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  1. crome

    Paper Feed

    When you click send to cutter and the next screen opens up, make sure the absolute (position) is not checked.
  2. select, let's say the two feet, right click, ungroup, then pull the center image out
  3. when you look at the letter in in show outline only view, zoomed in, if there is only one line on the outside of the letters, then the letters will be full, if zoom in and you see two lines making up the letters, then you are cutting an outline of the letter.....that make sence?
  4. When you are looking at it in preview, it's just showing where the blade is running, it's not showing you the color of the vinyl you will be using
  5. look at it on your cutting mat in the "show outline only "view, is there two two lines in each foot or just one? you may have to zoom in to see it good
  6. You are not wanting the centers of the letters cut out?
  7. Select the text on your cutting mat, right click, path and then union.....Toggle the view to show outline only so you can see what going on
  8. crome

    SCALP help!

    Group the four white objects together, then place them over the black where you want them. Select all the objects (black and white pieces) and then right click, paths and then back minus front.
  9. crome

    Need help

    Create a square and place it on top of the coffee cup, then select both images, right click, shaping and then punch out. create your text, place it where you want it, select both objects, right click, welding, weld selected. Or you can select your image, select the eraser tool and just erase the cup. Hold down the left click button to use the eraser, the right button will add fill.
  10. Just separate in VM, select your image, right click it and then select ungroup. select the image again and just pull one layer off of the other
  11. I have cut a few sets, I used a cricut cutting mat and did two slow passes on each piece and they came out good. I got my material from a gun show a few years back, but you can buy a 5" x 7" piece from Talon for $10
  12. Thanks! The decals are covered with 2 coats of thread finish, so the decals are on there till the cows come home!
  13. I had an order for two "America" themed rod builds this week. I started with building the grips out of 8# expanding foam, shaped on the lathe and then covered them with e-glass. After the grips was built, I dipped them in a "Thin Blue Line" flag pattern. Once glued to the blanks, I did all the thread work and used Oracal 651 to put stars and names on the rods. The 1st rod is a split grip inshore flounder rod. The second rod is a full grip sheepshead build.
  14. crome

    how to load straight

    Yep, me too.