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  1. ff-extreme

    help with identifying this font

  2. ff-extreme

    help with identifying this font

    Does anyone recognize this font?
  3. ff-extreme

    Jeep Grill Template

    Anyone have or know where to get a template for the Jeep Wrangler grill? My son has a jeep and wanted a custom decal for it. any direction would be great! Thanks Kevin
  4. ff-extreme

    font id help please

    Thank you
  5. ff-extreme

    font id help please

    that may be an altered version of this but I also dont know what this is lol
  6. ff-extreme

    font id help please

    Does anyone know this font?
  7. ff-extreme

    help identifing 2 fonts

    Can anyone help me out and identify these 2 fonts
  8. PM me your address.. I can send you one if your would like..

  9. ff-extreme

    corrugated plastic cutter

    Thanks Mark, ive been using that for 10 yrs now was looking for something a little fancier.
  10. ff-extreme

    corrugated plastic cutter

    Has anyone ever built there own corrugated plastic cutter?
  11. ff-extreme

    vinyl type?

    Does anyone have any idea what tpye of vinyl is used in this video? https://www.facebook.com/HeavySmokeApparel/videos/vb.317478968304173/516001611785240/?type=3&theater Same company also has a very nice glow in the dark product was wondering how they make that as well
  12. ff-extreme

    image resolution

    nevermind I was able to find an answer
  13. ff-extreme

    image resolution

    Im using Flexi sign pro 10.0 I was wondering if you can change the res you save a jpeg to? it seems like when I create an jpeg and save it the res is 72 was hoping for 300
  14. ff-extreme

    any thoughts?

    Thank you
  15. ff-extreme

    any thoughts?

    Looking to id this font, any thoughts?