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  1. were the letters traced?
  2. I get it I have a pending vacation in 2 weeks consuming my planning
  3. this one obviously needs more work but here is a shot at it to start with for the G as you said you had the other part close Untitled.eps
  4. actually if you read the thread I linked to the old uscutter tech that was the best at these said it should be on all the time
  5. ones you actually cut and the actual file of the B
  6. also close up pictures of some of those other things that cut perfect would help - everyone is trying to diagnose your issue using years of experience looking at post like this one
  7. redsail does not make the mh cutter refine does - the red light is normal according to this post on the same issue I found using the search box above
  8. did you get the font as a ttf and install it in your computer and then insert the B from your vinylmaster? or did they send you a eps etc that could be a bad file? like crome said it sure looks like a bad vectorizing with a lot of nodes that needs cleaned up from a trace . . .
  9. you are looking for window perf vinyl and would be printable with a solvent or latex printer - for around $9000 for printer, a cutter and then buy some window perf you will be ready to rock and roll
  10. run it hard and put money back for a servo cutter - took me years of upgrading every year or so but finally go to the graphtecs - cut all those other cutters paid for the upgrades and a lot more
  11. regular price for the most part unless I have a personal connection to them . . . give them some once for free and you will have 10 more at your door next week looking for freebies
  12. what was the solution for the next person trying to look it up?
  13. any newer flexi, vinylmaster, etc should have the old plotters listed. I think that is a GCC that was private labeled by signwarehouse - I know their private labeled graphtecs require specific drivers as the chipset has been changed to require support thur SW. maybe someone that has or had one of the private labeled Lynx will happen along. we don't get a lot of questions about them on the UScutter forum being a competitor of SW
  14. hotronix fan myself . . .. knight is good too.
  15. probably that plotter wasn't invented when flexi version 1 came out - heck we was on ver 7.6 - 9 years ago . . ..
  16. can't open image
  17. add registration marks at the top to help alight then when assembling. most programs have the option but I like to just make a couple of stars and then copy and past over for each color layer. if flexi I use the function to cut each color separately a lot when doing multi color decals. I have around 1 tb of tiles and if I broke each down over the years into pages for each color it would be a lot more space
  18. it is pretty much luck of the draw when you call in if you get the guy that has been there a couple of years or a couple of weeks :/
  19. used to be a common complaint with many people back when we had caravans - luckily none of ours gave a a bit of problems. I still hope to get her into a jeep grand Cherokee. love the charger and 300 but lowering my butt and getting back out is much easier in the suv than the car now days and we have both had 2 knee surgeries
  20. Right around 31K miles - never seen rain much less snow
  21. did you see the trailcat I hate to admit it but I have been digging my way back to the Mustang in the barn - maybe next year it will reappear
  22. she wants the awd hemi charger - I prefer the 300 or challenger (I will lose) but as we get older I am trying to steer her toward a jeep grand Cherokee -we seem to be getting to a point that ride comfort and getting in and out easier is becoming more important . . . I say as I climb up into the 2500 every time
  23. No doubt about that - you would smoke staceys RT and my latest truck is all about pulling . . . give me 2 more years when she gets her new one
  24. Tried that once - scared the Bejesus right out of me bet the forum discount is MOPARORNOCAR and you have to have at least 2 mopars in the dirveway or garage to qualify
  25. looks very close to the stencils made by the diagraph brand stencil machines - which are a die cutting stencil maker. the marsh machine makes rounder letters but the diagraph is darn near dead on from what I can see