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  1. kainth.c.s

    Font & Softwares ...

    Give a check when you type something in one software whether it comes with a stroke added by itself or not. Nearly all the times when the files are transferred from one software to the other, the default stroke from one software is picked up by the other as an extra width. The same thing happens when the same image is traced in different softwares. I use illustrator and it has the default stroke set to 0.25 mm or 0.01 inches. So whenever I type something or trace an image, it adds it up by the default and it comes to play when I transfer the file in flexi Sign for cutting.
  2. kainth.c.s

    Font & Softwares ...

    Things like these are quite common when two programs with different unit preferences are used, or same program is used while installed on other than usual operating platforms. Designs downloaded from the internet especially eps and ai files when opened into programs scale differently as they are saved with units "px" Sometimes these text have the strokes added to it in order to make them extra bold. They change the sizes when these strokes play up That is one of the main reasons I always prefer to work with silhouettes instead of text versions while cutting. It is an extra bit of work but worth it in the end You best bet would be to keep a couple of sizes handy from the customer and as you import the text or silhuoettes, scale them to the sizes
  3. kainth.c.s

    Need help......again

  4. kainth.c.s

    Need help......again

  5. kainth.c.s

    Need help......again

    Sorry for the late reply. If still searching, try Anydore font
  6. I can grab a usb to serial port adapter or the cable suitable for that computer. Yes I do have Flexi 10 starter version I do not have signblazer but I do have Signcut. Will it support Windows 7? I mean will there be any aftermarket type of driver available by any chance that can support the cutter with windows 7 if I can;t find anything on Roland's site?
  7. Hello everyone I came across this fairly old model of Roland 24 inch vinyl cutter that I was trying to put to use. Its Roland CAMM 1 CM 24. I have a couple of queries: 1. Can this cutter work with Flexi 10? If yes, has anyone got any link to find an appropriate driver for the cutter? 2. The person who used this cutter last was saying that an old version of windows is needed for the cutter to run. Does it need older than Windows 7 32 bit program?? Any inputs 3. Has this cutter also got servo motors for the axis as the newer version of Roland? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. kainth.c.s


    Hi Everyone All good. So I have refixed it with the following: I tried the following on two shirts each 1. On 2 shirts, Temperature about 325 deg F with the pressure on the higher side with pressing time about 25-30 seconds 2. On 2 shirts, exactly the same but with the shirts wet 3. On 2 shirts, another press by turning the shirts inside out At the moment, the sticker looks like it has clended on to the shirt which is what I was after. I tried to remove on small black letter and it almost pulled the fabric. Fingers crossed, I have handed over the shirts to the owner. Let's see what he comes up with Many thanks for your help folks
  9. kainth.c.s


    I was also thinking on the same line that there might be a coating on the shirts available at retail stores. I ordered them online but I am sure they were picked up from a couple of retail stores at different locations and dispatched. I am preheating the shirts before pressing them on with the graphics but the letters have been falling off. The coating might be just to enhance heir look or may be a stain resistant one particularly done on white fabrics so as to avoid them getting stained because of being touched by so many hands. What do you thin?
  10. kainth.c.s


    Over here in Australia, it is Tradie :)
  11. TROUBLE STRUCK: HELP NEEDED Hi Everyone I am facing the issue of black vinyl peeling off in the adjoining picture. It has been happening only with the black vinyl, rest of the colors are fine. This has been happening after a few days of the first wear. I have applied Heat transfer vinyl (other colors of vinyl on to the colored fabric) sometimes using household iron and sometimes using heat press but have never experienced this before. Here are the details: HTV Brand: BFlex Preheat temperature: 150 deg celcius Pressing time: 15-20 seconds Shirt material: Pure Cotton (Brand Anko available at Kmart) Heat press used: Vevor I tried pressing the vinyl again using heat press but on one or two shirts it started to peel off again after I test washed it. I am giving it a normal wash with maximum temperature of 80 degree celcius (in accordance with the data sheet of the vinyl). I had a word with someone else in the company and was told that the white fabrics and garments are coated with some sort of stain resistant coating so they don't get stained while passing through many hands. This may interfere with the sticking of the vinyl. What am I doing wrong guys?
  12. Trace it into a silhouette. Many of the small cuts will go away. Try Photopea for tracing. it is a free online tool and gives good results