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    Years ago I did some advertising yellow pages , radio etc then I found that a good reputation for good work fair prices and good service both before and after the sale is the best sales promotion you can get I have not advertised in lots of years and I stay busy as I want any more as I have got older I am trying to cut back to 5 or 6 days a week and only 8-10 hours a day my old body is tired and arthritic I can't go like I did a few years ago. Ask customers to leave a coro sign on site with your ad on it and offer an incentive for referrals you will be surprised at the business it produces it worked very well for my construction companys and cost almost nothing to make the coro signs . Dan
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    here ya go Segoe-Print.zip
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    Thanks Slice&Dice! I didn't order any extra banners. Will check on that. Thanks
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    I used some stuff called Mean Green.... Kind of like a 409 type of stuff.... Just have them use a mild de-greaser then something to remove the film the de-greaser leaves behind.
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    No all cutters do not have to be set manually, The Graphtec will track great. If has a prefeed feature. I just load my vinyl, which I do make sure is straight when putting in the machine. Then just prefeed it the length of the order. It is automatic on a Graphtec. Then just cut, it tracks great. Also the bumps from the grit rollers will go away when you apply the vinyl. They are on all machines. It's mostly the bumps are in the paper, which makes it look like it's in the vinyl.
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    Thats awesome Ravenwind! Do all cutters have to be set manually I wonder? Also, I noticed that the vinyl gets the roller bumps under the pinch rollers.. does that mean the pinch rollers have too much pressure downwards?
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    I do it every time regardless of what I am cutting. Even if I am using a scrape piece I want to make sure it doesn't fall off the rollers obviously. It's just a quality thing in my opinion.
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    Hey Gary, so your saying that USB is better than Serial? I hear everyone say on here that serial is much better? In any case, I will have options once my new laptop gets here. I bought a Dell Inspiron 1720 that has an Expresscard slot that allows me to plug in an Expresscard. The Expresscard I bought has a serial port on it. I thought that would be the best setup instead of USB?
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    I have a folder with a few pictures of various jobs I carry with me but BY FAR my best method is good old simple word of mouth....... I put up cards all over the place and craigslist but 90% of calls or emails I get are referrals from other customers...... As for the bigger jobs I go into places that need signs and very politely let them know that their signs are an eyesore and that to have them professionally made and installed is probably more reasonable then they think.... Some of them are serious when they say to get them a measurement, some say it just to get me out of their store or business but when I give them the quote are very receptive to moving forward..... My competition walks around with a big fancy tablet with 100's of photos on it with his big fancy brand new truck all kinds of fancy displays.... When he goes into a business he is like a mobile infomercial..... I know of a few customers who told him he is way over the top when he comes in and they don't want to pay extra so he can have all kinds of gizmos and fancy sales pitches..... In this line the customers just want a quality product at a fair price.......
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    yea with the centering, i noticed that after i cut it, i showed him he seen it, but isnt very picky.. It wont be long until he takes that off and wants something different ..
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    This is my guideline using Oracal vinyl: Exhibition For walls - Oracal 631 as it has a temporary adhesive and matte finish Intermediate for on Glass - Oracal 651 or better (More contoured may require cast vinyl, Oracal 751) Performance on a metal painted surface - Oracal 751 or better
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    Welcome from MI!! Once you start cutting it will get in your blood you will be hooked...
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    Congratulations! I sure hope that you ordered the Variety sample pack of Insta-Banners along with your cutter? USCutter was out of stock on those for a while, but it appears they're now again available. The sample pack contains different colors to try === this is a very cool product === http://www.uscutter....+x+25+Yard+Roll
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    Welcome from the "Tip Top of Virginia" - Winchester
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    Welcome, neighbor! I'm in Johnson City.