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  1. I'm trying to help out the Milwaukee Makerspace with an install of 'Sure Cuts A Lot' without much success. I am not at all sure they have installed a driver for the aged CE1000-60 and equally unsure if it will run with the Windows 10 install on their plotter computer. Attempts to locate a driver have been quite the fail... Graphtec site does not list it and the google hits look like malware traps. Does anyone have a working driver for this cutter? The makerspace is a 501-C running on donations (cutter must have been one!) so I would like to help them out. Regards, Rocky
  2. rocky53204

    weeding lines

    At times I have had to add a box around some areas of text and use trial and error to find the proper choice of the several tools provided.
  3. rocky53204

    experimental efforts on glass

    A mirror is 'silvered' as a reflective coating. A silver solution is chemically solidified on the glass. With modern methods of vapor deposition it is likely not an industrial method in current use. There is a 'second hand'/thrift store in my area which has half price days several days a week. I have found suitable framed mirrors ranging in price from 50 cents to a few dollars. Apparently not much demand for used mirrors even though they are in good shape. Likewise for framed glass... I remove the pictures. The item pictured came from there. A local Menards sells 12X12 inch mirror tiles which I may also try.
  4. rocky53204

    experimental efforts on glass

    In this case my procedure was to cut the oracal 651 pattern in reverse and apply it to the glass. I than sandblasted in a cabinet with a 50/50 mixture of black blast and aluminum oxide. I then applied the rub n buff to the blasted text, filigree, etc . Once the rub n buff dried I then removed the cut vinyl masking. The only color I liked was the antique gold which is a poor substitute for gilding. I hope to try the silvering and glue chipping in future.
  5. rocky53204

    experimental efforts on glass

    It was a test piece... that's every color in the set just to see what they look like. Clearly the gold leaf is much better... I'll try that.
  6. rocky53204

    Just another day at work

    Nice graphic design! New Hampshire and Massachusetts... had to look at a map to satisfy my curiosity. I like how you had the road cross the border to illustrate the concept.
  7. rocky53204

    experimental efforts on glass

    I am newbie experimenting with signage techniques on glass. I used 'rub n buff' sample pack on the first sign on which the text was sandblasted. I do not like the result of the metallic rub n buff. It is messy as well. The vinyl mask was mirror cut, weeded and then applied to the back of the 8X10 glass. I think it looks better without sandblasting with colored paper behind it. (As on the second sign pictured.) Experiments by definition are not always a success... What do you think?
  8. Hated RPG... used on a minicomputer that filled a room.. 16K of core memory, punched card input... A portion of the personal library... preferred pascal programming language.
  9. rocky53204

    stuff i made for my sister

    My sister Nancy is nicknamed Fancy Nancy. She recently had a new deck built so I made her a sign. For practice I also made some sandblasted items... mirror, container, and 'lefty' coffee cup.
  10. Sorry... felt like I was being laughed at. No offense taken where none is offered. I've used Microsoft for so long I make false assumptions. May be one of the few on the forum who remembers using Windows 1 and prior. My first 'portable' was a Kaypro using CPM operating system... monochrome only. I used no usb crossover... direct serial port connection. The Sabrent was used by the guy on YouTube. back of the computer (old Xeon based server) and connection to the cutter... note adapter. (DB9 to 25)
  11. Never occurred to me... had no idea my attempt to help others would make me a target for ridicule.
  12. Just picked up a used one on Craigslist last week... what a solid workhorse! Dusted off an old DOS manual to enable mode setting in autoexec.bat. (sets com1 attributes: MODE COM1: 9600,N,8,1,P) I do not use the usb... connected to a Windows 10 desktop via com1 serial port... works fine with Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 4 as GCC output. (hpgl) If you scroll to the comments line beneath this YouTube video you can find how that user enabled usb on this model. If you (or others) like I can post pictures... Good Luck!
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  14. rocky53204

    some vector files for everyone to use

    Have you tried ? Do a site search and you will find many open source items related to food which can be modified for use. Respect your generous impulse.
  15. rocky53204


    SCALP requires that you de-activate prior to an uninstall (it's in the help menu) did you do that?