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  1. Charger_ff

    Heat transfer reflective vinyl

    Need colors. Red n white. N others.
  2. Charger_ff

    New stage. Reflective

    Try my hand at reflective vinyl and here’s some of my work.
  3. Is there or where can I find decent heat transfer reflective vinyl at?
  4. Charger_ff

    Lawn care project

    Just completed this. Multi Laywer. N hand trim. Don’t have the final pic of it is talked but loos sharp
  5. Charger_ff

    free font and other site

    has any one tried fonts and other things from this site?
  6. Charger_ff

    Inkscape and signblazer

    Thanks for the help, heres the versions i have. Sign blazer 7.0.0 version released 2012 inscape 1.0 (4035a4fb49, 2020-05-01) Tried it again and it work. postscript 3 set as standard though I changed it to image size instead of page size, guess its something to do with the page size when saving.
  7. Charger_ff

    Inkscape and signblazer

    I have the updated inkscape and signblaze. i am having issues where when i import of the EPS fie into blazer that it's cuts the image in half or sections missing. the EPS when saved is full. But when imorting it messes up. Is there something i can do to fix this issue
  8. Charger_ff

    Back window guide

    Thanks Got a decal going onto a 2007 Hyundai elantra
  9. Charger_ff

    1st business sign

  10. Charger_ff

    Back window guide

    Is there a guide on here to help with the curve of the back window of a car? I searched but couldn't find it.
  11. Charger_ff

    1st business sign

    Just got this done.
  12. Charger_ff

    Cross with praying hands and rosary

    Thanks for the new tool to use. Very useful
  13. Charger_ff

    Signblazer. Crashing

    What all programs out there that are free.
  14. Charger_ff

    Signblazer. Crashing

    Me i am just editing and cleaning up vector files or adding wording.
  15. Charger_ff

    Cross with praying hands and rosary

    Got it done. I just punch through the hands and rosary. Then combined them. After looking through for any defects