is listed in Vinyl Master Cut for $60. From The Vinyl Master website. And SCALP also lists it. But I sure wouldn't go all in on SCALP.
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    If you're just doing a solid color, it'd be easier and faster to just buy some HTV in the desired color.
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    It's probably pirated software then. And may have a virus Flexistarter is not FREE. I have not heard good things about Artcut. Your welcome
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    I haven't visited the forum in a long long time... When I started years ago John was so helpful to everyone. truly a huge loss. RIP John
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    As you can probably tell from the varied answers above there are usually several different ways to do things that ALL work fine. Nothing wrong with just making the whole thing and chopping out the part you want like motion effects showed. Pre-cut templates are nice too but require the extra skills which in your case means a few mistakes and do-overs. I did one once that I just applied the graphic over the area and let it hang off the edges and trimmed it before removing the app tape. If templates are small enough to scan I have made them with a piece of app tape or paper and scanned them so I had the perfect size. When you start getting to the size of a window where you import the pic and trace it from the pic you can easily get distorted if your angle of the pic is not perfectly straight. If you are just going for rough size and staying away from the edges like when doing business graphics on a car door or window then that works just fine. If you are trying to hit a perfect window size it will take a few tries and tweaks to get it perfect. There are car templates you can buy that the wrap guys use but I don't know how accurate they are and every wrap I have seen they cut things bigger and trim the excess so what does that tell you. Whichever way you go it will be a learning curve but learning through doing is the best anyhow. You can watch 1000 videos but until you have some hands on it only goes so far. I would suggest using a graphics software you either already know or one that everyone else uses or you'll be totally on your own. Inkscape you called INscape is a good place to start because its free and compatible with windows and mac alike. I don't use it myself but there are several who do. It is totally capable of doing the type of graphics you are looking at. No matter the design program you choose you will have some learning to do to get a cut-ready file. The design element of this craft is sometimes the achilles heel that some never make it past. It takes some willingness to practice and learn.
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    Im getting married in a week and made some signs. We have been together for 15 years. Didnt find out the opening to the boards isnt square until After I installed........... 2 signs, each double sided. Cant share with anyone attending but had to show them off.
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    pretty sure silhouette studio will only send to the silhouette - scalp may be easier for your transition as it was originally designed for a cricut and oriented toward that market - Vinylmaster is very much preferred by most even though it will have somewhat of a learning curve - and you can upgrade to higher levels as you progress in your skills. I tried both and keep a copy of vinylmaster on my design computer along with my graphtec pro studio (which is private labeled flexisign)
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    I would start the troubleshooting with a new blade.
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    the 60 is where its at for the detail! lol
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    I don't think Jaybyrd was ever able to get Signblazer to work with his Seiki. I think he tried them all. It is not listed. He used Flexistarter
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    Inkscape is not cutting software. There is such a thing called Inkcut, but I don't know anything about it. And the driver needs to be on com 4 or below.
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    The specs for the Titan SE says Roland compatible blade.
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    Summa makes great cutters, wouldn't hurt to take a look at their SummaCut D-series. It's slot between Graphtec CE and FC. Some argue the SummaCut D series is above the Graphtec FC in terms of features.
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    Well, it is not going to cut 28" W. . The specs say max cutting 25" 28" is the max media width. But there are not vinyl rolls 28" wide. Max Cutting Width 25" Max Feed Width 28"
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    That video gave me a headache, listening to this guy yammering and babbling. If you are using Illustrator for design, just export the .eps and use VinylMaster or SignBlazer as your cut software. (As you would if working in INKSCAPE).
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    I own/run a print/copy shop since 2002 on my own...so I can give you some advice. A lot depends on how many flyers they want and what quality they are expecting. Just like vinyl cutting ...the digital files are the biggest issue. Many customers think that files they created in WORD, EXCEL or even PowerPoint are acceptable for printing. Usually their centering is all off (especially on tri-fold brochures) and the layouts are in need of help. For small quantities we print inhouse on our very high end laser printer...for larger orders I prep the files (they have to be in CYMK with 300 dpi for photos) and send them out to wholesale print partners. Sue2
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    R-tape paper or Main paper tape.
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    Don't let Skeeter fool ya she is ornery as ever every puzzle piece in our vinyl family has their place to make the "family" whole . . .
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    It was a while ago Dakota so understandable. 2015 4 yrs ago dang think next year I will have to attend again. MzSkeeter thank you and how are ya been awhile.
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    Ah sweet glad you figured it out. VM is pretty awesome. If I was a windows platform dude I would be more into it myself.
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    Hi to you all. I've asked a few questions on the forums and folks have been kind enough to reply and make a few things clearer for a newbie like me. I realized I've not yet introduced myself. So I thought I thought it would be nice to tell you a bit about myself. I'm Vegan and been teetotal almost all my life, hardly drank at all, when I did, enjoy running. I was a member of the BWA British Woodcarvers Association for several years, the same for Mary Mays online school of woodcarving. Also for several years I've been a member and still am of the British carver, Chris Pyes online carving school. I'm also into making stained glass and also teaching myself surface etching and multi level carving into glass. I'm also into woodworking and have invested a considerable amount, that said several 2nd hand good deals, a considerable amount on bench planes, wood shaper, jointer, planer, etc. I hope to start my own one man business making custom made doors, with carving, stained glass, sandblasted glass, combined or separate. I'm also an amateur musician..... good ole Rock n Roll Pedal steel, slide guitar, lead, rhythm guitar, virtual synths, electronic drum kit, sing my own songs. I got an inexpensive Seiki cutter for a little sign making and also thought would be good enough to cut stencils out of sand blast resist.
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    cleaning out an old desk and found this from 9 years ago - before I knew the word "Buyer" at the bottom made you a target - almost like the year someone from USC offered me "staff" tags and I thought very cool - then found out that made you about as popular with the other vendors as having malaria :/ still like the shows but they moved them farther away
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    That is so sad to hear. John was one of the very first people who stepped up to really a help a struggling newbie to cutting - who live out in the middle of the ocean, and didn't even have a scrap of vinyl, app tape, or squeegees to work with. I will never forget the time and effort he put forth to help me when I first got started, and packed up a box of some of his old scraps and a few squeegees and shipped them out to me. Without him, no doubt the learning curve would have been much, much steeper for me. I am indebted to him (and a lot of other forum members as well). I am eternally grateful for all the guidance that I've received over the years. I couldn't have come this far without y'all. MAHALO! RIL Banner John!!