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  1. As I recall, you are a .Ai user- Do you know if the fonts installed by Adobe in Ai 5 & 6  are considered licensed to the owner of the program (Adobe illustrator) for commercial use on a product?

  2. maxcat128

    Heat Press Pad Replacement

    Silicone: from Heat Press Nation
  3. maxcat128

    Heat Press Pad Replacement

  4. maxcat128

    Torn up HTV

    I see that the weave of the shirt has also been damaged by the machine.
  5. maxcat128

    CutStudio Plugin Issues

    try Roland DGA Support
  6. maxcat128

    New roll of paper app tape is wavy

    Good Luck - US cutter has not answered my last 3 E-mails to Customer Service, so $400 sale lost to> Heat Press Nation.
  7. maxcat128

    Vintage headboard

    Vector Images and
  8. maxcat128

    15x15 swing arm heat press from US cutter

    Thanks for the review.
  9. maxcat128

    Color Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Order

    US Cutter Customer Service says this is normal
  10. 'Material is lined and blotchy- Maybe this was because it was too tightly rolled and shipped as roll diameter of approx. 1.25 inches, just the end of the factory roll or just the way this product is (QC) manufactured??
  11. maxcat128

    No more Mac

    US Cutter site says: this product: ( is unavailable?
  12. maxcat128

    Small Cuts

    I believe it is a Memorial Piece.