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    another use for the graphtec

    I have a 1965 mustang that the original owner put a eelco flip gas cap on. The original rubber that is about 3/16" thick had deteriorated after all those years and is no longer available - I found some rubber that is proper thickness - designed the holes for the mounting bolt and vent hole along with proper diameter (in graphtec pro studio) and put in the cb15u blade, that I use for rhinestone template and thick sandblast mask, - cut a perfect replacement gasket. never tell a sign/decal person that something can't be found - we make em.
  2. notice you have several shades of black/gray in that file - convert it to all one color and bet those sections show up or just select the box that says "send all colors"
  3. skeeter hit is right on the head early on - the offset definitely was not at 0 to begin with - I have had some software change the settings (flexi) on the plotter when I sent the project to cut. I have owned several roland and graphtecs and the graphtecs hands down will cut much finer detail than the rolands. not sure if skeeter mentioned it but I think the 8600 has a 2 position blade holder retainer - the blade holder needs to be in the back part of that retainer (blade position one)
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Remembering Mr 300

    Hard. Every time we pass over the bridge in put a Gouda where he took us in his boat. Great man and greatly missed
  5. Dakotagrafx

    Printing on sublimation film

    50 percent cotton will produce only 50 percent of the fibers being dyed as the sublimation ink will only adhere to the poly fibers - not to cotton. sublimation does not print white. dtg you will have to use almost daily or the heads will clog and you will have an expensive boat anchor. personally I use a ricoh printer (sawgrass) because it can sit for a few months unused and still fire right up - now you can buy several epsons for the price of a ricoh but in the long run you WILL be buying several epsons as they do clog - find a niche that works for you that doesn't include the costly equipment and if you are printing what everyone else is printing you will have to compete on price . . . which never works out in the long run
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Cloudy to specific blur spots on Mugs?

    where are you getting your mugs? coating has to be spot on even = best mugs I used over the years were from Marck in toledo ohio - cost more but the mugs were always perfect and very durable unlike some of the cheaper ones I purchased that had uneven coating and many broken handles
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Ce6000-60 plus not recognizing media loaded

    second guess - does the plotter do anything when the media lever is released - have seen the switch for that not work from bent media lever. for troubleshooting purposes - you could go into the menu and disable the media sensors to see if the rest of the machine works
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Printing on Vinyl

    an aqueous based ink will never bite into or dry properly on a vinyl that is not specially coated for aqueous inks. you need specially coated vinyl made for aqueous inks - and where that coating is applied to the vinyl is where the product usually fails after a year or so. to properly print onto regular vinyl (even then should be made for printing on) use either a solvent, latex or thermo resin printer.
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Blades kept Tapping

    was your plotter grounded to the stand prior to this? how long have you had the plotter? has it been working up until now?
  10. Dakotagrafx

    Older SC Cutter Problem

    I am sure in your rewiring you reseated all the ribbon cables and blew the board off real good with air? salts in mice pee would possibly be conductive even after drying . . . just throwing out an idea to check
  11. Dakotagrafx

    Roland BN-20A will not print or cut

    first step I would reinstall the printer driver itself after downloading direct from roland - in case that got corrupted. I am guessing that this is the same computer that you printed from the day before? have you tried replacing the cord (not sure if bn-20 uses a usb or a network cable). personally I always had 2 computers set up to print from so I would try the other computer. Nothing to do with your problem but a side note and advice for a newbie: Make sure you leave the printer plugged in so it can do the self cleanings 3-4 times a day by itself - your print head is one of the most expensive I have seen and once clogged the nozzles on a solvent printer don't come back like on a aqueous printer - that little bit of ink a day it uses to clean is just a cost of doing business and much less than a print head.
  12. After vectorizing the image, delete the raster portion, that is why the box
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Scan and Cut-A tangent for Discussion

    All plotters use registration marks outside of the image to cut and need a margin around the image that I have used, but then mostly I have used solvent printers and some pigment based for garments. Curious why you would want to print registration marks within your image where they would be visable in the final product?
  14. Dakotagrafx

    My wife thinks she’s funny

    She said pose here, I thought for the turtles Not cutter related but I know several old timers that will see the humor
  15. Dakotagrafx

    printing on zippo flip lighter

    I think it was Lra near Tampa Florida I used to get that type of sublimation lighters from
  16. Dakotagrafx

    Hello to all

    Whazup , why all the replies on the necro threads
  17. Dakotagrafx

    VS540 printer issue

    Encoder strip clean?
  18. Dakotagrafx

    MH721 with flexisign 10

    You need the usb drivers for your plotter installed first. Your plotter uses a usb emulation chip with special drivers.
  19. Dakotagrafx

    Rotatrim vs. Dahle (vs. Manual) input please

    It was a lucky buy for sure. I would think that Rotarian would be sweet. I know we used the heck out of our cheaper ones before I found the big one
  20. Dakotagrafx

    Rotatrim vs. Dahle (vs. Manual) input please

    can't speak for those but I found a NEOLT a few years ago including shipping was $200 - - - - we had one in the GIS shop I worked in and they are indestructible if you can find one reasonably. the reviews on that rotatrim are impressive picture was last year during bathroom reno when the cutter wasn't getting much love
  21. Dakotagrafx

    Help applying application tape please….

    same method I use - works great and I leave the clear for the crafters, you can't apply a decal wet with clear I seriously need to raise the price of the one I have in the buy/sell section lol -
  22. having owned a dozen graphtecs - I have NEVER seen vinyl buckle on a graphtec until the ce7000 series -
  23. I'm going to wait on skeeter for this one - never heard of the carriage height being adjustable - but the buckling is a common knowledge issue with that model
  24. Dakotagrafx

    Help Please….

    not a scalp user as I disliked it when I tried it but should be a punch out, cut out or remove overlap feature -
  25. Dakotagrafx

    Application Bubbles

    like this just make 3 layers with 3 sets of registration marks - I would just change the top layer registration marks to another color so it is easier to follow along - other than that I think you just didn't work it down a little at a time while you peeled the backing - it takes practice