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  1. leftover vinyls

    Did Prices Go Up?

    I will have to check that out. I like to keep an eye out on oracal prices . i have a local supplier that delivers to my store for free but was typically a lil higher even adding in the shipping cost from us cutter . but tohat is also with me buying enough here that the 9.99 shipping ended up being only $1 per item. my local supplier dropped their pricing some to try and earn my biz. been awhile since i ordered from either. will have to look up old orders to compare. i buy 24x10 yd or 24x50 yd rolls. seems 651 10 yds was around $21 on us cutter just checked and had to put n cart 10 yd roll was 23.49 greenstar and other vinyl prices were showing up like what Mz Skeeter posted sometimes its specials that dont show up until in cart. alot of places i shop online do that.
  2. leftover vinyls

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    I was going to ask the same about a link for the machinist tweezers. ive never seen those before. and I used to work in a machine shop. I purchased a tool kit from US Cutter yrs ago with my cutter. came with a selection of tools, some were mentioned in this thread. i tried several but ending up weeding with the sharper tweezers with the angle tip.
  3. leftover vinyls

    Lighted Box Sign Help

    Ive done several of these. i havent had 1 with the vinyl in that shape not crack/break on me at some point of redoing the sign. i price a new sheet in my quote from the start. I also tried to clean old vinyl off a max metal sign board before. i do the same process with those too, new sheet in quote .lol another suggestion i would give you is to order the translucent vinyl by the foot instead of rolls. my 1st backlit sign was 6 different colors. atleast i only ordered 10 yd rolls instead of 50 yd like im usually bad to do expecting more similar work. 5 of those rolls i cut 2' off of, the other 1 12' . still have it all sitting on the shelf
  4. leftover vinyls

    Looking for help with image

    Sending you a pm on this ..
  5. leftover vinyls

    New guy 1st post

    I joined the forum awhile back after finding it thru a google search . I surf the site when I get a chance. Usually from a motel I'm staying in since I spend most of my time on the road. But this is a hobby I have been interested in for sometime now. So I'm going to try and find some extra time for it. I haven't purchased any equipment yet. Still collecting info online when I can. Anyone have any good ideas for a decent cutter that I could take on the road with me , that would be easy to use , move, and set up and take down? I figure instead of lying in a bed watching TV while out on the road. I could be something productive