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    so i just did another test and if i make a 1/2" box around the contour cut, it cuts completely fine.
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    I once was dealing with a Gov't agency and they were required to do the bidding thing for projects such as this, but the office manager just wanted to get a few signs for interior offices replaced (new employee names) and he took a shortcut by providing the payment from a 'petty cash/incidental expenses' account credit card, and that job was done in a day. I recall it was a $374.50 invoice, and we all went home happy. This transom lettering decal appears to be around 2' x 3' size, and I would price it at $240 (including scraping off the old stuff, using some GooGone and Isopropyl, and squeegeeing the new decal up there, maybe the whole thing takes an hour, including design time, cutting, and on-site work).
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    I believe I showed this already on one of my Prismcut videos. It is just using common mechanics really. put the rollers on and see which one is binding. If the outmost roller, put the roller in the next slots and just bend the ends in or out just a smidge and retry the roller until its right. You want the roller in the next slot to avoid bending the entire bracket and throwing the rear one out If the innermost roller, take both out and bend the entire bracket in or out a smidge and retry until it rolls fine. I will agree that support is honestly completely useless. Once I finally got someone in support to call me, he seemed to know absolutely nothing and guessed all basic level things. If I had known the support was this poor from US Cutter, I would have bought elsewhere. Their lifetime support if bought from them appealed to me, but now I see how their support is, it is weak! They can only use covid as a crutch for so much. Dont even get me started on Vinylmaster support.
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    you could also just use a tape measure to get the approximate size that you're looking for.
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    Who ever she got the substrates from should have the templates. Coastal, Conde, just to name a few. And remeber that you can't use most things from Wally World or the dollar stores, they need to have the proper poly coating in order to sublimate