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  1. Hi thanks I tried that, just by doing the outline but it just looks inflated and the original letter stays the same size which is not 1/2 inch. Found another way by making 1/2inch rectangle shapes and stretching the length and angle to fit into each letter. Which is good in one way as it tells you the length of each one and the Led neon can only be cut at 1 inch spacing. For any of the curved sections it was a case of using the elliptical tool to make a shape which fitted perfect and then making a duplicate and then grabbing the corners to make a smaller version. Then a bit of node editing and weld them together. All a bit long winded
  2. yes that's correct, is there a way to draw a line in the dead centre of any shape? Or make a a smaller version of each letter? I tried grabbing the corner of a copy of each letter and reducing the size but it dosent line up exactly thanks
  3. What i need is a constant width thanks
  4. But on my font its not the same width, so end up with this
  5. Hi thanks I found the inline feature in Vinyl master and it works great on fonts where the letters are all the same width.
  6. Hi its Badaboom font. https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/badaboom#fonts-section It would be good to do it to lots of different fonts as I get asked to add LED neon quite often. I could do it free hand with lines and curves but found it hard to keep a constant 1/2 width thanks
  7. I have this design POW ! and want to glue some LED neon strip onto the centre of the letters. Its would be easier if I could cut out a 1/2 inch strip central to the letters, following the shape to act as a guide. Is there an easy way? many thanks pow2.vDoc
  8. Hi I did weld to convert it so its editable. Then I changed it to colour wire view and deleted the bits I didnt want. It worked in the end but I thought there would be a quicker way? Thanks
  9. Then i want to cut the black block shadow out in one piece and then layer the red DISCO on top. There seems to be a padding around the font and when i try to cut the black block shadow out it wants to cut the white lines out too not just a solid black block? any ideas? thanks
  10. but put a block shadow behind it disco block.vDoc
  11. Hi all I want to use this font disco.vDoc
  12. dvddvd

    Node edit on font?

    thank you, that sorted it
  13. Hi all I have a font called "Discoteque" and some letters have a flatened area which should be rounded, how can i edit it? It wont let me node edit it? As you can see the bottom left of the A has a flat bit and even the top is a bit flatterend? thanks a.vDoc
  14. dvddvd

    What font?

    Anybody know what font this is ? https://images.app.goo.gl/7dQivExdCPfyd8UC9 Thanks