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  1. it is entirely possible that the "guide" they are aligning to isn't straight as it is a decal put on by a worker that isn't too worried bout it being dead straight on a value cutter. put the vinyl in and run it in and out so see which way it drifts - then loosen the vinyl and make adjustments until if feeds straight. we have seen this many many times as the"guide" is slapped on by eye and not an exact placement like on a high end cutter
  2. Font ID

    Find my Font - best $50 I spent years ago - updated constantly and never need to wonder what a font is any time of day or night
  3. Font ID

    Cyberdyne Expanded Italic (Expanded Italic) squished a little
  4. SC2 Drivers

    never done it on the new value cutters but I would right click over the ftdibus and ftdiport and click install personally - uscutter version of scalp works with this cutter and I believe the one purchased directly from craftsedge will have the drivers in scalp too for the cutter (not the ftdi drivers listed above)
  5. Pc 50 Printing error

    http://support.rolanddga.com/docs/documents/departments/technical services/manuals and guides/faq_pc50.pdf
  6. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    in your other thread you say you have a redsail plotter - are you associated with a college in india? or marketing in some way?
  7. foisen C 24 ploter moter not working

    spamming all over the forum on the same issue will not be tolerated could be mainboard or power supply - contact support for your plotter in india - it is not a common plotter used in the usa
  8. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    contact SAI - owner of flexi for support on their product - they are excellent supporting legal copies of their software
  9. foisen c24 Display foult

    think you will have to find a foison dealer in india - not a common cutter in the USA
  10. any chance you downloaded the usb chipset driver for whatever cutter you have before you tired connecting to the cutting software? besides the above question - what cutter do you have?
  11. more dang rotary cutting tools like the olfa or fiskars - I am forever wearing them out or gumming them up. for working with laying prints on coro I love this tool http://yellotools.us/Cutting/Knives-Cutters-Scissors/bodyguard-knife.html for applying regular vinyl to coro I love my re purposed newman frame
  12. While I was around when Jerry was still giving support it has been over a decade since we have enjoyed the support of a software vendor like vinylmaster and greatly appreciate all the time they put in at the forum.
  13. Shipping layerd decals

    wow - shipping in Canada is expensive - I did quit using the USPS priority tubes = seemed they resembled wheel chocks too much as they looked like they had been driven over too many times when they got there - especially bad in the carolinas. for down there I now use the heaviest tubes I can find but quit putting fragile or do not crush on any packages as the chance of damage went up considerably when they had those labels
  14. Shipping layerd decals

    Mike - depends on the base vinyl - with 651 or 751 you should be able to use the tube- with things like reflectives or metallics or other specialty materials I would use a 6x6x12 box to roll it less tight so it doesn't tunnel
  15. Graphtec CE6000 vs Roland GS-24

    sounds like your roland dealer is very unfamiliar with the plotters in this industry - owned both rolands and graphtecs - the thing that stands out like skeeter said is the metric thing - either one can select metric or us measurements - so that alone makes me question this sales person. WIth a new Graphtec you can download graphtec studio pro free - essentially flexi pro cloud - price it and you will see what a bargain this is. having owned several roland gx-24's and several graphtec ce3000,ce5000 and 2 ce6000 I do all my cutting on a graphtec - for a printer I have a roland versacamm and will say with print and cut the rolands will outperform any other cutter on finding registration marks - but unless you are ready at this point to drop $15K for all my plotting I use a graphtec. the graphtec does finer detail better and is always ready even after a vacation to fire up and cut right. now both roland and graphtec offer plug ins so you can cut directly from illustrator or corel draw but with the free download of graphtec studio pro there is no competition.

    cords under 15 ft have been used by some of us - over that I believe the loss thru the longer cable causes issues - not sure if a powered hub would help or not. how long are you trying to run? PS I would change your username to something other than your email addy - you will get lots of spam from bots that troll the internet looking for data to spam to
  17. Roland pnc 1210 how old?

    probably 12-15 years old - I would hook it up and try it - the old rolands had a fine stepper motor that cut pretty good - for free what do you have to lose. had an old pnc 1100 or something like that that cut great and once had a graphtec fc4100 - weighted as much as a lawn tractor but cut as good as any cutter I ever had
  18. MH Refine 721 Help

    couple of things - the diagonal line is usually one of 3 things - cut software not being activated will cause it to do that, static causes such issues and exceeding the very limited memory in a MH also causes such issues --- part of the reason the new sc2 came out with more memory. lastly the original mh cutters seemed to be less troublesome than the later ones but that particular plotter looks like it was rode hard and put up wet . . . might be time to put it out to pasture
  19. these two statements contradict each other as I am understanding it - and is important for anyone to understand for troubleshooting - if the unit seems to move the carriage and vinyl from the menu on the plotter then it should make the test cut from the menu on the cutter - that would lead us to the usb drivers for the chipset to communicate with the plotter - Now if as stated in the first post that the menu on the plotter does nothing then I would lean toward a board issue - understanding that exactly is going on helps us to check things in the right direction
  20. ipf610 wide format printer works great paid $400

    Ink Type Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink Dye: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Pigment: 2 x Matte Black
  21. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    been stickied for years under instructional contributions section of the forum - 4th topic down http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/forum/39-instructional-contributions/
  22. SC Uscutter Not Finishing Cut?

    2 things, first make sure your blade exposure is set like Skeeter has posted over and over again, second is add to the overcut in your software if it had it. Not to be confused with offset as if your corners are good you do not want to mess with offset, but adding a little to overcut helps your problem on the stepper motor cutters
  23. Graphtec

    what program are you drawing them in? can you post a file (as long as it is not copyrighted material) so we can see?
  24. more than likely not sent back because of restocking fees and buyer pays shipping back on value cutters - OP posted when they signed up 6 hrs ago and hasn't been back . . . hopefully we hear from them and can help with all the nice users on the forum
  25. I wouldn't worry too much if it is working properly