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  1. sometimes more
  2. been 3 years since the last update . . . .
  3. have you thought about using a powered usb hub - maybe a voltage loss over the longer cable?
  4. thinking the same thing as sue that it may very well be the files and no matter what cutter you have it will always cut what quality of image you feed it. zoom in and inspect your file closely to see if it is smooth - if you are still looking for the most precise cutter then about $1100 gets you the best in a 15" graphtec - but again it will only cut as good as the file you give it to cut http://www.uscutter.com/Graphtec-CE-6000-Vinyl-Cutter-Bundle
  5. might not hurt to call sawgrass though to confirm the sfnw designated printer is the same ink as the dn these inks are made for but guessing it is wireless for one not sure on the sfn part scan fax network???? - you would think it wouldn't make a difference and would take the same ink but a phone call would be safe to make sure as the ink is expensive
  6. here is the link to the inks for a ricoh 3110 keep in mind if this printer has been previously loaded you will run thru a lot of ink flushing the old ink out to convert it. http://www.uscutter.com/SubliJet-Ink-Cartridge-Ricoh-3110
  7. as you discovered it is not a matter of conversion but the image has to be digitized with tracing - with tracing a lot depends on the quality of the image you start with - if it is small and pixelated you will always have a jagged trace. with most programs you can adjust the amount of smoothing it does to curves but many times you need to manually adjust the nodes - it takes time to learn to get a good image. lots of good people on here to help and several or very good at redrawing the image in vector format for a fee - with most you pay on their skill level and expertise level and the final image is evident to what level the person is at when you zoom in and check their work. take your time and keep adjusting settings and even learning to node edit - you will get there. it is a whole different world than working with pixels like most people are used to working with - with their raster pictures
  8. just looked and I have 26 tabs open in one browser and 12 in another with flexi running, illy and a few other programs
  9. is it a vector file - you cannot cut raster images without digitizing them
  10. loving it so far and the graphics card seems to be great for doing sign graphics - I don't game but tend to have lots of programs and tabs open at the same time
  11. So,for those of us in the past s that us 15/100 of and inch . . . That explains a lot. These cutters drag the blade and the blade is dropping in an orientation different than what you want. You are trying to do that with the lowest end course stepper motor whan the only real way to get anywhere near that small would be with. A true machine that orients the blade by mechanical means ( summa might make one) . . . The cutter though is going to cost over $2000 compared to the $250 one you are trying to accomplish this with. At least that is my take on it, other opinions may vary. My first clue was the width of the pressure roller tracks in the picture to give some scale. actually at just over .15 " that machine did a great job for what it is
  12. pretty hard to find - I just googled graphtec america and hit support. I have never heard of anyone having trouble with their direct support before but then again so few people ever need to call them Technical Support:Please provide product model & serial number with your tech service inquiry Toll Free: (888) 318- 3247 if the time being down is a big factor then order another one while this one is being fixed. when you have big overhead you have to plan for equipment problems.
  13. heck I would just check the temp with an ir thermometer -set it once and mark on the dial with a sharpie
  14. personally I would contact Graphtec tomorrow directly for diagnosis / .
  15. also how tall are those letters?
  16. clear is nice for layering but not conducive to compound curves like normal cars (race cars tend to be flat - and can't use with wet method - many times in the past I have put paper tape down and just use some clear or even packing tape over the part with registration marks to make lining up easier. that way I still have the paper tape for wet or curves after I cut off the registration marks.
  17. I have never seen it available . . .maybe call support
  18. last of the 3 - 3tb hard drives went in today - it is cruisin - good for another 3 years I hope 64gb ram, 8 core ryzen 3.4ghz, win 10 pro just a Sunday internet cruiser
  19. didn't find it but it sure has that sexy LHF look to it
  20. What does the nozzle test look like, will give a couple of clues, like encoder strip problem and if you will also need a1700 in heads ?
  21. actually I was referring to the roland plotters and not printers = the roland uses a big dot and square for registration points in most programs and it finds them a lot easier than the other plotters I have used
  22. Glad you are doing good hatter
  23. Welcome from Michigan
  24. will be at a standstill after blasting and painting the black border as I have to wait on some gold leaf to come in - been a while since I did one of these. this was with the resist applied before blasting that only took 10 minutes Pretty sure it is anchor resist - I tried using some regular vinyl like I always did on glasses but wanted a good blast so went back and did the resist on the second one -
  25. heck it seems lately none of it is as strong as it used to be - personally I have never had a problem but 951 is a very small portion of what I have used