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    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    they also still have videos and instructions to use 1/2 a credit card depth which we all know is 10 times too much blade - the old timers that stay around and read every single post helping newbies have gotten hundreds of people cutting correctly on the weekends and nights when the main office is closed - - - day after day, week after week, month after month - same story.
  2. Dakotagrafx

    Problemas de corte

    using vinylmaster (as that is the better program IMHO) - you need to adjust your offset so the corners are crisp - then add to the overcut and that will fix your are that is not cut -
  3. Dakotagrafx

    Error opening output file

    is the software activated on the new computer?
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec ce6000 vs plus

    the plus came out within a couple months of me purchasing my current ce6000-60 Sept 2016 - so if they still have ce6000's they don't turn over their stock very often.
  5. I switched my dedicated computer a while back to a HP Elite 8300 USFF and 8200 USFF (one is my shipping computer and backup to the cutting computer) ultra small form factor computer and put a solid state drive in it - very very low power usage, cost effective solution as mine is left on about 9 months out of the year. like a laptop in power usage but has more airflow and is silent. cutting computer is never online and no anti virus needed so it is faster and not likely to get corrupted from a download
  6. lol - great minds think alike on using a refine after having a graphtec that would be about as much fun as putting your hand on a vice and whacking your hand with a hammer :/
  7. signblazer might work with it - last updated 8+ years ago but a free download - other than that buy vinylmaster
  8. first welcome from the USA - we need more of a description of what your machine is doing now - has it worked in the past or is this a newly acquired unit.
  9. First Welcome from the USA first make sure you have the offset back at 0 when you go back to the cb09 blade - if that doesn't work chack and make sure you don't have a broken tip but betting you still have the offset set to something other than 0. personally I wouldn't try cutting cardboard on a precision cutter and even if you did you would need to use a carrier sheet so you didn't destroy your cutting strip.
  10. Dakotagrafx

    Automatic Sheet Cutting

    I found one of the neolt trimmers like a shop I worked in had - on ebay for $200 shipped - pretty sure they paid close to that in shipping alone but it has been one of the most used pieces of equipment over the past 10 years. even after selling the solvent printers this trimmer will stay with us for a long time as it is too handy. link below for one similar to mine. the Neolt are built in italy and very clean accurate cuts https://www.ebay.com/itm/Neolt-Trim-150-Paper-Trimmer-Cutter-W-Stand-Catcher-Local-Pick-up-Only/264501715838?hash=item3d9587e37e:g:-SAAAOSwgGJdqF-z
  11. Dakotagrafx

    Titan2 Issues

    it's like sticking an ice pick thru a material and trying to slide it . .. .
  12. Dakotagrafx

    Titan2 Issues

    2 things is there a third roller we can't see that is holding the right side? always have your rollers to the outside edge - other than that again too much blade and force can do that too
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Replaced Z chip

    thanks for getting back and letting us know - might very well help someone in the future!!
  14. Dakotagrafx

    Titan2 Issues

    looks like gauging on corners and where the blade first meets and lifts - to me that shows way too much blade exposure - use skeeters method for setting blade depth that is in the instructional contributions section:
  15. Dakotagrafx


    for comparison this is the same ega done on a titan2 within minutes of me unboxing and with a new cleancut blade installed
  16. Dakotagrafx


    Here is a challenge that will show it's up to the task - duplicate these cuts on the prismcut and post - will be a big boost for the plotter. The car was done by our late friend mr300s and is from the bill woods car cd - on a ce5000 - the ega was done on a ce5000. will be a great way to show off the capabilities of the new plotter or even pick one of the winning designs from last years contest USC sponsored on the forum.
  17. Best Flexi pro Best for the money VInylmaster free but still works signblazer . . .
  18. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl master DSR won't read cutter

    I always worked directly from versaworks so not sure how they integrate together as it appears you are doing . . . my workflow was to import into versaworks and then print, take out and laminate - put back in and change versaworks to cut the contour
  19. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl master DSR won't read cutter

    but . . . but it looks like a big printer
  20. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl master DSR won't read cutter

    so are you designing in DSR and then exporting the file as a .eps to be imported into versaworks and do the printing and cutting from there? as far as I know vinylmaster is not a RIP program which is needed for your printer. if you are new to this your wide format roland is not like using a desktop printer
  21. Dakotagrafx


    gobble gobble
  22. better than the exchange rate for trinidad money my wife brought home last week - this is $4.14 USD
  23. $4.99 shipping here - - - I have never understood why it is so much more to ship to canada - - -
  24. great find - back when I needed one the only option was OEM - that is way cheaper
  25. those adapters if like the model before that one are real expensive too. I would call them but wouldn't count on any help 3 years after the sale . . . can't think of any company that would do much after even 6 months after receiving an item :/ sorry to hear about this as in the past I have replaced adapters and mainboads on the model prior to that one and it makes you cry when you order either - they are not generic like so many other things