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  1. stickerman

    Need a particular US flag

    grabbed thanks
  2. stickerman

    Join or Die Snake (shared)

    grabbed, thanks
  3. stickerman

    Graphics for all

    grabbed, thanks.
  4. stickerman

    Basic vine with leaves

    thanks grabbed also.
  5. stickerman

    Need a particular US flag

  6. stickerman

    Die for cutting oval magnet

    may have to try to find a used machine. You know where to get oval magnet blanks?
  7. stickerman

    Die for cutting oval magnet

    Been scouring the internet for a 3x5 oval die but no luck would hate to have to cut oval magnets all day.
  8. stickerman

    Join or Die Snake (shared)

    grabbed it. TY
  9. stickerman

    Die for cutting oval magnet

    I do a lot of oval stickers and customers are starting to ask about the same designs on an oval magnet. Anyone know where to get a 3"x5" oval die for a press or have a DIY kit? Thanks inadvance. Stickerman
  10. stickerman

    Edge lit bases

    Are you willing to share the plans on making the bases and wiring leds?
  11. stickerman

    Edge lit bases

    What would the cost be for the oval base complete?
  12. stickerman

    First LED Base with 1/4" x 5" round Etched Glass

    Does anyone happen to have plans or schematics on building the base and doing the wiring. Also where to get the proper supplies. Would love to be able to do a few of these as Christmas Presents. Thanks
  13. stickerman

    backhoe/trackhoe arm and bucket

    grabbed. Thanks
  14. stickerman