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  1. how to load straight

    Yep, me too.
  2. sc cutter

    The wife and myself go to MB all the time
  3. Need help

    what brand adapter did you get?
  4. Did you import the image and vectorize it? You saying everything else cut good except that, I would say it's the cut file. Zoom it on your "B" and see if it has smooth lines. What cutter do you have?
  5. sc cutter

  6. sc cutter

    I've had my SC cutter running for a little over 12 hours one day on a last minute 500 piece decal order for a ducks unlimited banquet. My cutter will change "tone" and sounds louder at times, But it has never messed with the way it cuts or runs, My SC is a little over 5 years old and still gets used weekly and cut good for what it is. I did save up a little from each job and bought a Titan 2. The servo cutter is night and day better than a stepper motor cutter. Granted, the titan 2 is no graphtec or roland, but it is a Cadillac to me, upgrading from my Sc.
  7. Click the cut button and then click on the vinyl spooler. On the vinyl spooler page across the top, click on the settings and check the inches box.....or when you open the program, click on settings and check inches
  8. Starting a new project

    That's just nice!!
  9. Lets talk about On-line Stores.

    Nice looking base!! For my website i use bigcommerce, super easy to use. I can add or drop products and pictures pretty easy on it. You can take paypal at check out, or add a merchant service and take credit cards. I've been with them for over 7 years and not a single complaint.
  10. Help!

    How do you have it connected to your computer?
  11. US Cutter machine cannot be found

    Try turning off your antivirus and see if it'll connect then, if not, might be a bad USB cable
  12. No trouble from mine either. I don't plug and unplug mine at all on the cutter end of the cord. I also went as far to put a zip tie on the USB cord and the front leg of the cutter from the very first day I got my Titan 2, just to take the weight off the USB connector.
  13. round text anti clockwise ?

    I'd do it in two parts, type the top section (type on arch) on the outside path, and then type the bottom section on the inside path and then just put them together.
  14. I would guess a bad kill switch.
  15. I'm pretty sure the knife and eraser tool is not available in the LTR edition of VM. In the pro edition, it's in the node edit tools on the far left column.