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    Just a reminder to back up those files...
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    I also advice making a duplicate back-up, because back-up's can fail. or, if you're totally fanatical - Carbonite works too
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    fireworks=pyrotechnics=explosives=hold my beer and watch this. Ya, I'd buy one.
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    I drool over them at the shows lol, very cool and must be great money in fireworks to purchase one of those
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    ouch! hmm, maybe i shouldn't be so concerned about the cost of my laser engraver.
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    I just back up to my external hard drives, at least once a month sometimes twice
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    if your software has it add to the OVRECUT - don't mess with the offset though - too many people don't understand offset and make that mistake and from what little I can see your offset looks good so look for overcut as it helps with the limitations of the value cutters
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    Who doesn't have a window tint guy? Mine just happens to be my brother who's been tinting for 22 years.
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    Clean Cut blades totally rock! I had them ordered and in hand, so I was ready when the Graphtec finally arrived. I only run CC blades in both my machines now.
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    The type of blade you're using can have a big affect on not lifting the center out of those letters in the future (I know you eliminated them on this project). A lot of folks on here kept preaching the value of a good quality blade, especially the CleanCut brand. I finally listened and it's made a huge difference in the ability of my LaserPoint II to handle detail. Check out this topic from last spring for info and examples.