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    Essentially a 60 will work for everything, only "danger" is that the tip is smaller so it's easier to break it, but so long as you have the depth and pressure set correctly that shouldn't happen.
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    Shameless plug but I finally set up a selling platform. I'm on etsy. I'm adding new listings everyday. Lets see where this goes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GoCCreations
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    Never a pain, and it's much better to have extra blades, than not enough. That being said, even though you might have stocked up on a bunch of blades - it is worth looking at Clean Cut blades if you did buy those. Not all blades are made equal.
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    You've ruled out static as the problem with the pen test. Have you tried different software or cables? Are you using a USB cable or serial? Serial is a better option if you have one on your computer. If not, you can get a triplite keyspan usb-serial adapter.
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    for years all I have used in all my cutters have only had 60 degree clean cut brand blades in them
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    As for tracing, I'd find the state outline, they're pretty easy to find, and then manually trace the letters, they're all straight lines so it shouldn't be that hard.
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    Good luck with it Jeff, those signs are amazing!
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    Hey, a big congrats Go-C. He sure does look like a happy little critter there!
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    He looks like a happy little guy. Congrats.
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    first - your best work yet! did the first onsie say "just did 9 months on the inside?" or the one with the pacifier that read "say hello to my little friend?"
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    Congrats and nice work