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  1. cinner74

    boat vinyl

    Can you tell me what app tape you used and also if you did a wet or dry application? Thanks in advance!
  2. cinner74

    Nubian Goat anyone?

    LOL! This goat has become the bane of my existence!! It's for a last minute banner for a friend to use at the County Fair on Monday. Thanks skarekrow for the goat - unfortunately they want more detail so I'm vectorizing something for the first time...Lord Help Me!
  3. cinner74

    Guns and Coffee

    Snagged! Thanks so much!
  4. cinner74

    Nubian Goat anyone?

    Anyone have any vectors (.eps or .svg) of a Nubian goat? They've got Udders, no horns, floppy ears...TIA!
  5. cinner74

    Please help identify these 2 fonts!

    Whew!! Finally heard back from WhatTheFont forum - Red Sable Script & Signmaker are the fonts. Unfortunately they are not free! Now I'm on the hunt for similar ones.... Thanks for all your help!!
  6. cinner74

    Please help identify these 2 fonts!

    Anyone else?
  7. cinner74

    Please help identify these 2 fonts!

    Sorry, my bad, didn't mean to include the Downs, IL. I'm more looking the script "Joshua Jacob Bros." And of course the Jones - which also could be 2 diff fonts, the J and the ONES...thanks again for everyone's help!!
  8. cinner74

    Please help identify these 2 fonts!

    Yes I did find that Coronet is similar to the script font in "Joshua Jacob Bros. and Downs, IL" but not the exact font -The capitol "J" and the super-casual loop of the lower case "s" in original pics are what's stumping me the most! Unless I'm missing something? Thanks so much for vectorizing the Jones! I'll start with that
  9. cinner74

    Please help identify these 2 fonts!

    Thanks in advance!! I've scoured the internet trying to identify them! They are originally coming from a decal on a friends 4H equipment box that they take to fairs. The decal was made by a shop that has since closed up & I'm making her a banner - we'd love to be able to match the fonts! Thanks, Cindy
  10. cinner74

    Took some time for a little self promotion

    Very nice!
  11. cinner74

    vector conversion

    Sweet! I'd also like to know - what software?
  12. cinner74

    New to Coroplast

    OK - another question: Wet or dry app? If wet, does anyone have a fave application fluid for use on coro? Thanks Everyone for all your help so far! You guys are great
  13. cinner74

    New to Coroplast

    Yeah, I couldn't cut years ahead of time anyway because it's not like the 3rd Sunday of December or anything - they swich up Saturdays & Sundays for events all the time it seems! No bother to cut a new date every year
  14. cinner74

    New to Coroplast

    Will do! Thanks!
  15. cinner74

    New to Coroplast

    Good advice! I'll remind them but I'll probably be doing that too Good chance all of these will be in storage at my place anyway, being the good church members we are....LOL