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  1. Contour cutting without VM, SCAL, etc.

    I have done it in SCALP but never tried inkscape. Buy a Titan they are much quieter and more accurate on long runs.
  2. Issues ordering

    I restarted my PC and still could only click on the tabs 2 times before it started taking me to the landing page. Send me a message if you need anything else. 20180118_195323.mp4
  3. Issues ordering

    It seems to only be happening in Chrome. I tried IE & edge and it works fine. I disabled my ad blocker and it still happens. It acts like part of the script is not loading. If I close chrome and reopen it I can click on two of the tabs then it takes me to the lading page. I haven't noticed it on any other site.
  4. Issues ordering

  5. Issues ordering

    I've noticed a few issues with the uscutter site today. Please forward on to the staff. The box to enter a credit card doesn't appear during checkout . You have to click Place order before it will show up telling you your credit card was declined. Well duh I didn't enter one. This is the only way to get the CC info box to appear. When you click on ANY of the tabs in a product listing it takes you to the main page. I tried to use the chat but it doesn't seem to work either. I'm using Chrome and don't have issues on any other site. BB
  6. What Xpaperman said is correct. - I have a Titan II running the same holder it came with it's almost three years old and it's cut 1000's of yards of vinyl.
  7. Could be the world famous ----->-* Static *-<-----
  8. 1st race car decal job

    Shirts look awesome, is that printed Iron on graphics ?
  9. Red Oracle Vinyl not Releasing

    Clear tape was invented by the Devil - Only use paper tape.
  10. Best time of year for lost packages.
  11. Weeding work light?

    Same setup I have
  12. Where do I find the update for the Titan ? this is the SC update
  13. I don't use it either as I got tired of wasting vinyl. There are several versions of the program that were shipped all behave differently when they cut, and it doesn't auto upgrade as VM suggests .
  14. USCutter used to supply Sure Cuts alot Pro.with all of their machines people complained about I'm not sure if that's why they swapped out or they got a better price from VM. But it is really good basic cutting software and it gets the job done without any of the issues VM has. It is a true WYSIWYG cutting program there is no Fluff you will need corel or similar to make complex designs. Or save your VM designs as a PDF and import them into SCALP. I use SCALP in a production environment on 4 cutters with no issues. USCutter used to offer it on their site if not you can buy a copy at www.craftedge.com And to the haters don't bother responding to me about VM, SCALP works and it works well.
  15. It much slower cutting complicated files . I can start both machines at the same time and the Older one always finishes 1/3 faster. The new one I have is actually my 3rd as I had another one but it had mechanical issues so It was exchanged. The new one is faster than my SC but not by much. But for the price you can't beat them, where else can you get an ROI in under a week.