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  1. why not just re-make it on your own. Find a few images of this car and go for it .. If you have access to the car as well then you have no worries , just get your measurements and desing.
  2. I run just a basic 4 port Powered USb Port hub with the laptops i have, Doesnt seem to give me an issue...
  3. I think its a luck of the draw on those low end ones.. But we will see what others may say.
  4. Nice job bud.... What printer do you have ? @cardudenc is probably curious as well lol
  5. Glad to see you made it bud.. just sent you a message on the other one lol... Send me a pm on here
  6. Good .. If not let me know and ill re run it thru Find my font again.
  7. What about this one? Nimbus San DReg Con Ro1 (Regular) preview here-- %2F (Commercial)&ffam=NimbusSanDRegConRo1 - Regular&fstyle=&fsize=60&fid=b41a0c0bc3d70b2e3a2a05335440e37a&wrap=2&text=HYDRA
  8. very true on the tiles.. For that i just hide what i need to and cut each one so on and so on, I guess im just strange or like do it this the hard way lol
  9. I have actually never used the Cut by color in scalps. I feel its much easier to have 1 page for the original design and then other pages with it broken apart as each layer.Thats just how i do it ,seems easier to me.. as for cutting the design, i would cut the boat out in the black. cut your yellow out and then your blue as needed and then layer.
  10. You are correct,it does automatically converts typed text to outlines,...
  11. Sounds good bud.Thanks I know about the water separator. I had it on my compressor as well.I plan on running 2 on this ,if i get something.I want zero water getting in lol.
  12. Well in storage where i moved from i have a 60 gallon commercial compressor lol.. so for now i was just going to get what is best, maybe a pancake compressor or something . Like i said this is just for fun for playing right now ,and what my dad is wanting isnt going to a really huge job.At least i dont think lol.. thanks Bud @clhyer I did come across a foldable cabinet which looked kinda cool online ... wasnt to much and folds out of the way.,
  13. We can only get we can afford - I have used a stepper cutter once at a business i did a job for ,they just happen to have one but didnt use it ,I think it was a Mh cutter , so i wanted to see how loud it was and how it cut lol..... No thank you lol... When i first seen the pic they look good, but then i thought i noticed something, so i saved the image and zoomed in.. To me it looks like there is some staggering cuts around the letters and straight edges( not smooth edges ) but it could be the image. If there is some staggering ,then thats the cutter quality. Like Dakotagrafx said ,servo is way way smoother. On a servo its like using a razor blade to cut vinyl ,and for a stepper its like a serrated knife. the two different cutters have a different type of gear system etc which makes a difference on how your cutter cuts and how they turn out and how quiet it is lol.. Like a VW next to a electric car lol.. ( im probably wrong for what they actually use for internal parts cause ive never opened one yet,but you get the idea.)
  14. thanks bud
  15. awesome thanks bud.