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  1. CajunCustom

    A little help with a image

    yes i have the S its our company font i redrew it this is what i got after i sublimnated it
  2. CajunCustom

    A little help with a image

    i have a guy wants to use his logo for some decals about the size of a business card , the image isnt vertoring to clean in VM4 , im not sure if i should cut this as vinyl or print it as sublimation as to what would be more cost effective , anyone able to help clean this up and what are you using cause vm cant do it
  3. yes im using vinyl master pro v4 , i did put a new cable on it also
  4. i am starting to think its the cutter also , last night i went to cut a file and it started cutting find then just stopped dead like it was stuck , i went to try again and record it and then it worked fine , tried again and it locked up again , thought it might be a blade broke or something changed the blade , worked fine 2 or 3 cuts then bam locked up again , i put in a email to uscutter i need to get this fixed i swear i ruined a roll of vinyl yesterday
  5. i guess i will have to email them again , they never contacted me back about the problem , last contact with them was on may 6th , sad customer service if you ask me
  6. Welp i had to do some cuts last night and it seems that it has started all over again , i deleted all the jobs out of the list of jobs i had done , i rebooted the cutter and the computer still does it i wasted about half a roll of vinyl , it seems to do it only in 1 direction now if i cut like pictured it cuts fine if i cut the other way even a smaller image it gets all wierd its cutting on top of each other
  7. CajunCustom

    Vinyl Printers

    I have been thinking about stepping into vinyl printing , i already have a titan 2 vinyl cutter , i checked out the video on the Roland BN 20 looks like a nice machine , uscutter only seems to have a demo unit , i was looking at useing their financing was why i was looking at uscutter they have a few type to choose from and thats where im lost i assume you will also need a laminator to go with it , what does everyone else use , i do most of my decals for my company little stuff here and there on etsy , im sure it would end up paying for itself over time , i seen a ipf 8300 local for cheep but being thats it cheep it has to old or not worth a crap
  8. CajunCustom

    Transfer paper

    i ordered some of what pshawny said ill give that a shot
  9. CajunCustom

    Transfer paper

    i guess my biggest pain is thats its layerd
  10. CajunCustom

    Transfer paper

    What are you guys useing for transfer paper , ive been useing at65 with no problems , but recently i have made some larger decals 20 inch long and have had a few people say its coming off the backing paper when it gets to them , im getting ready to do a 54" 3 layer decal and it would have to be rolled into a large box i dont want the same to happen to it
  11. Just a Update to let people know what happened with this , never got a call email or anything from Vinyl Master again , so when its time for a software update ill try another company that would support what they sell , i have reinstalled everything and also added a static kit from uscutter , so far so good
  12. support contacted me back thru email , after doing a number of cuts and tests with a pen they were saying it could be my usb port " um no " etc etc then they said it might be the cutter because at the time it wasnt doing anything bad , last pen test and on the first row it did the last circle over and over about 4 times , he took a screen shot downloaded a file said he would have to get with the engineers them poof bye in like a second
  13. after i get thru with this job painfully i think ill do that
  14. Windows 7 , could use any help that anyone has , contacted Us Cutter today , Matt spent about a hour remote into my system , in sure cuts alot pro it cuts perfect , i have been fighting since then cutting decals it is screwing up so much , called 5 times to Vinyl Master's number no answer just a answering machine , everything used to cut fine now its just all messed up sometimes not even cutting the complete image , registration marks way of etc etc , i have never used sure cuts alot that makes it worse at this moment dont have time to play with a new software
  15. Talked with Matt at Uscutter today , he remoted into my system and did a few different test cuts for about an hour , i dont use sure cuts alot that is what they use , it cut fine in sure cuts alot , only thing he can narrow it down too is software i use Vinyl Master Pro v4 , ill have to call them next , Uscutters is great customer support , said if Vinyl Master cant help me call them back and they will see what they can do even though they dont use that software