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    I linked to the moment she talks about using a plotter but the whole story and what she does with paper is amazing.
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    Transfer tape (app tape) is a disposable item, and depending on what you expect from it, pretty much any stuff will be OK. I have been using 'house brand' tapes for years and it suffices. A decent tape I've used is called LayFlat from USCUTTER.
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    Ok, I downloaded your PDF and opened it with Inkscape and it is an actual vector file although it's all grouped. If look at it wireframe mode there is a green box around it, not exactly sure what that is. But if you ungroup it 4 times you'll get down to individual objects and the green box will disappear. At this point you should be able to save the file as a vector file of your choice, EPS would be the common one, and then import it into your cutting program. 1st floor.eps
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    It depends on what you use it for. Most professionals use paper transfer tape. So that you can install wet or dry. I use medium tack myself. Never used Orafol . I use Main transfer tape.
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    I would keep the name at the rear on both sides. The same with the phone numbers.
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    Might need some work. mark-s COUGAR LOGO.ai