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  1. Machines - Currently running two HP L25500 60" printers and a Roland gx24 Win7. Software - Adobe CC, Vinylmaster Cut, Flexiprint 10 Hp 25500 latex s.a.i Going to sell one of my printers alone with the HP RIP software which I wasn't to fond of. I'm looking to buy Vinylmaster XPT to replace my current RIP software also I like the fact that you can vectorize jpegs. Does any have any experience using this software for ripping purposes? Will it work with my L25500?
  2. Just a heads up to anyone wanting to purchase the software I tried to buy it via the USCutter website but its sold out. So I searched online and found the software on EBay through the USCutter EBay store. Currently the Software is on USCutter for $59.95 plus $9.99 shipping, But if you order it from EBay through USCutter's store its only $49.95 with free shipping
  3. Will this software let you cut designs saved in a SVG format?
  4. Antcarter

    Finally got a Upgrade

    There wasnt any signs of ware at all on the GX-24 I shoud say. I was able to get a blade holder from a buddy on mines who works at a shop. The Blade holder came out of a old Roland sign maker camm -1 pro. Wonder is the GX-24 can fit on the stand of the the sign maker camm-1 pro?
  5. Antcarter

    Finally got a Upgrade

    Is this a digital download or will they ship a physical disc?
  6. Antcarter

    Finally got a Upgrade

    Thanks in advance for all the help
  7. Antcarter

    Finally got a Upgrade

    Hello All, For the last 2 years Ive been using my Us cutter mh721 just as a hoppy type machine nothing serious ide make a few decals here and there slap them on my car and around the house, I started gaining traction with customers so my Wife started taking a intrest in the hoppy also. So fast forward now we have a ebay store and a website. Nothing major but we get a few sales a week... The mh721 has served me well especially since i got it off craigslist for $150. Im always on there looking for deals and boy oh boy did i find one last night. This guy was selling a Roland GX-24 for $550 I went down to check it out brought my laptop with me to install and try to make a test cut but to no avail.. do to the fact that there wasnt a blade holder or any software included. I went to the Roland site and got the drivers downloaded but couldnt find the software the guy felt my frustration and cut me a deal since he was missing some important items so we made a deal in the sum of $300 for this Roland GX-24 did i mention that it was never USED!!!! Also he offered cash back if i couldnt find any software. I had gotten so used to using Adobe Illustrator/SCAL3 for my vectorizing and cutting , Can anyone recommend simular software? Sorry so long
  8. Antcarter

    Scal and Microsoft Surface 3

    Thanks for the reply Moody Blue. Let me know how your experience goes with the surface. Your input would most def be a deciding factor on me buying one.
  9. Hello all Is there anyone out there that knows if you can install and run on the Microsoft surface 3? Thanks in Advance.
  10. Antcarter

    My custom back window decal

    Thanks guys means a great deal. @mabscotthandyman thanks for the idea. I'll definitely change the color of the block C. But as far as making the state all white that would limit my visibility. @smendlik I'm in Cleveland Hts Can I get a OH__ Glad to meet ya maybe one day we can pic each other's heads
  11. Antcarter

    My custom back window decal

    Hello all here is my 1st piece of work that I would like to share. I downloaded a state of Ohio vector and placed the block C inside of it. The black C is the Cleveland Indians secondary logo. Oh i forgot to mention that im from Cleveland Ohio hence the theme of the logo. Feedback is greatly appreciated
  12. Antcarter

    I love my facebook barcode

    Hello all.... First post as well as first time making a QRcode. I made it pretty big to ensure easy weeding, the size is 7 x 6