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  1. kainth.c.s

    Vehicle Wrap Horror Stories??

    were you doing vehicle wrap in open air? For wrapping, it is recommended to do under a shed with a clean ground. Cast vinyl is a bit harder to deal with than calendered vinyl. It is preferable to have an enclosed factory space for the same
  2. kainth.c.s

    Flexi not sending to cutter

    Is the WRITE PORT ERROR happening in between the cutting program or the cutting is not able to start???? In former case, it would be due to a long program being run at slow speeds or static charge messing up with the cutter. Believe me, I have chinese version of creation pcut ct630 with flexi 10 starter and I usually have the issues every now and then. In latter case, it would be due to the unreliability of a USB adapter. See if you can get a serial port to serial port cable and use it to communicate with the machine. Also, as Skeeter said, try not to go for COM PORT higher than 4.
  3. I checked the file. It seems to be fine
  4. I have a workstation that has an old configuration just enough to keep the machine going without any unrequired movements. believe me, a cheap workstation with a usb hub hooked on for transferring the files using flash drives works wonders
  5. Also,whenever you cut the media that has the tendency to do such weird things, please stay near it and looks for some abnormal movements or sounds. If this problem is due to the machine losing position due to some motherboard component malfunctioning, improper connection or static charge present in the vinyl roll itself, it will make some abnormal sounds before messing the cuts up. There happen to be many posts encouraging people to switch to Serial Connection ports rather than USB Ports. In case you don't happen to find a suitable cable, try getting Tripp life Keyspan adapter that can connect the serial port to the computer In the meantime, I will have a look at the file
  6. If this is how your cutter looks from the side, the port on the extreme left hand side that has RS232 is the serial port. I have the same 9 pin port on my creation CT630 Pcut
  7. It will have a serial port, most of the times, very next to the USB port. The only different thing is, the type of port it has, whether a 9 pin port or a 15 pin port. I will give your file a go, its just, I am struggling to open vdoc files as I do not have the software with me. But, I will have a look at the file. The only reason I asked to have a look at the file is most of the times, it comes with a lot of hidden layers whenever we work straight from the client files.
  8. What type of connection port it is? USB or Serial. My machine used to do the same thing until I switched it to the serial RS232 9 pin port. If you happen to have that port on your machine, give it a shot. Morever, if you think it is right, you can share the file so someone can look for hidden layers and objects. Also, when the cutter is in operation, get someone to stay near the cutter and listen to some abnormal noise it might make before messing up.
  9. kainth.c.s

    This please

    In this case, I would ask them for the file for the card or the font name. If not provided, I will disclose them of charging a designing fee which is obiviously a bite into their wallet. I also tell them that it will be close but not exact. It automatically rolls the ball in their court Believe me mate, it worked a couple of times with me and I ended up getting a proper file to start working with. It is worse to work with such clients. I guess, you didn't have to deal with graphic designers and architects who are given the charge of producing the signage just because they designed the fascias and are thought to have ideas about signage and their mounting.
  10. It depends on the actual dxf file. The truck is, they need to be imported woth the shapes joined as polylines and not exploded. It looks like the dxf you got came to you in the exploded state so when you imported it in VM, it tool a chunk off the main profule depending on the accuracy you selected on your VM sofrware. Would you mind sharing your file here and I can have a look on the file for you?? I work with dxf all the times and use Flexi for the cutyer. Never had any problems. Another thing I can think of is the AutoCAD version dxf file is saved as.
  11. kainth.c.s

    Has anyone else faced similar problem

    Hi everyone Thanks for the suggestions Slice & Dice! You're right, Mercury is theaccused I posted the same query in some facebook groups as well. These are the responses I have got https://www.facebook.com/groups/vinylcuttingforum/permalink/3461367504128165/?comment_id=3462051917393057&notif_id=1688156898613071&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif https://www.facebook.com/groups/327464755215909/posts/948663899762655/?comment_id=949064656389246&notif_id=1688146572524782&notif_t=group_comment
  12. Hello everyone Just curious to enquire has anyone else faced the problem of decals not sticking to a painted surface in extremely cold weather? Mercury here in Australia is dropping down to 2 to 4 deg celcius and I have some complaints from some people that Mirror Gold and Mirror Silver decals are coming off with the tape. I have used low to medium tack tape (Politape 130) and the back board was painted a couple of weeks ago before the decals were being stuck. Also, the decals were applied dry. I tried the same stuff on the painted wall (as it had similar texture) and didn't have problems while putting it on I am attaching some pictures for you to have a look on to. Please be mindful it is not an acrylic backdrop and the other colours on the same board got stuck seamlessly. Any input will be highly appreciated
  13. kainth.c.s

    MH-721 MK2 Alignment Issues

    It seems like it has something to do with the feeding rollers, looks like the cutter is not coming back to the same position in case it goes off to another part of the sheet for cutting. Or it might be a static buildup. I use flexi sign for cutting and the way I was able to overcome this issue was restricting a margin of the sheet for cutting at once. I gave a value of 5 inches x 5 inches. So the machine cuts everything it can within that margin before moving to the next part. See if you can work something out similar to this in your software
  14. kainth.c.s

    Small decal guy, pricing first BIG job

    Obviously, you need to cover yourself up for some stuff ups as well. Please make sure that margin is included. If it is used up, you are covered, otherwise, you are more than free to either keep it with you as an extra margin for yourself or pass a bit of it to the customer in case you want to look after him because of he being with you for quite a while
  15. kainth.c.s

    Convert to SBD file

    I checked the earlier threads started by him. You're right. He has come multiple times with nearly similar logos and same sort of questions. Pdf can't be used to cut directly but being in Portable Document Format (PDF), it is one of the lightest file to transfer data over internet. Signblazer does accept EPS files which can be made in Illustrator and many other programs easily.