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Spent today at Floris Flag Day Festival in Floris, Iowa (population 138).  I put out my usual assortment of buttons plus a few anti-candidate (#NEVER TRUMP, ANYONE BUT HILLARY, ETC) buttons plus this one...




It was the sleeper hit of the day.  It was about 6 hours after I had put the buttons out that the first one of that design sold - then once people saw the guy wearing it, they all wanted to have one and I got swamped and completely sold out of that design - so people started buying the other anti-candidate designs...  I had to start handing out business cards to people telling them to contact me if they wanted more.  Then someone asked if I could make it as a decal to put on his hard hat for work...


Thought I'd share the design in case anyone else wants to make some money off of it - just remember who your friends were once you're wealthy!


They All Suck.eps

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