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    Is there an easy way to vectorize?

    Hello, Is there a good software program that will vectorize images easily? I use inkscape and trace bitmap, but whether the "smooth" or "smooth corners" boxes are selected or not, the image always turns out funky.

    Automatic vinyl weeding machine?

    Is there such thing as an affordable automatic vinyl weeding machine? I am aware that the weeder sheeter exists; is there something that weeds the inner pieces as well as the background pieces? Thanks!
  3. A problem came up that I'm not sure how to fix. Let's say if I cut the letter "O," the blade will complete the circle, but it will stop about a millimeter to the left or right of where it began cutting. Also, the center circle of the "O" would not be in the center as it should: it ends up a little displaced in any direction towards the edge of the "O," and sometimes it even goes beyond the boundary of the letter. I use the letter "O" as an example. This happens with every letter, and it gets a lot worse as the size of the decal decreases. Lines will show up too thick or too thin. I am using a Macbook Pro, SignCut Pro, Inkscape (to convert files) and Illustrator (to create files). I tried to calibrate my plotter using SignCut and all measurements were perfect. Please help! This work is unacceptable to give to clients.

    Blade finishes off track

    My test cut does not work, and signyouup I'm not sure what the pulley or grit roller is, and I don't know where the setscrew is but I doubt something loosened within the time I switched the offset back and forth. This is driving me crazy!

    Blade finishes off track

    Not sure what happened. I changed the blade offset from .0118 to .25 and the cutter won't cut. It stopped working... I changed the blade offset back to .0118 and it still doesn't cut.

    Blade finishes off track

    My blade offset is at 0.0118. I have been using this printer for about 5 years. So I need to order the cutting mat and print out the calibrator paper?

    Blade finishes off track

    My laser X offset is at 0, so is my laser Y offset. My registration mark size is 0.3937. The cutting head is on the track properly Am I supposed to adjust the blade depth with the cap on the end where the blade tip sticks out?

    Blade finishes off track

    I am super new to this, so if you could spell it out for me I'd appreciate it! How do I fix the offset? I don't know how the laser is supposed to work. by "play in the knurled rollers," do you mean make sure the track is clean? What about skeeters? not sure what those are thanks for the reply!