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  1. busterbay

    Help identifying this image

    They were very vague when they first contacted me that is why I posted the picture . After questioning them a bit they said they had a local artist make it for them. They didn't offer this information early on which made me suspicious.. I did also several searches after I posted it and it didn't return any results. I guess the next step would be for them to sign a release and move forward.
  2. A customer sent me this I'm pretty sure it's a marvel char or similar so I will decline. Looks familiar but I'm not sure of the name. Suggestions ?
  3. busterbay

    Contour cutting without VM, SCAL, etc.

    I have done it in SCALP but never tried inkscape. Buy a Titan they are much quieter and more accurate on long runs.
  4. busterbay

    Issues ordering

    I restarted my PC and still could only click on the tabs 2 times before it started taking me to the landing page. Send me a message if you need anything else. 20180118_195323.mp4
  5. busterbay

    Issues ordering

    It seems to only be happening in Chrome. I tried IE & edge and it works fine. I disabled my ad blocker and it still happens. It acts like part of the script is not loading. If I close chrome and reopen it I can click on two of the tabs then it takes me to the lading page. I haven't noticed it on any other site.
  6. busterbay

    Issues ordering

  7. busterbay

    Issues ordering

    I've noticed a few issues with the uscutter site today. Please forward on to the staff. The box to enter a credit card doesn't appear during checkout . You have to click Place order before it will show up telling you your credit card was declined. Well duh I didn't enter one. This is the only way to get the CC info box to appear. When you click on ANY of the tabs in a product listing it takes you to the main page. I tried to use the chat but it doesn't seem to work either. I'm using Chrome and don't have issues on any other site. BB
  8. What Xpaperman said is correct. - I have a Titan II running the same holder it came with it's almost three years old and it's cut 1000's of yards of vinyl.
  9. Could be the world famous ----->-* Static *-<-----
  10. busterbay

    1st race car decal job

    Shirts look awesome, is that printed Iron on graphics ?
  11. busterbay

    Red Oracle Vinyl not Releasing

    Clear tape was invented by the Devil - Only use paper tape.
  12. Best time of year for lost packages.
  13. busterbay

    Weeding work light?

    Same setup I have
  14. Where do I find the update for the Titan ? this is the SC update
  15. I don't use it either as I got tired of wasting vinyl. There are several versions of the program that were shipped all behave differently when they cut, and it doesn't auto upgrade as VM suggests .