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  1. Good afternoon, Wildgoose.

    question for ya, I know sublimation prints can go on mugs and such but what ink is best for mouse pads?


    1. Wildgoose


      All sublimation is the same ink. It's a chemical transference process that happens around the 400 deg range. The print profile may be different from one type of product to another as far as how much ink gets printed on the transfer sheet etc... but the ink type is the same. Sublimation ink does not work for normal printing either. It looks washed out and faded when it's printed but if you have everything set up right it comes out fantastic. 

      There are several elements that all have to come together to make a good sublimation job. The ink is one part an having a good profile in your print program. (I use Adobe Illustrator but there are lots of potential options with sublimation) If you have a good print profile your next factors are time, temp and pressure. Any variation of any of the three can effect the outcome. I made a sheet to test with that had a whole bunch of color options. It was a set of oranges and navy blues that I was searching for the best settings. Easy color was a rectangle that was about 1" tall and 3" long and off the the side I typed out the CMYK code that each was so I could keep them all straight. (done in mirror so you can read them after the test) There were about 8 of each color and filled up an 8.5"x11" sheet.  I took some sample fabric and did multiple tests on that sheet each time varying the time, or the temp and got different colors with any change I made. I took a lot of notes to keep track of what I wanted to do in the end. It takes some playing around but you eventually get to a good understanding. 

      I never sold all that much sublimated product and my printer clogged up. I still have the ink carts and ink but have not pursued more since my printer died. Good luck. There are a lot of really cool things that can be made. My favorite so far was a set of flip-flops that I bought from Conde. You sublimate the whole thing and then the flip-flops push out of the rest of the foam. I just made a cool design but you could put all kinds of cool stuff on those. 

    2. pilotman1



      my creative brain goes hay wire with so many ideas LOL

  2. pilotman1


    I am to cut a clip art of a bicycle but the tires are coming out perfectly,I have tried changing my tracing effects and still not happy with the turn out. Any advice? thanks
  3. pilotman1

    best blade for siser stretch

    Im getting into heat transfers and wanting to know the best blade to use for cutting sister stretch vinyl and also blade pressure. thanks for everyones input. chad
  4. pilotman1

    laser point 2 plotter

    I have a laser point 2 plotter and just now getting started cutting sister stretch, the problem is when the plotter is cutting the design every once in awhile the vinyl bunches up, therefore screwing up the design also what is the best blade to be using when cutting heat transfer vinyl. thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Good afternoon, OW hope you're having a good day, I have 2 questions for you, I received my samples glass beer mugs and aluminum water bottles in the mail today,, Im wanting to test them out with a font text I had printed on sublimation print paper, I have a heat press for mugs so i won't be using the  cactus wraps,, so what temp. and time would be best to use,, the color of the print is navy blue

  6. pilotman1

    sublimation hobby

    I looking at Epson printers to do small sublimation projects for fun, thoughts on the 2750 Epson printer? Thanks
  7. pilotman1

    heat press

    Im looking at purchasing a swing arm heat press, what is the best size press to get started?
  8. pilotman1


    I am working on a project which has big fonts which are going to be red,, and will have a quarter inch black trace around the fonts,,, trying to figure out how to do the trace in black,, any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. pilotman1


    I am new to the printer for sublimation thing, my budget at this time is pretty tight, I was looking on E-bay and saw a Epson stylus C88 plus printer w/ 200 ML DS sublimation ink,, is this worth buying or should zi wait until I have enough money to buy the 7610. thanks for any replies
  10. pilotman1

    coffee mug heat press wraps

    OK, so I bought the heat press machine for mugs, now I am wanting to buy some different size wraps, question is, do all wraps work with all heat presses? or do each company have their own wraps?
  11. pilotman1

    cactus wraps/heat press

    That Makes a lot of sense!!!! thanks!!!!
  12. pilotman1

    cactus wraps/heat press

    I am ordering some cactus wraps but want to also buy a press for doing mugs, any suggestions on a press, upright or laying flat, pros and cons of heat press. thanks
  13. pilotman1

    Ricoh 3110 printer kit

    you rock mr300!!! thanks and I sure will.
  14. pilotman1

    Ricoh 3110 printer kit

    Thanks OW i will check that out as I am just getting started at looking before purchase, thanks for the advice!!!
  15. pilotman1

    Ricoh 3110 printer kit

    Thanks, mr300s, I am also looking at a sight called heatpress nation.com looks like the ink is not cheap