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  1. kainth.c.s

    Help required with flexi sign

    Hello everyone "Skeeter" and "Darcshadow", I gave both the files a try but again, the printer failed to recognize the cut lines. I mean, in the production manager, the option for cutter blade for the selected text kept on remaining grey (not highlighted). I do not rule out the fact that possible, the printer driver might be installed incorrectly. Here is how it worked for me. I made two ai files from the original file I supplied. The one contained filled up shapes with the bleeds (for printing) and the one only to be used for cutting. I converted the latter into "dxf" and reopened it again in Flexisign. I inserted the converted dxf file into the already opened Print file and aligned both w.r.t. the very outside rectangular boundary after grouping. It was a bit of lengthy process, but I was able to get the cut file and the shaded file as a single file. Also, I got a reply from another facebook user as "Yo can apply "Contour Cut" to the profile you want to use as a Dieline with Zero offset." Many thanks for your painstaking efforts.
  2. kainth.c.s

    Help required with flexi sign

    Please find the attached file. The oval and the heartbeat are not the problem. The text is and thus, it is hard to recreate. I posted it in some facebook group and got a suggestion to apply "Contour cut" with zero offset on it. I will give it a shot. "Darkshadow" : It is a vector file. I can't eork with raster images. The problem is the text is not being recognised as a cutting contour by the Flexi Sign Production Manager with the cutter driver installed. "Slice and dice": The oval needs to be in this shape as it has been approved by the company management. Also the shading of green at the ends needs ro be lighter. It is a combination of print and cut with colored profile printed (with bleed) and the rest cut. Any inputs please? SHADE.pdf NAC001.pdf
  3. kainth.c.s

    Help required with flexi sign

    Good Morning mate. I will the post the file within next 10 hours. Sorry, I am at work now and uts something I do as hobbyist. Once I get home, i will do it
  4. kainth.c.s

    Help required with flexi sign

    Hi everyone. I need a bit of help about the flexi sign. We are trying to make this decal with the white profile as the cut lines. Unfortunately, the production manager of the software is not recognizing the lines as cut lines, especially for the text. The person who is doing it is saying that upon selecting the text, the option for the cutter does not appear at all, means it is not recognizing the lines as cut lines for the text. Any inputs please? Also, is there any way in flexi sign to do a 'Property match' for the lines? I mean , I have been supplied with a file from him as a reference whose shape is bring recognized as a cut line by his software. Is there any way in flexi sign by which I can import that file and make the properties of all the white shapes match that profile hoping it will get recognized as a cut line? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Ali express is where I got these strips from. If I put something underneath the 1.5 mm strip to increase its height, it may not fit into the channel as the strip is not glued but inserted into the channel.
  6. Hi everyone Has anyone got any idea wherein I can get the teflon strip for this cutter which is about 2 mm thick and less than 8 mm in width? The strip need not be glued or fixed using double sided tape but inserted into the channel made next to the ruler. The strips I got from the company are 1.5 mm but the one on the cutter is 2 mm. Thus the vinyl is not cutting properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. kainth.c.s

    some more of the work

    15 years, looks like you looked after the machine quite well. Yes, they do wear out but you can prolong their life by regularly cleaning them, not keeping them pressed for long time and some other easy tips which can be done in the spare time
  8. kainth.c.s

    some more of the work

    When I bought this machine back in 2015, i was habitual of keeping the rollers pressed on to the grit rollers, sometimes with or sometimes without the vinyl film in between them. It caused the rubber to deform over a period of time. What I have learnt is not to keep rollers pressed for long Yes, I only changed the rubber rollers, not the whole assembly. I found them on Ali express. The machine I have had 17 mm dia and 10 mm wide rollers with 4 mm as the bearing's ID. They were held on to the assembly using a pin going through the bearing hole with a circlip at each end of the pin.I took the circlip out, pulled the pin from one side, pulled the old roller, pout a new one in, pushed the pin through and refixed the circlip. Otherwise, you can get a complete assembly as well which you need to insert from one side of the machine Please have a look at the photos
  9. kainth.c.s

    some more of the work

    It is due to worn out pinch rollers. I have put new ones in.
  10. kainth.c.s

    Help with removal

    If it is perforated material, it should come off quite easily provided you have got a steady pull of the hand and the vinyl hadn't gone past the shelf life or got damaged due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the latter is obviously beyond control as it can'y be judged. However, most likely, your guess of perforated mayerial or one way vision vinyl seems to be quite logical. But as ai said one way vision vinyl comes off quite easily provided you have a steady hand and pull it out on a warm day. Otherwise us heat gun a try
  11. kainth.c.s

    Help with removal

    Most of the times, pictures don't attach as they are quite bigger in size due to ever improving camera lens over the phone. A good idea is to compress the pictures using an online compressor tool or resize them.
  12. kainth.c.s

    Vehicle Wrap Horror Stories??

    were you doing vehicle wrap in open air? For wrapping, it is recommended to do under a shed with a clean ground. Cast vinyl is a bit harder to deal with than calendered vinyl. It is preferable to have an enclosed factory space for the same
  13. kainth.c.s

    Flexi not sending to cutter

    Is the WRITE PORT ERROR happening in between the cutting program or the cutting is not able to start???? In former case, it would be due to a long program being run at slow speeds or static charge messing up with the cutter. Believe me, I have chinese version of creation pcut ct630 with flexi 10 starter and I usually have the issues every now and then. In latter case, it would be due to the unreliability of a USB adapter. See if you can get a serial port to serial port cable and use it to communicate with the machine. Also, as Skeeter said, try not to go for COM PORT higher than 4.