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    Photography was my main interest.But since i got started in vinyl decals i love it just as much..I install my own cut work and customer supplied decals.(which i really dont care for since alot of the material is junk or amazon bought from china)I prefer legit material and product.

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  1. I have a cricut cutter and they are not very good at cutting things at certain sizes etc.. They are just for basic craft cutting etc. you will be much more happier a real cutter that doesnt require a cutting mat under your material if your using vinyl that is ,,For doing card stock stuff then you will have to use something similar to the cricut.
  2. Sending you a link
  3. I might have a template for it ,But not sure. I would need exact model etc
  4. My mouth is watering lol
  5. @slice&dice i guess i missed that,,,Been a long day for me lol..
  6. No problem @xpaperman If you need any help, just drop me a message. As @cardudenc well tell ya , i am always willing to help and go a long ways in dong it as much as i can for what i know little of lol... I went searching as well on another forum as well for you and i got this from a friend about the lettering in the image --- " We started by concepting her brand via the traditional medium of paper and pencil, moving into ink, then finally into a beautiful final mark. Maud Boutique’s logo was hand lettered, so every part is special and unique, just like what you’d expect from a vintage shop." So basically your wasting your time trying to find that font."
  7. Not sure yet lol.. Hey just trying to help lol..
  8. After doing some more searching ..I believe the font was modded using this font, Im pretty positive you will get what you need with this.. OPTITorry (Regular)
  9. Found a better image. Didnt help with search sorry--
  10. Just my guess The M is --Bodega Serif (Light SC) The A is a Modded- Suffiya NF (Regular) Couldnt get a good match on the U and D
  11. @slice&dice That graphic may of just been a sample for them to us what they see on the screen ..And yes that graphic is nasty, not my first choice to pick lol.. And you are correct on WYSIWG , I never choose that option either... I personally think it could be a connection issue or a cutter issue maybe? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @aiza_dawn Have you been able to cut anything from this cutter at all ?
  12. Glad to hear..
  13. Welcome.. Just to let everyone know I had trolled Aiza join from another forum lol. They are having a problem with their software to cutter with an issue with designs not being recognized unless its only from the library supplied image. Since i dont know what cutter that is( possibly a blonde moment) ,can someone please post a link for them to go and start a help thread. I dont remember off the top of my head what software it was sorry..
  14. Scal requires SVG for cutting or jpegs etc for tracing ...I use scalps 4 pro constantly but do most of my designing in Ai
  15. @Tenfour86 very nice look on that,