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Edge lit bases

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I'm checking to see if there would be an interest in edge lit bases?   


I've been working on a few designs I'd like to share.   

I haven't come up with a price point yet but I'm think about offering a few different kits.   

Some like

1   Just the unassembled wood.  

2   unassembled with the LED strip and power supply

3   Complete turn key drop your glass or acrylic in and go kit.  


I also have a special design with acrylic in the center so it lights up also.  


I'm slowing stockpiling different colors as well as RGB stripes and controllers.  

Lets hear your thought?


Here's what I'm working with.  

This one is made out of MDF.   It's a nice solid piece that's great if you want to paint it a solid color





These next few are made out of Birch.  

I'm also getting some other woods lined up that have a nice grain to it.post-69458-0-04664900-1437893346_thumb.j





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Very cool Go-C,  the bottom one with the lit up edge is super.


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Sorry Guy..... 

I forgot about this.......

I'm only admitting this because I know you guys would understand.

Have you ever had so many ideas and things to create that you never focus on just one thing. I've been jumping from custom engraved glasses to key chains to making custom jigs.   Throw in some life, Stressful day job projects, planning a wedding, a broken laser (fixed now). 


I've revisited this project and I just received in an AMAZING selection of beautiful wood I'm going to start using to make these bases.  They should turn out even better then the birch plywood.   


I'll update this post in a few days.




Thanks for understanding.

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I need a base with blue LED's!  If you have something or "get to something"  let me know!

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