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  1. bayshorecreations

    Font help?

    Anyone know what this one is? Thanks
  2. bayshorecreations

    Whats the secret to selling dirt cheap?

    The secret is that you won't stay in business very long if you sell dirt cheap!
  3. bayshorecreations

    Box truck price guess?

    I have used calendared on box trucks in the past. One I did about 4 years ago still looks good. You will have no problem with rivets and calendared vinyl, just poke a few holes and heat them up to get them to conform. I would be at about $1200 for that job.
  4. bayshorecreations

    Printing media on vinyl

    Sub the work out for now and see if its worth buying your own equipment.
  5. bayshorecreations


    Anyone know if there is a hydrographics film out there that is printable with an eco solvent printer? If I could get film that I can print myself on like a 30" roll I would be all over this stuff!
  6. bayshorecreations

    Anyone here tinting?

    I won't touch tint. Hate the stuff, I tried doing it a handful of times and I just cant get it on without bubbles. There are a lot of tint places around here. Yes its illegal to have your front windows tinted but the cops don't really bother you about it here.
  7. bayshorecreations

    good starter printer

    Any Roland solvent printer.
  8. bayshorecreations

    Lexan printing

    Call this place: I have done business with them and they do a good job at very fair prices. Ask for Bill.
  9. bayshorecreations

    REQ: 2 bucks fighting

    Sorry I just had to... lol Ill go sit in the corner now.
  10. bayshorecreations

    Price Check

    $500 easy here.
  11. bayshorecreations

    Tracing Your Photos of Copyrighted stuff

    Does every car dealership in america have the authorization from every car maker to photograph and use images of their cars? The answer is no! If you take a photograph it is yours to use however you choose. As long as it does not degrade the product in any way and you can prove that you took the photo you will have no problems with this.
  12. bayshorecreations

    Look and let me know what you think

    Tell her that as long as she offers happy endings she doesn't really even need a sign, men will find her! lol Seriously tho.... I bet she requires payment for her services and so do you! How would she like it if she gave you a massage and then you told her that you like the massages better down the road so you're not going to pay her? Try and politely tell her that and also mention that it is not your fault that she had to put it on that window and you can't control what the neighboring store does. If that doesn't work tell her she will be getting a call from your lawyer. Always make sure to get a deposit up front for your work. Make sure that it is enough to cover your material cost and some of your labor. I usually ask for half up front, that way if they do this I at least covered my costs.
  13. Start with a higher price, you can always go down. Never start low, you will constantly wonder if you could have made more. I would go with about $850 for the job using the intermediate vinyl, If he doesn't like that price tell him you will crunch the numbers again and see what you can do to help him out. Then offer him a deal at $650 and let him know that you are pretty much giving the job away and that you are doing him a favor and hope that he brings in more work for you from elsewhere. Good luck!
  14. bayshorecreations


    So I still ask the question (since this seems to be the thread that will never die). Every day there are customers supplying printers all over the world with print ready artwork to print sell sheets, flyers, advertisements, etc. They typically put the logos of the brands of items that they sell on these things. For example, "Joe's Oil Lube" says hey lets mail out some post cards so Joe calls a graphic artist and explains what he wants on his cards, Joe says that he wants a picture of his shop (which in the picture there are all sorts of oil company logos out in front) and the Penzoil logo in the bottom right corner. The graphic artist gets to work and puts this together for Joe, Joe then emails the print ready files to the printer and is delivered a finished product that Joe then mails out to his customers. Am I to understand that the printer is the one who will be at fault if someone decides to sue? Or is it the graphic artist? Or Joe himself? Maybe the Post Office for mailing the illegally used logo? Just curious... lol
  15. bayshorecreations

    Pricing for Bandit Signs from a Newbie

    A bandit sign is a coro sign. Same thing, different name. Some people concider a bandit sign a coro sign that gets nailed to a utility pole instead of inserted into the ground. All in all it is a coro sign. Price will vary greatly by the quantity needed.