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    So far: Printed on paper, and used the pen tool. The only thing I did differently was add extra cut marks like the support site said, and it would have been a perfect cut. Now I'm going to try that print again with the extra cut marks. Thank you for the paper and pen tool advice! I don't know why I didn't think about that.
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    You probably need a null modem cable as well. You typically can not connect a usb-2-serial directly to the hardware. You usually need a straight serial cable or a null modem cable. If the EH is the same as the MH you need the null modem cable.
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    has been worth it's weight in gold during the seasons making golf season, charity fundraising signs that are all along the courses - actually going to miss making those now the printer is gone
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    Truth in advertising, that is certainly a big squeegee!
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    haven't used anything from that particular printer but if the ink is dry it shouldn't smear - - - for 18x24 yard signs I always used my felt covered big squeegee - made by . . . .big squeegee. I printed them slightly oversized and later learned to add registration tic marks in 2 of the corners to speed the process. I would start in the middle and when I peeled the backing off just cut it straight and apply the first 1/2 - then turn it around and repeat. it is helpful to use the overlap art of the vinyl to adhere it to my cutting mat so it didn't slide.