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  1. did you ever get the ram air hood stripe?

  2. john!

    Settings or Vinyl?

    put in a 60 degree blade and call it a day. I did that to my plotter and never have been happier. Cuts small things great and big things the same way. 60 degree works great all around. I know i know, You don't want to spend money changing the blade but this is my best advice.
  3. john!

    I need some printing done

    Thanks for the opportunity.
  4. john!

    Super Heros

    Already found some guys, Thanks
  5. john!

    Super Heros

    Hey guys, I have a customer wanting to do some wall vinyls on their sons walls in his room. Now i don't want to get into the copyright deals so does anyone have any un-copyrighted super hero vectors i could use? Thanks, I appreciate it!
  6. Glad to see you completed the job. Sometimes you need to do what you gotta do. I appreciate you taking my advice lightly and taking it the way it was meant for. Post up some photos of the job!
  7. I have been debating on what to us for credit card transactions on the go and i have bough Intuits Mophie Marketplace. It was $180 and has a monthly charge of $12.95. I know this is more than the Square Reader but the Square Reader just doesn't seem as legit to me. It's all personal preference but i'd rather go with a known name than something that's free, Too many free things (free monthly charges, free dongle) just seems out of place. The Mophie is a entire case for your iPhone or iPod Touch that has the reader at the bottom. I'll let everyone know how it works.
  8. Honestly im not saying this because i have a printer i am saying this because this is logical, Have fun layering. Sometimes there are ways to do things that are more time and cost effective and layering these is not a good use of time and will cost you more headache than it's worth. As always though, Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  9. To be honest, Have those printed. The top wouldn't be too bad but the bottom is going to be a pain and printing would be less of a headache. You can message me if you would like a wholesale pricing on printing these. The pain is going to be the amount needed. No way would i do 100 of each cut vinyl layered. If so your going to spend more time than if you had outsourced them to a printer. Take care
  10. I would be $65 for a basic set of mags 1 color basic text and $30 for the 2.5x24" decals (both) Being low has it's advantages but i would rather be known for good quality and design than the cheap guy.
  11. john!

    'orange peal' look in chrome vinyl?

    $25 a yard! I pay like $50 or 60 for a 10yd roll of it. Your getting hosed IMO. You can get it from Fellers or Beacon Graphics. Avery chrome is thick at 2 mils and the oracal stuff is 1 mil which is paper thin. I've used both with good success.
  12. john!

    'orange peal' look in chrome vinyl?

    Never had that issue. I have used Avery Chrome for years.
  13. I don't worry about the craigslist lowballers, They won't be in business long anyway so it's a race to the bottom for them. Show them up and define yourself with quality services.
  14. Hey guys, For some reason a website I'm working on loads fine on my laptop but on my desktop it will not load anything past the homepage. On my desktop i have internet explorer and firefox which it loads the first page but after i click any links on the site it just loads and loads and doesn't time out but if i load it on my desktop in windows safari it navigates fine. On all my friends computers and my android phone it loads perfect also so any idea what the issue could be? Everything is updated and i have cleared the history, cache, dns cache and cookies. No viruses on my computers either. Thanks!
  15. Should be no issues on this if your machine is set up correctly. Fresh blade and the right depth with good 651 vinyl and your golden.