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Found 6 results

  1. hotrodz0321

    Green Star vinyl backing

    Quick question. Does anyone know if green star vinyl rolls come with a white backing? If so, is the "green star" logo on the back of the backing?
  2. Does anyone have experience using the Greenstar 7010 ssb with a Graphtec CE-6000? The Graphtec specs say max thickness of 10mil and the Greenstar just so happens to be 10 mil. Bad idea? Also, this might be an obvious answer I am overlooking but what if you want to cut a stencil in a 23" x 23" area and the max carrier sheets I've seen are say 13" x 19" ? Haven't ordered it yet but I am assuming I need a carrier sheet for the Greenstar 7010 ssb? Or not because it has a kraft backing adhered? Thanks!!!
  3. BlackLiteSpecial

    GreenStar 18oz Banner and FrogJuice

    Has anyone out there used the aerosol version of the FrogJuice 7000 UV resistant coating on the GreenStar banners? I am putting together a cut vinyl banner for a customer who is hoping for better outdoor longevity, and asked if I could put a UV coating on the finished banner. My research lead me to find the FrogJuice, and I've seen it recommended for not just printed banners but to help seal the edges of cut vinyl. I'll be laying down white Avery 900 series cast vinyl on an 18oz red GreenStar banner. Thanks in advance!
  4. KDM_Freak

    GreenStar ?

    Hey guys & girls, So today I think I finally picked a plotter for what I intend to use it for and after talking to UsCutter for over and hour I hope I'm making the right pick. Its the new Titan (not the 2) and well I'm new to this vinyl world but didn't want a basic set up, but need all the right tools so other then the machine I figured I'd go with there Bundle kit that comes with everything I need. Now with that comes greenstar and I got a very very very mixed feeling on that brand. Please someone let me know if its worth the hassle I don't want my in home business to be ruined before it even starts. My business will be for car decals, wall decals ( I am aware there are different types for indoor and outdoor) the bundle don't say what kind just greenstar here is the link: ( ) later on when I learn enough id like to do banners and signs. - Thank you in advance -Mike
  5. cinner74

    Greenstar Intermediate- Which blue??

    Need to put in an order today but having problems deciding between all the blues!! Greenstar Intermediate Calendered Vinyl in the 12" x 5yd Glossy (GSSIC125) cutting with 12" Cameo cutter, but not really sure which Blue to get- Sapphire Blue, Light Navy, Azure Blue, Olympic Blue? Knowing that diff computer monitors might show a little diff color, I don't want to rely on just that. I'm making some political "Vote for" signs using the Real Red, one of the blues & they'll have a white background - your general red, white & blue political color scheme. Can anyone who's used any of these blues give me a little more description? (ie. more aqua, more "primary", very dark, etc,,,) Thanks sooooo much in advance!!! ~Cindy
  6. I have had my new sc series 25" for a couple of weeks and am starting to get the hang of it. I do have a few questions here I was hoping somebody could tackle. I bought the Greenstar 12 color vinyl starter pack and the high tack tape. The siser heat transfer vinyl starter pack. The very first thing I cut was on heat transfer vinyl. I forgot to remove some small cursive lettering on the bottom of the design but was blown away when it cam out flawless. The next day I cut some stickers but did not have the same experience for stuff three times the size. Many of the letters were just the slightest bit not cut fully so if you were not careful they just came up when weeding. I cut a piece of heat transfer vinyl again and it wasn't as bad as the sticker material but still wasn't like the flawless first cut. After reading these forums the only thing I found was to convert to curves and weld your design, which maybe I did somehow the first time but not after. This has significantly reduced the amount of slightly uncut letters that stick when weeding but did not remove the issue entirely. It also seems to not be an issue with the heat transfer vinyl but still with the sticker vinyl. My first general question is how easy should weeding be? Should I be able get a corner started, close my eyes and pull the weed with out ruining my design? That's not happening for me. I am at least having to hold down several pieces with my knife to prevent them from being pulled up. IS THIS NORMAL? Secondly, I am having the same issue with the high tack transfer tape. If I am not careful and just tear the thing the whole sticker comes off. I have tried waiting, cleaning more, going slower, but I am still weeding again basically because I have to get each piece stuck with my knife as I am peeling. No videos I have watched do people have this issue to this extent. Should I have not got the high tack tape? Is that the issue? Is it the greenstar vinyl not sticking well? I have stuck some nice stickers now, but it was a royal pain in the butt. Definitely not feeling I can sell vinyl stickers at this point given my own rate of success/satisfaction. Any advice you have on cleaner cuts, sticker application, cutting vinyl vs. heat transfer vinyl would be greatly appreciated.