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  1. CodyMcAllister

    Monogram Circle Font?

    Looking for a site that you guys have used and know will work. lol Thanks!
  2. CodyMcAllister

    Monogram Circle Font?

    Where can I go to find the circle font for monograms?
  3. CodyMcAllister

    And another kart...

    My wife's cousin
  4. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

  5. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

  6. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

    Got it
  7. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

    Now I really can't get it to work...
  8. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

    I guess this uploader doesn't like me. lol
  9. CodyMcAllister

    Newest kart...

    My 5 yr old nephew's birthday present. He wants to race like we do so we're getting him started...
  10. CodyMcAllister

    What did I do wrong here?

    I designed a WHOLE racecar scheme for a guy, only to have him show up at the track with MY EXACT DESIGN on the car and it wasn't done in my shop. lol. You live and you learn. You can usually tell by how a person acts and talks on whether or not you can expect their business so spend a little while talking with them. I'm going to have to start taking the watermark advice. Jay's design is simple but looks like it will be effective.
  11. CodyMcAllister

    Clean cut blade for Copam?

    Thanks guys. I've been hearing that these are great blades from EVERYONE and I finally wore out all 3 blades that I bought with my machine. Guess it's time to step-up. lol
  12. Looking to get some 60 degree clean cut blades for my Copam but don't know which ones to get. I don't seem Copam under their list of plotters.
  13. CodyMcAllister

    how to make a race car proof

    Go to yahoo search and type in race car template. Some should pop up on the image searches. It's a rudimentary way to do it but it works for me. Also, if you can find whichever car you're lettering as a clipart, you can trace the bitmap. I use Inkscape and have a few race cars and karts and letter ALOT more. I have templates for each kind for car i.e the different FWD car types for that class, Monte Carlos for the street stocks, a generic late model body for that class
  14. CodyMcAllister

    Car and kart

    My personal kart.