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Found 14 results

  1. Americanhoney2017

    Hey Hey Beautiful People

    Hey Everyone my name is Tonya and I am in the process of opening a boutique hopefully by the middle of November if I can get through all the hoops without becoming homicidal. I have dreamed of having my own store front and a really good friend always wanted a store also so after months of looking at each other going why are we not doing this we took that first step. We found the perfect building in the perfect location and started the process of getting all the permits and small town USA boy there is a lot of restrictions but the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise we will be able to get our keys tomorrow and if everything else falls into place will be opening the middle of November. We will be offering baby and children's clothing, personalized gift items and its in a small town so once a month a professional photographer will come in an do mini sessions and we will offer to put the prints on canvas, metal, pallet or ceramic tile. Also we will be offering to install the tile in your home, either as part of the flooring or a backsplash etc. We also repurpose furniture. My part in all this is shirts and monogramming and personalizing gift items and pretty much staying up stairs lol my partner is a social butterfly and I'm the too blunt one. Its going to be crazy until after the first of the year and I'm so nervous, scared and excited all rolled into one...
  2. Hey there, My name is Johnny, i'm a 37yrs old french speaking graphic designer from Quebec, Canada. I'm actually working on opening a little online shirt boutique for fun. I just bought a secondhand Laserpoint cutter, so I thought it'd be a great idea to get in touch with other vinyl cutter enthusiasts. So anyway, thanks for letting me in. I hope I will be able to help as much as I will be helped! Johnny
  3. ravenclaw

    NEW from Fairhope Alabama

    Hello! my name is Ray. I am a retired Graphic designer, My wife Liz and I Graduated at the art Institute of Pittsburgh in advertising art and my career has spanned 45+ years as an artist in the Air Force, Toy Designer, Recruitment Newspaper Ad designer and Art Director, Ad company owner and partner, Video Production Artist, Wedding Photographer and wedding Photo Editor, Large Metal Bending Machines Importer company Art Director, Web site designer and creator and retired now as a Home studio Designer. My wife, who I met in art school also works with me as my partner and adds the female point of view when I miss it. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand and many other art programs. My wife and I understand Vector files, bitmap files and have made many over the years for assorted clients and such... logo design.. magazine ads.. web sites.. etc. I just purchased a Titan 3 cutter and am learning the software it came with. We have made some cool files for the Cosplay/Con folks and starting some local business sticker ideas plus many more original art pieces. Generally we make everything from scratch art wise and use commercial free use artwork and then modify to help save time when it is high quality enough. I will try and help with my experience in the design field.. I don't know everything but my real world experience may help you all in some cases. is my personal website that has a slideshow samples of some of my work and shows the work of myself and family members. Anyway.. Bla bla bla..... hope to see you all here and share experiences. Ray
  4. ooodalay

    New and looking for feedback

    I would love some feedback from those who are EXPERIENCED!! Starting a new business & want to add in Vinyl/ heat press options to my work but have NEVER worked with it (minus pre-made decals). My husband slowly put away money to surprise me for Christmas to get a cutter & start, but he received most of his information from SIGNWAREHOUSE. I have been researching the last few weeks and found that I like speaking with US CUTTERS a lot better than the other companies. Not too impressed with sign warehouse, or the information they gave my husband....but they gave him an amazing deal on product. I am looking at the Roland GX-24 OR Titan 3-28" - But I don't know a lot! Trying to also compare the GraphTek but unsure of which one to go with on theirs. I like the idea of the optical eye (but is this a HUGE deal?) I like the idea of having options for thicker material being used in the future, (but how needed is this?) I need some thing easy on technology end, durable, and that I can incorporate into my business (work a lot with wood, glass, ceramic, vintage items) Looking at going to craft shows, etc... and possibly transporting this, so I didn't want anything too hefty. Budget is $2000 for everything. Need suggestions of starting tools and software that people LOVE! I like to create and have set clipart. Titan 3 comes with RAZORCUT and would like to know if others have used this and what do they think compared to other software. I appreciate ALL thoughts and comments in advance...its truly invaluable to me and I will take every suggestion and process it through! THANK YOU!! -Alie
  5. Fitz


    Good day all, I'm new to the forum and a real newbie with vinyl cutters. I'm from Montreal Canada and decided to recently buy myself a Laserpoint II cutter so I could cut my own airbrush stencils. That was the only reason I decided to buy the cutter but, recently folks started to ask if I could do some signs for them and my immediate answer was yeah sure! But then I realized that I needed the SignCut software to do contour cutting. I went online and learn that the SignCut software should be part of the cutter I bought but, it's not and I can't find it...The only thing I have is the SCAL Pro software. What did I missed ? Is it somewhere hidden in the SCAL software disc ? Do I need to download it form somewhere ? Please need help. Fitz.
  6. ZombieWrangler

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    I had spent way too much over the years buying vinyl graphics for my Jeep, ZombieWrangler, and with the harsh nature of off-roading they were starting to show some age, had damaged some parts, mud and dirt and many power washes had started peeling parts away. I decided to redo all the lettering at once, and figured I would outfit new newest family member, ZombieElement, I was staggered by the cost to get custom work done. I looked at the small hobby units, but it just wouldn't do the scale of my ideas. That landed me here and with a Laserpoint II starter bundle. So I jumped in head first and cleared the initial obstacles, but now I've got to step back and read a little more of the instructions. Love it so far, have made my share of dumb mistakes like trying to cut too close to the edge and not setting home point right, but so far so good. I was already an IT professional and web designer, so the setup and application use has been pretty easy. My questions are now more like 'how do you know when a blade needs changing' and what materials work best for what applications and are there speed/pressure guidelines that might work better than the default settings for some things.. Now I'm off to go read through topics, I'm sure there is months worth of tips to catch up on. Thanks USCutter, great machine, tutorial videos, and now I'm looking forward to the community. Alex ZombieWrangler
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Marie, and I am located in South Carolina. I just got my Silhouette Cameo a big brother (a Roland GX-24). I have not been doing anything professional before this, but I am thinking of giving it a go. I had planned to focus on Wall Art, but things might be leading me in a different direction. I have a family friend that is looking for some signs for an event, so we will see how that goes. I look forward to being involved in the discussions here. From what I have read so far, I can tell there are alot of experienced and talented people here! Marie
  8. SarahYF1985

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey there, I am new to this and am finding out so much useful information on this site! I love it! Thanks to everyone for your posts, they have been so helpful already! Sarah
  9. mrcutter2013

    to say a warm hello

    hello just like to say hello my name is damien just got a cutter for xmas so new to this but hope in the future i can be as good as people on here many thanks
  10. Tolpi1

    Hey there!!

    Hey guys! My name is Josh, and I work with MyDeals LLC. I'm here to learn, meet new people, make new connections, and help anyone I can. If anyone ever needs anything, let me know and I'll do everything I can to help you out! I specialize in promotional marketing, specifically emblematic apparel, and I cater to mostly Aftermarket Auto parts manufacturers, but I do many other industries as well. You all have a great day! -Joshua Geis
  11. Hi, I'm Tina and I'm a Louisiana girl and own a small pharmacy and gift shop with my husband and two daughters. We just purchased the US Cutter 871-MK2 and installed the Sure Cuts A Lot Pro software. What next??? I'm overwhelmed with the options I have for design software. Should I download Inkscape for free and learn it, or buy Corel? I'm not very "computer literate", however, I love to design. We would like to use our plotter to personalize gifts, make decals, make stencils, etc. We've had it for 3 weeks and it's just sitting here - I need to learn what to do fast - It's not going to pay for itself sitting idle! HELP please!
  12. jethro bodine

    Noob from the great white north

    Hi all from Canada, couple noob friends here, we have a little experience in vinyl (ie we have applied some vinyl to trucks and dumpsters etc a time or two lol)... but we somehow got the bug and decided to give it a go. We are in southern Saskatchewan, and have purchased a copam 36' cutter and all the usual accessories as well as a dtg hm-1 kiosk printer for garments and related printing. Since the kiosk was in Amarillo and we really don't mind a road trip we drove down to Memphis ourselves and picked up the copam and stuff at US Cutter, and we were really glad we did, it was a real treat to see the whole operation in person and meet everyone, and they were just awesome with us, spending a ton of time with us and helping us out with a lot of the questions real noobs need answered. We are very happy with the purchases and pricing, and so far we have had no troubles whatsoever with the copam other than problems we created ourselves due our total lack of experience and knowledge lol. Devin over at support has been noting short of fantastic helping us resolve questions and learn quickly, and he's super personable and funny as well so its always good to have a prob or question and need to call in. Its worth noting that the original reason we decided to purchase from US Cutter was that we sensed a commitment to customer service from cruising the site, watching the videos, and reading reviews on the net, and customer service is the number one priority I use in making large purchase decisions. In this regard we are 100% satisfied that we made the right decision and we would like to take this moment to just say thank you to everyone at US Cutter for making our start so easy and fun. We will be spending a lot of time in the forums and look forward to meeting and learning from all you there. Nuff said for now, happy new year to all, will post a couple pics of our first paying job in a couple minutes. Regards, Donnie, Deanna and Phil
  13. Mickie

    Hello from another newbie

    Hello everyone. My name is Mickie and I am new to this site and cutting vinyl. Well, I do have a small cricut but I haven't used it much at all so I am starting from scratch. I have been reading as much as possible before my machince, SC series comes. It arrived today and I have loaded the software. I'm looking at buying a few designs to do some gift items, things to sell at craft shows and maybe do a few decals for cornhole boards. We make and sell the gamebags and just thought this would be a good thing to add. We have done craft shows for years with all kinds of craft items. So consider this a warning, lol, I'll probably be here asking tons of questions when I start trying to make my own designs and cutting designs. I look forward to learning loads from you all. Happy New Year!!!
  14. H20Town

    Hello from NNY

    Hi from Northern NY! Just purchased my cutter Sunday, a 34" SC Series....should be here Thursday...can't wait to get it going! Been reading up on the Forums for the past week to be sure I have all the info needed to get it running...lots of great advice here. Will be using it primarily to cut stencils for the wood signs I paint. Mike