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  1. RPM Graphics

    American Flag Cornhole Boards

    TYPICALLY, when the flag is in use or in a photo, the flag is supposed to have the stars on the left upper corner. As far as the uniforms go, the flag is flying as if the military member is walking forward, while carrying it on a pole. This signifies advancement, not retreat. Other than that, they look awesome. Sorry to be the bad guy....
  2. RPM Graphics

    American Flag Cornhole Boards

    Hate to be the bad guy, but the stars are supposed to be on the upper LEFT side corner, no matter whether the flag is hanging horizontal or vertical....other than that, it's very cool
  3. RPM Graphics

    Edge lit bases

    DEFINITELY interested. Do yo do etched glass also? Need a custom job done for xmas and this base is perfect.
  4. RPM Graphics

    Tip of the Day: Offsite Backup

    Had that happened once and had the external hard drive fall on the floor and stop working once. Now I use a FREE website called www.myotherdrive.com They give you a certain amount of space free and then charge a fee if you have more than that. I use it just for my artwork and I an nowhere near the max amount of free space. I just forget to update it often enough.
  5. RPM Graphics

    First big project

    Should be YOU'RE not YOUR. but otherwise it looks very good.
  6. RPM Graphics

    trailer lettering

    grey nail is good idea. Not hard to do. peel one item off and put one on.
  7. RPM Graphics

    trailer lettering

    Logo was done by somebody else years ago. I think I see what you guys mean though. The photo above makes it look like the C and the nail are combined. Here is a close-up of how it really looks.
  8. RPM Graphics

    mx jersey and t-shirt

    It also does a good job of blocking the ink bleed. mx jerseys can be very tough depending on the pattern of the shirt. Then all the dirt and chemials that the shirt is exposed to. Gives the different brands of vinyl a very good trial and error testing ground.
  9. RPM Graphics

    trailer lettering

    My son races motocross and works for Stouter. He is soon going to inherit their business. They bought him this trailer for his racing ventures. Finally got around to getting started with the graphics. This is only about 1/4 of the plan. Will post more as I get time to apply it all.
  10. RPM Graphics

    mx jersey and t-shirt

    Stahl's thermofilm black base and fashion film white pinstripe. Very happy with the switch to stahl's stuff.
  11. RPM Graphics

    mx jersey and t-shirt

    2 new shirts. Black and white always seems to be most popular on mx jerseys.
  12. RPM Graphics

    Some new lettering

    ALMOST!!!!!!!!!! I blew it with the #109 and #17 shirts. Look how off center the lettering is. #109 is way worse. I even had my reading glasses on and I wasn't even drunk or hight at the time. I didn't realize it until after I posted the photos.
  13. RPM Graphics

    Some new lettering

    Previously I have exclusively used Eco Film from Imprintables Warehouse. These shirts are the first time I used Thermo Film and Fashion Film from Stahls. I like the Stahls stuff and will be using that from now on.
  14. RPM Graphics

    Some new lettering

    The 605 jerseys are my son's. His new sponsor is on the front. Also added some lettering to front and back of his helmet. The other 2 shirts are for some regular customers. Link is below. http://s134.photobucket.com/user/peski111/library/jersey%20lettering%20samples/2014%20jersey%20lettering?sort=3&page=1
  15. RPM Graphics

    1st vinyl job on my own vehicle

    One of the best layered jobs I have seen. You are WAY more patient than I am.