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  1. kainth.c.s

    Roland BN20A media use questions

    Bummer stickers?????
  2. kainth.c.s

    Roland BN-20A End of Roll Error

    Quite possibly as slice and dice mentioned, optical sensor might have malfunctioned or may be the cause of static buildup due to movement of PVC Vinyl that might have caused the tracker to malfunction. As skeeter said, the best suited answer will come from their tech support of forum
  3. kainth.c.s

    Need the name of this....

    Alternatively, hit out at free font site, look for decorative fonts or spooky fonts and type the text in the search bar just above the list. It will show you how the text you entered looks in the font
  4. kainth.c.s

    Need the name of this....

    Try this one.Not exact but seems a close match Bistern.ttf
  5. May be a picture of the signage will help (including the boards). Obviously, getting a new board in and putting the print.decals on it will be quickest and easiest way
  6. Any reason why you want to keep the old Aluminum board for the factory? The only reason I can think of might be if the aluminum board is hard riveted to the warehouse walls Use heat gun to warm it up and then peel it off. Make sure, it is just warmed up, not cooked as Aluminum will buckle under heat too. For the residue, dab a cloth in turpentine, rub over the board and leave it for about 10 mins. For new substrate, give Maxmetal or Dibond (both trade names for Aluminum Composite panel) used for Cladding a try
  7. You need to figure out what is the standard blade holder shape and size that comes with your plotter from the manufacturer. The holders you have may be the aftermarket ones and you need to play around with the settings and exposure to get your cut right. I own a creation PCUT CT630 (Imitation machine from China) which came with a black plastic blade holder of 28 mm Overall length. However, there were some Aluminum blade holders corresponding to the same shape but with 27.5 mm Overall length. This .5 mm difference made the holder to work fine by exposing the blade a bit more and adjusting the pressure. Sometimes you need to do these tricks with the aftermarket blades. With the pictures you have posted, these results come up with the offset issue. Give it a shot mate. If it doesn't work out, then you can bring back the offset to zero and look for some other cause
  8. So, being a second hand machine, you will be clueless about how it had been handled in the past. A good choice will be to replace the blade holder as well as the bearing inside it might be playing up. Keep adjusting the blade offsets as well till you get nice crisp corners
  9. Quite possible, it might be the vinyl itself. Either it might have gone post its shelf life or exposed to heat or sunlight making it hard to score using vinyl cutter.
  10. kainth.c.s

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    I don't know vinylmaster but this is how I did it in Illustrator. You select everything, then you go to the Shape builder tool then select the area on either side of the curves. It will make the wireframe into three separate shapes separated.ai
  11. Summa D series are old & reliable machines. What I remember from the top of my head are these are one of the few machines along with Creation and Graphtec which have 0.6 inch blades to fit in their holders, rest all have 0.8 largely to suit Roland type Blades and holders. Great in reliability but you need to remember they might have stepper motors for the blade carriage and rollers which are very likely to develop positioning errors over the time. The extent of the errors depends on how roughly the machine has been handled in the past. Give it a shot and it would tell you itself. You need to go slower with these machines and they will look after you. I have a imitation of Creation PCUT CT630 for the last 8 years. Never had an issue except a few positioning errors which are pretty much obviuous keeping in mind the age and the usage of the machine
  12. kainth.c.s

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    See the information on the right. It seems it has 3 different nodes/curve. What I believe from the screenshot are it is separate for the body, separate for the legs and separate for the curved joiners. I may be wrong, but we need to have a look at the actual file to suggest what is the issue. Any chance you can share it, then we can have a look if it suits you
  13. Please share a photo of the artwork and a zoomed in cutting line done on the vinyl. Also, I guess it may be beacuse your cuts may not be closing properly. A zoomed in image of the cutting line done for a small shape will clarify
  14. kainth.c.s

    Anyone know what model this is????

    See this is what I have. The control panel is the same as yours one. So I confidently beliwve its Creation Pcut CT series or CTO series.
  15. By the way what software are you using for cutting? I use Flexi 10. This file I sent is a Autocad 2000 dxf