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    I have never seen any kind of major computer system changeover that has went as planned yet so I don't know why everyone expected this one to go flawlessly either. I'm just glad the old one is still up and running for now while they work through the details. I would be having forum withdrawals if it was totally down.
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    Quick update: We have everything fixed and have submitted this for approval to Google. Sometimes that's 10 minutes, sometimes it's two days - but we have the work completed. We're just looking for a "blessing" from the Google folks.
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    with the extensive changes in the hardware and all the softwares invovled in the forum the upgrades are taking a little longer than planned according to post in another thread from John@uscutter - it is being resolved as soon as possible but sometimes things take a little longer than planned. With that said at least this is our slower season on all the forums with everyone being outside and camping, boating etc . . . can you imagine this around thanksgiveing, Christmas, tax time and new years when a lot of new people get their cutters. Hang in there forum family we will be back stronger than ever
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    Just saw on a Facebook group about laser engraving - someone says a friend received a cease and desist letter for engraving Zippo lights for resale claiming that he was "defacing them". I'm pretty sure the First Sale Doctrine says that is allowed, but I dont know everything about licensing... Anyone else ever heard of such a thing?
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    And I thought you forgot to pay the Forum bill again!!
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    hopefully early this next week it all gets resolved and we can get used to the new software version that we don't appear to be seeing yet
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    I just upgraded my computer to windows 10. I didn't have to do any changes to the preference of the cutter and anything else. Sign blazer and Inkscape worked perfect
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    I can honestly say I have spent $1000's at USCutter because of this support forum. I'm sure others have also, without this forum there is nothing that sets USCutter apart from the other big distributors.
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    I've gotten 15 orders out the door today so that's good. I have a job I need to work on today that is 50 decals. And I have several that need to ship tomorrow so I guess it's good. I also just cut a back window decal for myself. Lol can't believe I didn't have one already