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  1. Best/Good Heat Press Brands

    I have the fusion as well 16x20 bought it earlier this year i think lol.. Great press. So glad to have it .It was my first press ever.
  2. Shipping layerd decals

    I guess i should of mentioned that it has some weight to it .there was multiple items in with the decals as well.
  3. Shipping layerd decals

    My last shipment was about 13 bucks i believe. and the size was roughly 22"x30". wouldnt hurt to just go there and get a quote on a size before you just do it.
  4. Material help on HTV

    Thanks Goose.
  5. Shipping layerd decals

    I prefer to ship as flat when its thats size. You can just a get a couple boxes and cut them down to make them flat and just tape it very good around the edges. and write Fragile on it on both sides.I think the cost was the same and you have less to worry about for tunneling.. . Just my Opinion.
  6. Roland pnc 1210 how old?

    here is the manual for you.. usermanualpnc1210.pdf
  7. Material help on HTV

    found this ---
  8. Material help on HTV

    Yes. Customer supplied .the brand of the jackets are Augusta sportsware which i probably should of mentioned before. Rn# is 65378 with a style #4392 inside the jacket. I already warned them in the beginning just to cover my rear..
  9. Material help on HTV

    @Wildgoose any thoughts.Thank you . My deadline is getting near on this and im starting to freak out a little .
  10. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    Oh ok thnx . I think it should just be out in plain sight .Since its a very important key note. but i guess it will do lol.
  11. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    I think there should be a Main Tab on the main forum page that says -" Start Here"---- How to set your blade depth before you start cutting anything. That way when a new person shows up it will be Right there on top...Some people may not even know how to describe what it is called etc and they end up having to ask the Million Dollar repeated question lol..
  12. ipf610 wide format printer works great paid $400

    from the model # i looked online and it say 24".
  13. Hello, Newbie for Ohio

    Hows is going @Chriscarp746 ?
  14. Material help on HTV

    @mfatty500 So luckily i was given a spare jacket to keep to play with,they are really working with me to make sure all goes well on this ..So i used Your suggestion on the test jacket at *310 for 20 secs @ 3 pressure, and i still ended up getting a heavy press line ,not bad but its visible. Is this common or should i lower it down to 2 ? I also used a pillow press to keep the image area to be pressed raised as well but the pillow still flattened out enough to make the sqaure heat mark. The htv held perfect when peeled as usual ..Thank you. P.s. As im writing this i am washing the jacket to see if anything changes,cause i read sometimes washing it will make it go away . not really thinking it will ,but it wont hurt i guess till i hear back from you or anyone.. Thank you again.
  15. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    Thanks @ShaneGreen and @jmas . he is wanting more glitter than the metallic produce like what Mz skeeter posted.