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  1. kkeeble


    Someone on another site said it is called Vampire Wars.
  2. kkeeble


    any clues on this font?
  3. kkeeble

    Recommenced mug press for dye sub

    Thank you...
  4. kkeeble

    Recommenced mug press for dye sub

    dakotagrafx just need to make it easy for the wife to use.. I know you like to use the texprint paper, but which one do you use.. also where do you get your mugs.. I just bought the SG400...on sale
  5. can anyone recommend a mug press that will be used for dye sublimation. Mug press needs to be able to press latte mugs as well as the standard size mugs. Ive been looking at the Johnson Plastics JP-450 Thank you
  6. Looking to have some one print a decal that has a metallic ink setup...
  7. kkeeble

    Versa works viewer

    yes and they look fine on my end.yes they are vector files..
  8. kkeeble

    Versa works viewer

    i design in AI but when i send the files over for print and cut, the cut line sometimes show up and sometimes they dont.. cant figure out why.. the printer is using versa works
  9. kkeeble

    Versa works viewer

    Is there a free viewer that you can download to verify files are correct before you send them to someone to print them for you...
  10. kkeeble

    Polish for decals

    it was.. .it must of had something stick on the fleece
  11. kkeeble

    Polish for decals

    Is there a polish that you can rub on a laminated decal to make it shine and remove small scratches from a squeegee?
  12. kkeeble

    Heartbeat of America

  13. kkeeble

    Heartbeat of America

    does anyone know what the font is for the Heartbeat in the chevy "Heartbeat of America" saying is?
  14. Can someone fix this image. Looking to have the smudges removed and green lines removed.. The guy in the picture is 80 years old now and will be the Grand Marshall in a local parade on memorial day. Please PM me with pricing. I have a larger scanned in image.