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    It was a while ago Dakota so understandable. 2015 4 yrs ago dang think next year I will have to attend again. MzSkeeter thank you and how are ya been awhile.
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    Im getting married in a week and made some signs. We have been together for 15 years. Didnt find out the opening to the boards isnt square until After I installed........... 2 signs, each double sided. Cant share with anyone attending but had to show them off.
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    Don't let Skeeter fool ya she is ornery as ever every puzzle piece in our vinyl family has their place to make the "family" whole . . .
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    been doing good, Thanks for asking.
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    Trade shows are VITAL for keeping track of/understanding industry trends. Attending is a good way to revitalize and boost anyone's business. Plus, get a few 'freebies' !!!
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    Very nice and congrats
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    there have been a few Dakota imitators but none like the original some thank god for there only being one :O
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    Well after being out of the business for awhile I forgot how easy easyweed was to use. had a family tree with lots of small leaves to weed out and it was like butter.
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    Then who da heck did I meet oh no mind is going I’m getting old lol. Goose that’s what we are all here for to help one another and have a common bond. Glad I helped when I could.