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Looking for a good source of affordable, small decals/stencils

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Hi, my name is Gabe and I am getting into electro etching. What I am looking for is a good source to get small, detailed stencils made. Since I do not have a vinyl cutter myself I figured this may be a good place to find someone who could help me out. I understand that what I am wanting may be too small/detailed for most/all cutters. If so then I would want to see what is possible to cut at the sizes I need. Some examples of what I am looking for are symbols like the images below. I am hoping to get them small enough to fit inside a 1 inch or so circle. Is this even possible with current cutters available? I am more than willing to pay materials/time/shipping costs. 




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Waiting on the files now, Go-C.


The good news is, "I don't have to"  (do them) ... My Graphtec will.


edit: I see the group with the 3 headed dragon and the fish is not included.


Additionally, the OP wants to weed them the ones that are.

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