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    Charlie Ergan said the designers at dish could put a dollar into the units for every two dollars they saved from upgrades in circuitry , over the years major upgrades have been made and cheaper. I am sure that holds true for most items like this that advances can be made. It is just easier for them to not put the effort into more advanced circuitry even over 15 years.
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    It is amazing to me that with the thousands made over the years that servo motors have not came down in price and just eliminated the steppers altogether - but people starting out look for the cheapest units they can find and that is what sells thousands of plotters. also the reason that those that stay in the business take profits and move up over the years to better units
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    2 things - first this is a userforum and we seldom get input from uscutter on anything - most is what we have discovered from years of use and troubleshooting with other users 2nd the emulation chips that convert usb to serial (what the boards generally use for communicaiton) is common amongst all of the value cutters sold by everyone - until you get up to the titan series do you really get a better chipset. if you want the best go with a graphtec and be done with it - otherwise sacrifices are made to sell cutters at as low of a price as they do
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    Customer Service

    goose = I am guessing that he called in an order for will call pick up and was not impressed with the service he got - I am waiting to see if anyone responds from UScutter as they had indicated last september they would have someone monitoring the forum.
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    Titan 3 SE and Mac?

    if you run parallels like Hanauma had said you can also run the Graphtec PRO Studio Software that comes with the ce6000-60 free ($2100 value) - it is private branded flexi pro and the best software I have used - use it daily . . but must be used in a windows environment. makes the ce6000 seem pretty cheap once you factor that in
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Magenta in my yellow, Help!

    did you ever get this resolved?
  7. an additional thought - the p-cut like many value cutters is more like a schizophrenic - you never know hour to hour which personality you are dealing with
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Noob Questions

    actually slice - graphtec has different blade holders that have red and blue caps - the cb009u that most of us use are the blue standard blade holder with a blue adjustment knob on the top the cb015u is for a thicker blade used for things like thick sandblast resist (thinner can be cut with the cb009u) and has a red adjustment cap - unlike the protective caps you show on the roland blades when they are shipped - - - http://www.graphtecamericastore.com/blade-holders/
  9. lol - I remember my p-cut teaching me lots of it's quirks, ahh the old days that makes me appreciate the graphtec now. go on vacation for 3 weeks and come back and everything works right away as it should.
  10. Dakotagrafx

    Contour cutting phototex

    this thread hasn't been active in 5 years - you could be waiting a long time for them to answer - I would try your cb09 blade holder with the 60 degree - been a while since I cut phototex so not sure but thinking you shouldn't need the cb15 for that material
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    Just joined

    Welcome from Michigan - looking forward to your contributions - several members on here have solvent and latex printers - sharing and showing ideas is always encouraged on the forum as we help each other be successful. looks like from your web site you have a lot of experience to share with our newer people that are getting into the business. You won't find too many customers on the forum as most of our people are in the business - but helping each other is always encouraged so feel free to share some tips and tricks on wrap installs as we get many questions. USCutter used to put on several wrap classes.
  12. from what I have seen in our area - car companies are bottom feeders and play one against the other including the grandma with her cricut for the lowest price. like others above said figure a price that includes your labor at a good rate and either get that price or let them walk. Smaller realtors are another group that do the same thing - the big ones order screen printed signs in qty to save money.
  13. used to be that way until the new software and new it people took over - not sure how that thought process went
  14. Already ahead of you on those lol
  15. I started with a p-cut and when I made enough moved up to a copam, saves some more and got into the graphtecs - making one pay for the next and then some.
  16. parts might be hard to come by so gorilla glue or jb weld probably only option
  17. heck it has been so long since I had my p-cut I don't remember how its done on that machine but if it is entered on the plotter itself on the control panel it should do that even if not connected to the computer
  18. have seen the chip set driver get corrupted before so never hurts to install that again. Can you imagine where sighblazer would be now if Jerry had not died and had been able to continue development - it was way ahead of its time
  19. Signblazer good option but you also need to install the ftdi chipset drivers for the usb to work
  20. Dakotagrafx

    Help Identifying a font

    find my font has saved so many hours over the years - one of the best purchases I ever made.
  21. Dakotagrafx

    New cutter advice, Please

    I had 2 copams and they were the best stepper motor plotter I have used, so agree on quality makes a difference.
  22. Dakotagrafx

    New cutter advice, Please

    good catch on that - surprised they sell a stepper motor - I am sure it is a finer resolution stepper but after having a servo would be very hard to go backwards here
  23. Dakotagrafx

    New cutter advice, Please

    saw that but have had problems with other companies that won't honor warranties if bought on ebay thru non authorized dealer is why I mentioned it
  24. Dakotagrafx

    New cutter advice, Please

    2 thinks I would consider - dealers are not allowed to show a lowered price - so guessing not a dealer so not covered under warranty? shows comes with cut master software which is a plug in for illustrator or corel draw and not full software. like skeeter said if you already have VM it probably has the drivers for the unit you are looking at USCutter shows theirs comes with graphtec pro studio which you should be able to download with any new graphtec but again not being a regular dealer I would double check on that - the graphtec pro studio is easily worth $1200-$1500 alone making the new graphtecs a great deal
  25. Dakotagrafx

    New cutter advice, Please

    owned a lot of cutters never disappointed in a graphtec and what I use daily.