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Found 357 results

  1. yes you can do full color. Just pick 'colors' when the box comes up. Be careful..However many passes you chose is how many colors you will have. It will pick up on variations and shades of the same color.
  2. Hello... more info. Serial connect. not no driver problem software is signblazer- trial..full version on the way it does not hit the kill goes to the middle of the vinyl on the outside of the letter which is about half way of the vinyl they just goes in a straight line up and down the middle. it does not stop until 2 passes. would be happy to take pics of settings it you tell me what ones you want I am baffled..but as I say..its most likley me being a new-bee... Thanks for ANY help.
  3. Guest

    gold/silver leafing

    Chops, I would love to shortcut some stuff but for me it never works and I play all the time trying to figure out faster ways but for me it would have to be a faster way that lasts as my customers pay for it. Vinyl is great and though it makes a good looking sign, to me nothing beats the look of painted signs. In compairison when they are both new they can look equally good, but as a few years passes the painted sign looks even better not to mention that you can power wash a hand painted sign. Either way we all are going to do it our way. I really liked the link to the tutorial on doing numbers with leaf and vinyl, but want to add a key componient to backing gold/composition leaf and that is sealing it. Leaf needs a good base which is normally an oil size to bond but also to seal, equally important is the backing, I use one shot in either black or leather red depending on the client but vinyl will not seal it so the leaf will actually tarnish which may or may not be what the customer wants but if it is not then there would be a problem as it would happen within 3 months. Now there are many types of leafing you have traditional gold leaf in 18 and 24K which is extreamly expensive especially with todays metal prices and they are 4"x4" squares. What I use which is a lot more affordable is composition leaf, with compo leaf insted of it being gold you get a combonation of brass, zink and copper. The leaf comes in 5.5" x 5.5" squares and they are extreamly thin and fragile. Now I will also tell you this, my 8 year daughter does it so dont be afraid to try. If you want to buy some and try the leaf go to
  4. BannerJohn

    Another one

    Inkscape is so sensative it will pick up variations in shades in the same colors. I usually change the number of passes to the number of colors that are there.
  5. BannerJohn

    Another one

    reduce the number of passes.
  6. Need Tips for 110# Xerox Card Stock Cutting - Speed and Pressure for stencils? - I'm currently using the USCutter Laserpoint 24" with the included SignBlazer. 1. Speed and Pressure I'm trying to figure out the best speed and pressure without it ripping the card stock when cutting. Can anyone offer any suggestions? 2. I'm think I need to do two passes with SignBlazer. How do I set SignBlazer to return to the original home (not advance to next page), so that I can make a second pass. I think this may be the trick I need? Any thoughts/tips?
  7. right.. yeah i figured the formula through trial and error.. thanks though.. and I did the same.. I could get 23.8 on my MH721 also.. due to not having an optical eye.. It took me just a few passes to get it figured out.. Ive been cutting all day today with VERY FEW problems that werent my fault anyways!! It's everything I hoped it would be!!
  8. MavistaGlass

    A couple of Beer Mugs !!!

    For sandblasting a surface etch on glass, you can get by with using most any vinyl. The secret there is not to linger in one spot too long and let heat build up on the surface of the vinyl. Much better to make a couple extra passes than to spend too much time in one spot. For deep or stage carving, obviously you're better off using a thicker vinyl or rubber resist. I used my PCut to cut some really thick rubber resist a few days ago, and was very pleased with the results. Still beating myself up for waiting so long to buy a cutter! The thing has saved me MANY hours in my sandblasting. As for grit size...... the finer grit gives a nicer result in my opinion. For glassware and giftware, I prefer a 180 grit silicon carbide.
  9. Guest

    Painted my vinyl

    It was a 24 inch vinyl I cut 2 sets and painted in the middle of both of them 3 passes. Then as Five said I let it dry an hour and then weeded it, I still have not put the tape on last time I waited 3 days and used clear tape. It was one coat and LG6000 vinyl. I imagine low tack tape would be the best way. After it dried for 3 days I had no problem at all.
  10. you need to use a squeegie to FIRMLY apply the transfer tape to the lettering. Several passes. Turn the paper over and peel the paper from the lettering,NOT the lettering from the paper. If you go here: there is a nice video on doing coroplast.and several others that bear watching.
  11. Benr98

    OMG Gas prices are outrageous!!!

    LOL 'passes anything but a gas station' For my husbands work he drives just over 40,000/year and don't get reimbursed. Ok they put a little in his salary but it's taxed. We spend about $200/wk in gas just for his work, not our personal vehicles. I'm saying it's time to find a new job, but that's not to easy here. We had a 68 Cutlass, but WOW it sucked gas.
  12. If the cutter is being told to cut 3 times, it will do it. Make sure there are no outlines in the graphic. The SignCut logo for example has about three passes because of the different colors. If you choose one color, say red for example, by clicking on the red box over on the right hand side of the will only cut one pass for the red.
  13. BannerJohn

    just black and white

    when you do the colors option in Inkscape, try adjusting the number of passes(scans). Sometimes this helps.
  14. nonabelle

    My retro heat press!

    now that's retro,but cute. i like it too. don't have to worry bout nowbody taking that baby. that will be here when the earth passes away. lol
  15. Daniel T

    My first R font of my very own

    you'll get quicker as time passes might even have the whole alphabet done before retirement. keep up the good work. daniel t
  16. Aardy54

    Simple Application tape question

    yup - what fivestar said - no worries, just make sure you sqeegee from the overlap down when taping. I do it alot when taping a large format digi print, nothing like making 3 passes with 24" wide app tape on a single graphic.
  17. Daniel T

    new noob here

    welcome to the forum, we were all noobies at one time or another. hang in there time passes fast when you are learning and having fun. daniel t
  18. polert

    How would you do this? Multicolor decals

    I was asking my self the same question today when I logged in to ask. You have added some reasoning to my thoughts. But what if you could place lets say three layers of material, and set your knife depth to make three diffrent passes to cut out the image.
  19. BannerJohn

    narrowing a roll of vinyl

    I've used a table saw with a very thin blade to cut a 30 inch roll down once. You need a very steady hand and you take your time. Don't try and cut through the entire roll at once. Make several passes,raising the blade a bit each time. And with a 48 inch roll, I would have someone to help me. Stand to the side of the roll not directly in front of it,lest you get kickback.
  20. Well I have enlarged it and there is only one line. I have been tracing the files in Illustrator CS2 then importing them into artcut as eps. files. every line on every graphic I have cut has cut twice, cutting first in one direction then in the other, hence causing a slight offset. The strange thing is that it will cut a line, go and do another part of the graphic then come back and cut the second line. There seems to be no logic to the way in which it does this! Could this be a software issue? There are no settings for multiple passes of the blade in Artcut. The software does seem to be a little strange but it is really user friendly, so I would prefer to keep using it if I can, now that I have got my head around it... Thanks for your suggestions :-
  21. dgreenh

    One crazy week

    Dogs aren't pets, they really are family. Very sad when a family member passes.
  22. SmallSigns

    SignBlazer network ???

    John - I enjoy your work and the limited conversations we have, but you are missing my point completely. I am not trying to hack anything, I am also not trying to take anything away from SB -- in fact through all of this I have always claimed that I wanted to PAY for everything! The problem comes down to this -- I am interested in setting my network up using thin clients. Thin Client information from Wikipedia: A thin client (sometimes also called a lean client) is a client computer or client software in client-server architecture networks which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities, and mainly focuses on conveying input and output between the user and the remote server. In contrast, a thick or fat client does as much processing as possible and passes only data for communications and storage to the server. Many thin client devices run only web browsers or remote desktop software, meaning that all significant processing occurs on the server. However, recent devices marketed as thin clients can run complete operating systems such as Debian GNU/Linux, qualifying them as diskless nodes or hybrid clients. Check out At my last "real" job I was a Project Manager for CSK Auto. I was in charge of New Store setup -- we were using a single server and anywhere from 5 to 30 thin clients in each store to run various operations from the parts counter. This is the type of setup I would like to use in my new shop. With Thin Clients strategically place around the shop I can access the main server and all programs and devices on that server. This would allow me to be in the front office and make changes to a design, or from back in the shipping area. With being able to access the central server I can pull up any design at anytime from anywhere. With each device you would be required to obtain a license to run SignBlazer from that device, so if I have 10 thin clients and one server I would require 11 licenses to be purchased from SignBlazer -- at, let's say $50.00 each for the thin clients and full price for the server. That way SB makes their money and I am able to run my shop my way without having 11 full PC (and all the problems and maintenance costs associated with that). Sorry so long winded, but just wanted to clear this up. I want to repeat -- I am not trying to take anything away from SB -- they make a wonderful product and deserve every penny they get. I am done now.
  23. twice

    Crab Plotter Art

    I was wondering how to do plotter art? I use Corel X3 and Sign Cut, do I need something else? cant figure out how to make the multiple passes to color.
  24. I'm not thinking mine is heat related unless the fan just doesn't move enough air to keep the main board cool. It has been in an air conditioned room all its life. I have the cutter grounded to the stand but vinyl just seems to generate lots of static. I guess that could be an issue. Static causes all kinds of weird problems with computers and printers. I haven't had any failures on cuts less than 24" that I can recall. Seems like most of my cutting is either less than 24" or more than 4' so I can't really pinpoint a failure length. I don't think the complexity of the job is causing the problem because I have had it fail on 4' of 3" straight text as well as long graphic designs. But, it has also cut those same jobs with no problems. I think I can round up some grounding tensil that we use on high speed printers to take the static out of the paper. It is just a grounded strand of tensil type stuff that touches the paper as it passes through and discharges the static to ground. It should work the same on vinyl I would think. I don't know how long it would take to decide if this helped or not but I'll give it a shot.
  25. 06_Mazda_Sicks

    got a small problem.....

    hey, don't know if you solved this problem, but make sure when in the "cut-out" options box that "Nr of turns, objects" is set to '1'. That is how many passes the blade makes on the same line. I've only had this for a couple of days,so i could be wrong, but i think thats what the "help" file says.