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  1. xpaperman

    Font Help

    My research pulled up no matches. Was starting to lean towards custom myself. Thanks for the effort and input! Much appreciated!
  2. xpaperman

    Font Help

    So know one has any info on this font? Thats odd
  3. xpaperman

    Font Help

    Hey all, long time.... Anyone help out with this font? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Do you have parts for the FC5100-75? the belt the drives the head left and right has broke.




         @tmorioka      It could be the same belt as some of the other cutters.  Put the belt number into Google and search it.  I am running an FC7000-75.  the next cutter up.. what's the number? 

  5. wow.... 200 bucks? Good for you! Not sure why you would want to use top notch vinyl on a corroplast sign that appears to be temporary. Basically 2 24" x 24" double sided corro signs using 651, I would probably do for about 60. If your corro cost you 35 for the sheet and you using 25% of it, your corro cost is only 9 bucks. A couple more bucks for 651 and little for app tape and thats it. Why did you need velcro? Surely not to take two onesided signs and velcro them back to back to make a double sided sign thus doubling you cost on the whole job.
  6. xpaperman

    WTH am I doing wrong???

    make sure you are starting from the middle and working out. Don't start at one corner and work all the way across. also make sure the app tape is the size of the sign. Don't cut out the middle!! That helps keep it all lined up and square. Also when squeegeing, start out from middle to edge very lightly..... just enough pressure to get it lay down some so you don't get all the water out and set it. Once you lightly go all the way around and are happy with it start applying pressure. By going very lightly, if your not happy you can easily lift and redo and will cut down on creases and wrinkles. You just have to take your time.... you just can't blow through those!
  7. xpaperman

    Can someone help me out

    I was thinking the same thing......
  8. xpaperman

    I give up with these damn printers

    I have a color laser printer! I got it free from Conde!!! I got it last year on the big 4th of July blowout sale. If you spent more than 700 bucks I think it was, they gave you a free color laser printer! I just so happened a customer called and I needed over 800 bucks worth of blanks for them! SCORE!!! Its a Ricoh and I have not replaced and cartridges yet!
  9. Nothing wrong with sign blazer. I have used it since I started. Free, easy to learn/use (does have some limitations) and never fails me. In fact, I still use it today as my cutting program! I have other programs but still use sign blazer. I am trying to ween off of it but sometimes old habits are hard to break. Good luck with you current issue.
  10. Me? First, I would mark up the product... the numbers. If they cost you 23 cents each (including shipping) I would charge say, 30 cents per letter/number just for the "product". Now, on the labor side, you say a good customer.....how good is up to you, but for me I could do say "by the hour" Meaning either time your job or questimate the time it will take and multiply by the hourly rate you would want to pay yourself and go from there. Just a thought. Maybe that might help.
  11. xpaperman

    How much would you charge

    First off, it really took a few minutes to figure out what was going on. It turns out, your in the reflection taking the picture. Also It appears there is a reflection of a light fixture as well..... that being said, it looks like maybe you have a two color job here? Looks mostly black with a maybe a grey unicorn in the middle? It also appears that you either have bubbles in the vinyl in the tree.... or maybe just some water that wasn't cleaned off before photo? So, assuming 2 color.... the material part is easy to figure out. How much time did you have in the design part?
  12. xpaperman

    Need font help.... again.

    Thanks for the extra effort Primal. I will look into that font and see if we can come up with what we are after!
  13. xpaperman

    Need font help.... again.

    Thanks for the help and info guys..... we will just go a different route then. I was afraid it might be custom, I knew if I asked here someone would know.
  14. xpaperman

    Need font help.... again.

    looking for any info on this font. The MAUD part only. Thanks in advance. (wonder if anyone will beat Mark?)
  15. xpaperman

    Rtic Cooler

    I use 651 vinyl on the hard sided RTIC's and have had no issues.