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  1. How would you handle this?

    heck I didn't know they changed their name from howard sportswear :/ I'm slow
  2. First big project

    if you are using a mh refine cutter I would be thinking static or memory limitation depending on design - this time of year we see a lot of static issues with the value cutters -especially from people that hadn't put the ground wire on from the cutter bottom to the stand (comes with all mh cutters)
  3. did you attach the ground wire from the stand to the cutter bottom?
  4. Back Lit signs

    not sure on the sign box part but this is a good company I have used for years - mainly for coro and stakes when they have a sale - bought some banner etc from them and they have LED supplies - the web site is quite lacking but trustworthy company to deal with over closer your direction https://www.mumpowersignsupply.com/
  5. make sure both front and back sensors are clean - little windows on the right side of plotter as I recall (not near mine at moment
  6. The Fighting Fours

    heck they are close enough it could have been from a bad trace of a real font - - - lots of sub par work out there
  7. Graphtec Question

    yes - sw and beacon both had the only cost effective private branded flexi pro till this graphtec deal came along - now it is the best deal by far.
  8. Graphtec Question

    at that price and with the software they are including now the graphtec is an incredible deal - - - - just the software is worth anywhere from $500-800 at the least - SW sells that software as ve-lxi-master plus for $1595 list - I have both on my design computer right now - other than a rhinestone add on the ve has it is the same rebranded flexi pro without rip
  9. Graphtec Question

    we have had a guy on craigslist selling mh, cheap heat press and some cheap vinyl for $1500 for years - obviously he makes money at it - - - - price doesn't make things better all the time. There is a strong following in the gcc community - I believe even more so in canada. Ive owed roland gx-24 and graphtec ce3000,ce5000,ce60000 - about the same price and while the roland is better at finding registration marks the graphtec is better at small detail. different strokes for different folks.
  10. Graphtec Question

    US cutter sold rebranded GCC cutters for a while under zencut name - no offence but not in the same ballpark as a graphtec
  11. GS-24 help

    since I see in another post you are using corel draw - are you using cut studio to send to the cutter? if so there is a screen and tab in that to set width and length -
  12. GS-24 help

    Russ, while I don't own a gs and been a while since I had a GX in the shop - generally you have no limitations on length once you select roll - only when selecting sheet. what software are you using - the people on here that might own a gs that might help would need to know all things like that. You will never get that plotter to print but hopefully we can figure out why you can't cut longer items.
  13. Graphtec Question

    I agree with the rebranded flexi pro cloud (minus RIP) it is a unbelievable deal
  14. SB often locks up when I hit "cut"

    actually the link works and it downloads but Windows 10 and Norton will see it as malware and remove it before you can click on it. I believe because that one had the patch already embedded in it
  15. Graphtec Question

    same here on my "stock" items - - - eps saves all the info and cuts directly and prints directly in versaworks when properly prepared the first time around
  16. Graphtec Question

    just save everything as .eps and you can use it in most programs
  17. Graphtec Question

    while I have saved new stuff since getting it in each program and opened in the other - files I saved with ve-lxi prior do not open with this but that will not be a problem for 99 percent of the people - and I always save finished work as .eps so I can open in most programs - heck for new graphtec owners this is a steal of a deal. SW shows master plus for $1600 but in reality you can get it much cheaper (like $500 or so) or with a cutter - - - - but this with a graphtec makes that graphtec seem cheap. No with that said am I the only one seeing a killer deal on the ce6000-60 on the web site tonight??
  18. Graphtec Question

    just got my activation for graphtec studio pro - looks a lot like my ve-lxi master plus - so basically flexi pro without the RIP - - great deal for those that can get it!!!
  19. Vinyl that Looks like paint?

    Welcome from Coldwater, MI
  20. Can you sub on canvas

    phototex sells a product for pigment printers and pretty sure the epson I print on with the solvent is pigment ok too
  21. I think my cutter is broke

    had something like that on a roland gx-24 once - after playing with it I finally let the lever snap back on it's own and it jarred the micro switch enough it worked normally
  22. need your help

    if it is line drawings you could use a plotter with a pen attachment - or as you won't be using them outside the hp's with pigment ink work well for autocad and GIS drawings. this group is for decal people that use vinyl to print on and need outdoor durability so we all use solvent or latex which is overkill for that type of work. I n a previous job I ran an autocad and GIS shop
  23. Help with graphic to be digitized

    still got the copam from 2011??
  24. Anybody recognize this one...

    adjusted the contrast a bunch and played with the slider mb talks about -