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  1. Dakotagrafx

    Sc2 vs titan

    I would lean toward the titan personally , I owned a titan2 for a while and was a solid machine
  2. add a slightly bigger yellow outline and then contour cut to the inside by a negative value
  3. Amber, if you join your post will show immediately with no need to wait for a moderator to approve them. There is no cost and no spam involved, it just lets us control the true spammers better.
  4. not knowing which plotter you have I would guess the majority of them would be to press the origin button on the plotter where you want it to start at
  5. Dakotagrafx

    Full Color T-shirt Transfers

    I have used howards sportswear for plastisol transfers in the past - always pleased
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Officially Licensed Products

    wondering if you ever got the license for those?
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    no offers - but very glad I went that way = I hade 3 roland sp300- sp-300v and sp-300i and even with that never used a take up reel - on that I did a poor mans version using 2 clips to roll as I went - I didn't need to spend the money when I was monitoring the job anyways and like skeeter said with the fc I don't do anything that long to need one on the fc.
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    if you can swing it I really recommend the fc - after having several ce machines I was skeptical too that it could be that much better but it really is - it is a beast - took 3 people to move the plotter and box to the basement and it is taller but built like a tank. extremely happy that I pushed myself for the upgrade and can see me keeping this one longer than my normal self imposed every 3 year upgrade
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Hello from NY!!

    welcome from Michigan
  10. huge rollers lol
  11. I would measure it but I jumped up to a fc with larger rollers
  12. Answered in your other identical thread , this 5hread will self destruct soon
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Open "e" cuts

    You might try a new blade holder . That definitely not up to a graphtec standard for cuts
  14. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    The ce6000-60 is now selling at a premium for used ones because of this. I returned the ce7000 and upgraded to the fc9000-75 and figure it might be the last plotter I ever need after having so many in the past.
  15. Dakotagrafx

    Open "e" cuts

    Something not right, what is the vinyl?
  16. Dakotagrafx

    Open "e" cuts

    Looks like blade tip may be broken, have you tried a new blade?
  17. Dakotagrafx

    No more oracal 631?

    there has been a problem with supply since the beginning of the pandemic - everytime they think they are getting caught out oracal falls behind again.
  18. this is a feature where the plotter is simulating tangial cutting - it is setting the blade direction - there is a way too turn it off or move it outside the cut area in the menu - I am sure skeeter will be around to tell you how if you don't find it first. Will be interested to hear how the vinyl tracks on your plotter after about 3 ft . . . .
  19. Dakotagrafx

    Car grafix vectors

    Some people are happy making pennies No way I would have bought the new fc9000 thinking small
  20. Dakotagrafx

    Car grafix vectors

    The trick is to find your niche and not try to invade what others have found works for them. like skeeter said, selling the same as others you are just selling based on price and it becomes a race to the bottom.
  21. Dakotagrafx

    signblazer download

    skeeter will get you on the right track - personally not a fan of sure cuts a lot but many have gotten signblazer to work using other setting - slice n dice is the pro on the old program that hasn't had updates for 8 years.
  22. Dakotagrafx

    Clear Layer Over Cut Vinyl Decals

    Ditto, have never needed the clear on anything but prints
  23. Dakotagrafx

    pressure settings

    Like Haumana said the actual number varies by machine so it is a lot of trial and error
  24. Dakotagrafx

    pressure settings

    Like Haumana said the actual number varies by machine so it is a lot of trial and error
  25. Dakotagrafx

    pressure settings

    Glitter eats blades. . , make sure you are cutting the dull side and not trying to cut thru the clear carrier (we see that from time to time). It will take more force , which is a higher number. And keep plenty of spare blades around