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  1. rebelracer8

    font hlp please

    need help iding the font in fastlane
  2. rebelracer8

    Blank metal signs

    Was wondering where the best place to purchase blank metal signs at would be? thanks for any info in advance
  3. Hello I was wondering if I could get someone to do this logo for me just like it is on printable heat transfer vinyl thank you in advanced pm me if you can do it
  4. rebelracer8

    font help?

    i have on last thing I need help with font I'm not sure if this is a font or if the just manipulated the font any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. rebelracer8

    font help?

    Can someone please help me id this font please? any info will be greatly appreciated!
  6. rebelracer8

    Clip art help

    Well I set up at like county fairs and livestock shows to do stuff and I have people ask me for certain breeds of pigs and different breeds of goats and stuff like that
  7. rebelracer8

    Clip art help

    I am looking for a place I can get good clip art for livestock animals wondering if anyone knows of a place thanks in advance
  8. rebelracer8


    thanks say if I put on the side window of a truck about how long do you think it would last
  9. rebelracer8


    was wondering if anyone has used sublidecal before and if I put laminate sheet over it to make it last longer I believe it is just going on a racecar so I was just wondering any help is appreciated
  10. I was wondering if you could print on printable heat transfer vinyl with a 7110 thanks for any info!
  11. rebelracer8

    Cleaning lighted sign sheet

    Does anyone know where I would be able to get sheets like these to replace them
  12. rebelracer8

    Cleaning lighted sign sheet

    Does anyone know how I can clean this sign off from sun fade
  13. rebelracer8

    Screen print heat transfers

    Hello I was wondering if anyone on here does screen print heat transfers thanks for any info in advanced if you do could you please pm me
  14. rebelracer8

    font id help please

    need help iding this font please thanks for any help
  15. rebelracer8

    font id help

    could anyone help me with what this font is