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Found 11 results

  1. Cal


    I've not been doing a whole lot of vinyl as other demands have taken my time and energies. But, I did do this custom mirror for our son and his girlfriend. They moved to Ohio and bought a house a couple years ago. On one of our trips we toured the Ohio State Supreme Court building. A really fine piece of 1930's art deco architecture and a lot to see inside, and it is open to visit! On the top floor is the law library. On the ends of the shelving were the index signs for that row. I really liked the "Ohio" that was used in the sign. So I asked if I could do a mirror for the young one's in a sort of art deco style for them. They are trying to keep to a mid-century modern style in the house so they jumped on it. My results: Late edit. Should have added that it is reverse etched and painted. As it turned out, it really didn't need the reversing!
  2. I found a picture online where a black textured tint was applied to etched glass, which then looked like wrought iron. The textured tint was applied into the etching. Does anyone know of a textured tint to use on etched glass?
  3. CarolinaTraffic

    A Little Mother's Day Gift I Made Today

    So I decided to make a quick Mother's Day gift since I'm going to see my parents for the weekend. One of the hardest things was finding glass with no maker's marks on the clear bottom. I used a mirror image vinyl stencil on the bottom of the dish then etched it with an air eraser then used rub n' buff to color the etch The dish is actually pretty big, the etching itself is a little over 6" x 6"
  4. Need little more work but finally got up and running for the most part. HF blast cabinet HF pot (not hooked up yet couldn't get it to work) AO 70grit
  5. dcbevins


    There is a technique that I have seen in some specialty software that can vectorize an image using a single color such that is has a photo-realistic effect. This can be useful in some applications like engraving, etching, and cut vinyl. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Until recently I was just aware of commercial software able to vectorize in this manor. But today I have found ZebraTrace and have been experimenting. It is open source. It outputs SVG files that are vectors and not embedded bitmaps. It can be found at A guy that is in the #inkscape chat room on freenode pointed it out to me. Just thought I'd let you guys know about it. It's a nice tool to have handy I think.
  6. I'm having trouble lining up really small lettering. Anyone have suggestions?
  7. CarolinaTraffic

    All This Talk About Etching....

    All this talk about etching glass got me a little ancy. So I decided to go grab an air eraser and give it a shot. These are my first three efforts and I think they turned out all right given it was my first try. I plan to make some Christmas presents for some family and friends so I wanted to get some practice under my belt in preparation. The first try was a simple word down the side of a 22oz beer bottle. The second was a little bigger on a 1 gallon cider bottle I use for making starters when brewing beer. And the last was a transparent clip board. On the clip board I mirrored the image and blasted it in reverse on the back side so the writing surface would remain smooth.
  8. Hello, I'm making my son a glass using etching cream and a stencil. I just did a set of 24 with text and a logo for his whole team they worked out great. My issue is the graphic (Scooby Doo's gang) line drawing that I have I'm trying to add curvature to it to match the glass. When I use the arch tool it wont translate in to the outline so I can cut it. So you look in "Preview" and its arched you look "Outline" and its straight. So I'm guessing I'm using the wrong tool in Illy. Funny how the easy jobs you do for free make you work the hardest. I can't upload the file it is too large its 2mb, Sorry. I added the pdf. I know I still need to do work to the file before it will cut but I'm trying to get the curve first.Thank you for the help..... scooby doo's gang.pdf
  9. darkstreets

    New Silhouette portrait User

    I have had my Portrait cutter for about a week and it works amazingly well. I am using it to create resists for etching and electroforming. I do need to know what the thckest vinyl I can use in the machine, and where to get it. The mils arent specified in the vinyl buying area.
  10. fatewilleatyou

    Etched glasses for a friend's husband

    Just fonts and clip art, but I had to be extra careful since my client provided the glassware. The blasting cabinet works brilliantly. I picked up the Harbor Freight cheaper one. My next question (I'll search the forum right after this) is how to recycle my media. I tried recycling it directly, but it jams up the air eraser constantly. Hopefully there is a screen or something I can buy.
  11. I'm completely green to vinyl cutting. What I'm trying to do is create a template to be used to etch aluminum. What I am planning on doing is to stick the vinyl to the aluminum, then remove portions of the vinyl so that part of the aluminum will be exposed to the etching solution, while the rest of the aluminum will be protected by the vinyl. My question is which cutter would be best suited for making this type of cutting, and which software would I need/want? Just about everything I cut will be imported graphics. Thanks in advance!!!